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Kobe Bryant doesn't get it

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I am old enough to remember the Jordan days, and Jordan was royal a-hole too. I am not a big fan of Kobe the person, but I can make the distinction between Kobe the person and Kobe the basketball player.

Is Kobe the person a jerk? I think so.

Do I wanna hang out with Kobe if I had the chance? No

Is Kobe one of the best basketball players ever? Yes

Is Kobe a great temmate? That's debatable. I thought he has matured from his days when Shaq was here.

This is an off-year for laker fans :-( It's ok, as long as the title stays in LA, I am cool. Clips are straight dominating right now.

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Clippers could be the best team in LA, but they'll never be LA's team come on... Last game we played against them we were away and at the end of the game "Lets go Lakers" chants broke out lol.

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