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the education of ron rivera...

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Rivera realizes he has nothing to lose this year except his job, which will be a given unless the Panthers make or strongly push for the playoffs.  The disintegration of Atlanta and Tampa Bay IMO only adds to the expectation.


In some respects though, the willingness to good for it on 4th Down also goes hand-in-hand with having a defense that is actually capable of stopping the other team moreso than some grand epiphany by Rivera.


One thing that I am liking this year is the commitment to the run, in spite of the injuries to the offensive line.  We have the greatest red-zone running threat to ever play QB in Newton and a stable of backs.  It was ludicrous not to use them.


You have to pass the ball to win in the modern NFL, but running the ball will never become purposeless.  Besides greatly helping the defense, running the ball and defending the run became the identity of the Panthers during the only span of "success" the Panthers had from 2003- 2008. 


We are not going to beat this year's Saints in a track meet, but we can beat them by playing physical.  We are only 5 games into the season- we can still win the division if we beat the Saints twice like we did last year.

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it shows the huddle effect.


true story


I sure as hell hope not, otherwise Cam is going to be traded in 3...2...1

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