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WR, CB, and O Line projected to be deepest positions in next draft according to NFL Execs

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I love this multiquote. Get to jibber jabber without taking up a half a page. Let' hope anywho.


It boils down to who is better when we reach our pick.   OT or WR.   Our hopes are we make the playoffs.  Making the playoffs means we are 23 through 32.


So most of the can't miss players are gone.   It will be Gettleman and his staff to draft without error.  Last year was pretty solid considering we were without our #3 pick.


I am happy our two most important need areas are strengths in this draft.


The biggest thing IMO is accuracy.  Making sure every pick is solid enough to make the team or practice squad (if 6th or 7th round pick)

Yup. BPA in this draft. We are still going to get a player at a need position. That worked out well for us. 2 years in a row. Almost like things are changing up in here.

We don't know Gettlemen's 1st class very well. But to me. It says something that everyone of them is still on the roster. If he does that again? With our depth I see it being harder on the lower picks to make the team. I would compare our roster to anybody.

Next camp may be our 1st camp, where teams are waiting on our cuts.



I know I sound like a broken record, but we need a WR bad. I watch other qbs play on Sunday and one thing I notice is a lot of times they just throw the ball up there and the WR comes down with some spectacular catch in double and triple coverage.

None of our WRs have spectacular catch the ball in traffic ability. If they aren't wide open and Cam puts the ball up there for them it's getting picked. Cam's biggest problem is that he has to be perfect to compensate for the lack of talent at the position. Even then they are known for dropping some good balls.

The only pick outside of WR I would even consider is OL. Even then I wouldn't be happy with it only because it just means we've wasted picks on Kug and Amini. If you drafted them and thought they could play then develop them and let them do their job.

The fact that Ted Ginn a guy that couldn't get of San Frans bench has come in and outplayed Lafell should tell you how weak the position is.

We are soon to be 5-3 and riding a 4 game winning streak. We have moved the ball all year, hellz, for the last year, on everybody. Cam has performed at top 5 level. We had the hiccups scoring wise for a short while there. But all in all. This Offense has been effective for a while now.


As Brady has shown. You don't move the ball consistently without good WR, yet we are capable of moving the ball on anybody.  Cam has been damm near prolific the last year, you don't do that without help. Our group may not be top of the line, but neither are we chopped liver.


That said. Teddy has been a pleasant surprise to be sure. Who knew? I think he still has room to grow, but he has found his niche. Solid to very good in a #2 WR combo role. Not too much responsibility, but enough to keep him busy. Him and Lafell are a capable tandem.


But yeah. A Stud WR for this Offense? It is the singular biggest asset you could bring in to upgrade an already prolific Offense. LT if your top skill guy is gone. But starting LT only. I think this year may be that rare year where you may skew that BPA line. We very well could take a CB rated lower than what we pick, because we feel he can contribute. Not necessarily BPA, but still helps the team.





I say OL, too.  Look what drafting two DTs has done for our defense.  Same concept for the other side of the ball.  Depending on Kugbila's progress this season and during the offseason, I say we go hard after OL, maybe even doubling up.  Of course, hopefully we'll have a late round pick, and we take the best value we can get, even if that is a WR or TE.

Starting type LT only if you go that way. Otherwise, not matter what the board says, you have to go Best Skill Player Available. We absolutely need a Stud at either CB or WR. I would take a LT, as I've said, and even a TE. At where we are going to be drafting, a good skill player should still be available. No matter where he plays, we need the best playmaker we can get.



I am basing my entire position on the idea that we may need that #1 WR right away because I agree with what you said about Smitty's demise.  Most speed WRs don't play past age 32, so we are on borrowed time. Can we withstand the developmental period--in addition, it is possible that we have only Smitty back (not sure about King and McNutt, but the other 2 could go free agent).


This is a good year for WRs and CBs---we would be stupid not to draft one of each.   After CB, I am with you--stay on the offense. (Maybe another LB late).

About the OL--We may mot be drafting that T early like everyone thinks.  Gross should come back (if we win and he is offered), and we get Silatolu, Williams, and Kugbila off IR.  We should re-sign Scott.  Chandler is developing and they seem to like him.  Wharton is solid depth...I think you should grab a T if the draft is deep, but if we do not need a day 1 starter, you can find a raw gem later.

I think we are in a good place WR wise. We actually have the luxury of allowing him time to develop. As long as it is within reason. He absoulutely has to be producing come playoff run time.

Same with CB. It would be great if he could push for playing time out of the gait. As long as he is earning some playing time and contributing at the half way point, I would call that a win.

We are close to being elite. Grab us a Stud in the 1st, and we are closer. Get that Stud at WR, CB, or even TE, or LT, and we are there. Get semi lucky and get one in the 2nd as well. We no longer can be taken for granted.

With the way things are changing around here. It wouldn't surprise me if we got lucky and a CB fav fell into our lap at 1. And a WR fav is there for us at 2.

We are basically 2 Studs from being scary good. 1 at WR, the other at CB. Why not this years draft? The Culture has changed, things like this are supposed to happen for good teams? Right?

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As I went to a few sites and VERY PREMATURELY tried to gauge where talent may be, I cannot help but get pumped about the LOTs.   There are 6-7 potential day 1 left tackles--You have to assume 2-3 will be there when we pick.


1. Jake Matthews (top 5)

2. Taylor Lewan (top 10)

3. Cyrus Kouandijo (top 10)

4. Cameron Erving (mid to late first round) Has emerged this year as a solid T

5. Antonio Richardson (late first round) Clowney had his moments against Richardson, but he was playing mad

6. La'el Collins (late first) This guy is a raw pass blocking LT, but he can run block with the best--good ft

7. James Hurst (late first, early second) underrated--very solid


Even if Gross returns for 2014, it is hard to leave a stud LT on the shelf.


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WR, CB, and O Line projected to be deepest positions in next draft according to NFL Execs


I'll have one of each please.. Oline or WR first (BPA) then the other next.. then go after a young corner with some serious size and attitude.  If he only plays the Talib role on opposing cyborg TE's ( a huge point of emphasis in the arms race of late) I'll be fine with that.



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1. WR A Stud WR would improve our Offense

2. CB A Stud CB would improve our Defense

3. LT A LT could stabilize our line for year. Even from the 3rd round, we can get somebody good enough to push Gross to the other side.

4. BPA from here on out. With an empathise on O-line.

We are a better team with a Stud WR, than with a Stud CB. If we are going to attempt to get both, get the playmaker on Offense first. The 25th ish pick should be a starter. That 57th is the draft maker. We hit it with KK, if we can repeat last years success, we should assume or 2nd may be successful as well.

I love thinking about what next years draft could do for us.

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