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dos poptarts

Thursday is Drive Stat day! And bonus...the Saint RZ D is worse than last years....

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Here's my collection of Drive Stats on Skydrive. (you can use the Excel web app in your browser to filter and sort to your hearts content.)



For the Year, New Orleans has actually been a very good long drive scoring. Before MNF their defense was holding up. I think the ACL injury to Greer may be affecting their D more than expected.


80+ Yd Drives

Offensive: Saints are scoring on 37% drives. Ranked 3rd in the NFL. (24%  TDs only, still ranked 3rd)

This offense, no matter what happened in Seattle is still very good. Though the Saints did feast on the horrific Dallas Defense a few weeks ago to pad their stats. 4 long TD drives out of 6.

Totals (8 FGs, 15 TDs, 62 drives)


Defensive: Opponents are scoring on 26% of their long drives. 14th in the NFL.


And while the Saints are ranked 3rd on long drive scoring......drum roll please....

The Panthers climb to takeover the #1 spot. (and as I've been tracking....been in the tops of the NFL since Riverboat Ron took over. There isn't a 1-2 game outlier that padded the stats.

Scoring on 40% of 80+ YD drives. (Seattle has the #2 spot)

TDs only - Panthers @28%(#2)....Denver holds the crown @30%. Damn that Peyton and his quest for 51TDs.


Defensively the Panthers D is allowing long scoring drives 24% of the time. 11th in the NFL. But still hold on the #1 spot of making opponents drive a long field at 65% of all drives. League average is 52%. (technically this is a team stat, Nortman punts, Gano kickoffs, and Offense not going 3 and out and few TOs)


Overall drive stats put the Saints and Panthers fairly close offensively:

Panthers (score on 40% of all drives, 26% TD only)

Saints (score on 42%, 23% TD only)

Doubt anyone is blowing anyone out in this game unless it snowballs.


So while perusing other Stat sites....decided to look up the Saints REDZONE stats. Since the RZ #s have been popular lately.



Panthers TD RZ D: #1 @30.77%

Saints TD RZ D: #24 @59.46% (lordy, they are almost Atlanta bad @63.41%).

What's funny is that their Redzone Defense was better last year. 55.71%. That Ryan D is only good to keep teams from the redzone....they are easier than last years pitiful defense.


BTW...for any Saints fans that think I'm cherry pickin' stats....Here's another cherry for you.

The Panthers RZ TD offense is better than the Saints. Panthers (6th @60.61%) vs Saints (16th @53.66%).


I'm still trying to find anywhere in the numbers where the Saints are significantly better than the Panthers.


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the Saints D is all about risk....they aren't actually that good.  It shows in the redzone.

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Rob Ryan is a horrible coach.





Is that sarcasm I detect? Because he has done one hell of a job with NO. I mean look what happened to Dallas when he left.

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Yeah I am expecting plenty of big plays by us in this game. We do it to them every year. Just as long as they result in points,

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