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  1. A second is good value for a player of his share coming off injuries.
  2. That goalie interference call was total BS. He was interfered with by a member of the Preds.
  3. End the season on a 5 game losing streak and then this crap.... holy complete collapse Batman. This is embarrassing
  4. Fields is a little different in my opinion because the 3 qb’s before him all looked like heisman finalists in that system and flamed out atrociously in the nfl.
  5. Not entirely true. The system that a QB plays in at college absolutely has an impact in whether they are likely to succeed. i am nervous about Fields because of the QB friendly system that he played in at OSU..which limits the ability to evaluate on the things it didn’t ask him to do. Jones, Pryor, and Haskins (the 3 qb’s right before him at OSU) all looked like heisman caliber qb’s in that system...and all have been complete and utter failures in the NFL. Does that mean Fields will be a bust? Absolutely not. But, it dies make evaluating and projecting him in an nfl system more difficult...and causes teams to question it.
  6. No real opinion on whether us is guilty or not. But, I am skeptical in cases like this where the lawyer leading it is known as a scumbag and all accusations are just civil lawsuits with payouts.
  7. Zero weapons around him...incompetent front office and coaching staff....in short The Jets. Their franchise has been a train wreck in every aspect for decades.
  8. Zero chance PJ ever is anything more than a 2nd or 3rd string qb.
  9. I agree. I had just heard that we really like Wilson but did not like the other 3 better than Darnold.
  10. I agree with you that you can’t win without a good qb. However, the staff believe Darnold (top 3 pick) is as good as the other qb’s not named Lawrence and Wilson in this draft.
  11. Madhatter,


    I haven't posted in a while,so i thought i would say hello. Hope you are doing well.


    Is that headcase troll G-Man aka PantherBob still posting on the forum and if so what is his new user name?


    Take care my friend,


    1. MadHatter


      Great to hear from you.  I moved out of charlotte and now live outside a Cincinnati.  

    2. KatsAzz


      MadHatter. I hope you are enjoying good health and living in the state of Ohio. I recently retired and my wife and i moved from Charlotte N.C. and bought a house in the Eastern part of Gastonia N.C.. We like living here much better. Take care. Hope to take later.

  12. People are just happy to see a qb who can throw downfield....in-line teddy who was a check down machine
  13. Daly’s offense is no different than what Myers ran. Fields has all the Tools...just hard to evaluate him in that offense as it doesnt require him to do many things he will have to in the nfl. Not saying he won’t be great...just hard to evaluate...which is why he slid.
  14. The three qb’s at OSU before Fields (Jones, Pryor, and Haskins) all looked like all pros in that one read qb friendly offense just like Fields. They were all in the heisman talk and yet flamed out ferociously in the nfl. hard to evaluate fields in that offense
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