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  1. Madhatter,


    I haven't posted in a while,so i thought i would say hello. Hope you are doing well.


    Is that headcase troll G-Man aka PantherBob still posting on the forum and if so what is his new user name?


    Take care my friend,


  2. People are just happy to see a qb who can throw downfield....in-line teddy who was a check down machine
  3. Daly’s offense is no different than what Myers ran. Fields has all the Tools...just hard to evaluate him in that offense as it doesnt require him to do many things he will have to in the nfl. Not saying he won’t be great...just hard to evaluate...which is why he slid.
  4. The three qb’s at OSU before Fields (Jones, Pryor, and Haskins) all looked like all pros in that one read qb friendly offense just like Fields. They were all in the heisman talk and yet flamed out ferociously in the nfl. hard to evaluate fields in that offense
  5. The issue is that it is hard to evaluate a qb in a system where all qb’s look great. I’m not saying he won’t be great...just that the situation would make me very nervous. so much about being a great nfl can’t be evaluated during a pro day...you have to see it in film. When an offense doesn’t ask a qb to do those things, it is very hard.
  6. Much like the last 3 qb’s from the QB friendly OSU offense.... who looked like heisman winnining talent only to suck in the nfl. Jones, Pryor, and Haskins all lit it up at OSU......so hard to evaluate Fields given how poorly they transitioned to the nfl game
  7. That would be the dumbest move we could make.
  8. Many say that if he can trim down another 20 lbs, he would gain more quickness and be a force in a zone blocking scheme. get that man a nutritionist and a personal chef.
  9. Not a pass catching TE weapon. More of a blocking TE and blocking H Back
  10. Nice blocking H back that will open up some holes for CMC
  11. I think he likely ends up at G...but 98% of these OT being taken will too. Weak true LT draft
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