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  1. Ok....he was the tallest Pygmy and didn’t suck quite as bad as the crappy FS’s we’ve had. Satisfied?
  2. I see it just the opposite First...I believe the only confirmed action by the Panthers was for Stafford. All others are just speculation. Even so, it is evident that this staff knows we need an upgrade at QB and are looking at all opportunities. That is actually smart. Otherwise, we would go after one scenario...and if that didn’t materialize, we would be sitting with TB still as our QB. they are doing the right due diligence.
  3. 5 spots inside the Top 10 with this qb trio will cost you several first round packs. It would be very expensive to move up from 8 to 3.
  4. Moving up 6 spots to 3 would cost a fortune...
  5. I don’t think he lasts that long although he prob should. Some qb needy team will fall in love with his reg season stats and majorly reach. Mac Jones also makes me nervous. He was good...but was that him or the ridiculous offense he plays on. They had a great OL....Harris in the backfield...and the best WR’s in college football. That makes me nervous.
  6. This. if Lawrence, Fields, or Wilson are there then you grab them. no way I would take Trask, Jones, etc at 9....
  7. My point is that they now have the ability to test more people. People who were not getting tested before are getting tested now. Before, if you were not sick enough to need hospitalization, they were not testing you and told you to go home and self quarantine. And I know several people who had that happen.
  8. Have to remember that they are now testing more and more people...many of the asymptomatic people and those with very minor symptoms are being found positive. Weren’t testing like thus before. inctease testing will show increased positives as 80% + of positive cases are asymptomatic.
  9. Prior to this pandemic, we were seeing tremendous economic growth and historically low unemployment. if you want to blame him for the economic impact that this pandemic is having (it is decimating economies all over the globe) , then you have the iq of a head of lettuce.
  10. I have to say, it would be awesome to see Hill finally put if all together. That combo of size and speed is nasty.
  11. I think Brown is in pretty good shape for a roster spot. But, I think it is far from safe. If either Hill or Garrett have a good camp, I think they get the spot. With size anecdotes, they both have a lot more upside than Brown.
  12. Says the douchebag who lives on the message board of another team. You are a special kind of pathetic and sad.
  13. Was wondering when my little bitch would be on today....I log in and there you are.
  14. It went to poo when you and all of the other Bronco cockroaches showed up. Leave and we can get back to intelligent conversation. Stay and we have to dumb down everything and listen to ignorant statement from you insects.
  15. As I said before....I have a bad habit of telling stupid people they are in fact stupid. Because as you have shown time and time again....stupid people are just too stupid to realize they are stupid. So, I find it my civic duty to help you out and let you know...you ARE in fact very stupid. You are welcome.
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