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  1. With 2 of the 3 top tackles still on the board, I think there was little chance we would trade down. I think taking a QB or trading back was only an option if Neal and Ekowonu were both off the board.
  2. We were sitting at a restaurant tonight in Tallahassee FL for my daughters graduation from FSU and were talking about the draft. I told them we drafted a stud LT from ncsu name Ekwonu who was from Charlotte. My wife looked at me and asked his first name. I said it was Ikem. She looked at me and my kids and said…..that’s Ickey from the neighborhood. Ekwonu and his family are such nice people. Ickey grew up in our neighborhood in Weddington NC. I still remember him as this quiet 8 yo who could barely swim but desperately wanted to be on the neighborhood swim team (my wife ran the team). My son was 11 at the time and was a competitive swimmer (along with a few other boys in the neighborhood who swam on year-round teams). They took Ickey under their wing and worked with him all summer teaching him how to swim. The final meet, he actually won his heat and got his first ribbon. I still remember the big grin on his face as he ran to show his parents. His parents made sure to seek out all 3 of the boys that helped him that night (my son being one) to thank them for their kindness. He abs his entire family are the nicest people you will ever want to meet.
  3. I have heard they are hot after Venables
  4. So, bad teams shouldn’t make trades to try and make the team better? Dumbest logic I have ever heard. alsi..if you are that old abs get physically angry because a team you cheer for isn’t winning, then you might need to find something more important or substantial in your life. Life goes on the same Monday morning, whether a particular football team wins or not.
  5. Stupid comment. They make moves where players are available to be added. I am sure if starter OL players became available, we would make moves
  6. BS. People are the reason why movies are made..don’t hear audiences talking about them as WE.
  7. Love watching loser fans use words like US and WE when talking about a sports team. Newsflash…there was no WE. You had nothing to do with the outcome and watching your favorite team win does not change the fact that you are still an underachieving loser come Monday morning.
  8. One thing you can always depend on in the nfl…and that is Boger will always be the worst referee in the league.
  9. Rams best in the NFC and right now the Chargers look the best in the AFC. Just think…could be an all LA Super Bowl….yuck
  10. There is no antibiotic they can give you for supporting a team like the Jets….ouch!!
  11. Stupid people just can’t help but say stupid things…it is just in their dna
  12. Keep letting people escape our grasp? What are you even talking about? We are leading the league in sacks.
  13. A second is good value for a player of his share coming off injuries.
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