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  1. Man a lot of these guys are younger than me
  2. What's sad is he had him over the top, the ball was just under thrown.
  3. I'm sure it being under 20 degrees for 24 hours before kick off made it an even harder surface than it usually is. Give us back our grass field Tep.
  4. go rewatch the replay, he definitely was not running the route 100% before the throw
  5. he was jogging... wasn't even going 100% until PJ forced him to with his throw
  6. 2023 2nd,3rd,4th round picks. 2024 5th round pick
  7. didnt watch last week. literally just turned the game on and the first play i see is that fumble. promptly turned it off and will resume my day!
  8. he's only 27 too! Hopefully if he plays well we can keep him for years
  9. So glad we didnt give up 3 first round picks for him
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