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  1. Man everything about this team is just an embarrassing joke. Tepper is making it harder and harder to be a fan with each passing day. If this is true he is an absolute bit..... Frank ultimately gets the last laugh, Tepper is paying him $25k everyday until the end of his contract.
  2. Just when you think the Panthers can't look any worse. Tepper has destroyed the team. Two years in a row firing the head coach midseason is a joke. No one worth a poo will want to work for him. Frank Reich now has the 2nd shortest tenure as a non-interim head coach in NFL history. Disgraceful. Tepper needs to be chased out of Charlotte.
  3. damn, I didn't know it was this bad. crazy how quickly ego and ineptitude can ruin a franchise.
  4. No with his ego and Tepper's ego it wouldn't last more than a season and we are worse off because who wants to work with an owner who has fired or moved on from 5 head coaches in 6 years. We would be scraping the bottom of the barrel for head coaches for a decade afterwards.
  5. But they also have NFL arms and physical attributes. Bryce doesn't.
  6. Bryce Young is the worst starting QB in the NFL. He is a bust. What are people seeing him do that makes them think he is playing even halfway decent? He makes terrible reads, has a weak arm, is slow, can't break tackles, is undersized, has shown no leadership qualities on the field, and is turnover prone. Can someone list his good qualities?
  7. Who cares? Until the Panthers do something to get fans in seats they deserve the embarrassment. We don't owe Tepper and his team our money or presence.
  8. Yeah there is nothing wrong with us correctly pointing out what we see in Bryce Young. Which is a bad QB that should have never been picked in the first 3 rounds, let alone 1st overall.
  9. This organization deserves nothing less. Do something to get fans in the seats.
  10. So you would rather be delusional than to face the fact that the Panthers picked a scrub #1 overall? I say that accepting the fact that BY isn't an NFL quarterback now is better than 3 years from now. A good team can be built in 3 seasons, just not around a scrub QB.
  11. This team is unwatchable!
  12. "Tough Day will be a learning experience for QB Bryce Young" "Bryce Young "Not phased" by "small setback" on Sunday" "Panthers fight hard in loss at home" "Bryce Young Touchdown pass to WR DJ Chark shows growth and chemistry with WR unit"
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