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  1. What does this mean? Who cares? This isn’t how the draft works. It’s not the panthers job to assess how long it’s been since they “made an investment,” is their job to assess value relative to need, cost, and opportunity. When you realize that, it becomes difficult to argue the point unless you’re saying the QB position isn’t important and breaking out dumb car analogies to do it.
  2. I know man Howell and ridder and rattler it’s gonna be stacked, best we wait
  3. calling the most important position in sports sexy or a luxury or whatever stupid car cliche you broke out is peak dissonance with what football fans around the league watch game in and game out heres a dirty little secret you’ll have to accept games aren’t won in the trenches controlling the TOP isn’t a key to victory defense doesn’t travel and cold weather football doesn’t show how the game hasn’t changed in January the game has changed, the teams that have accepted it are still playing, the ones that are still trying to prove “it should be done a certain way” are getting turned down by special teams coordinators
  4. More or less it is the same, the difference being that arm length for a tackle can be a legitimate obstacle that they have to compensate for in other ways but hand size on a QB is largely irrelevant if you hit a certain benchmark, that being the ability to properly grip the football. Guys that make it to this level of play have already demonstrated that they can.
  5. I can’t think of a better way to drill straight through rock bottom
  6. It’s a thing people say on forums that sounds really smart and clever but it isn’t really a thing A new coach would also be more than welcome to pick a new QB if the current one doesn’t work thats the way the game is now you don’t just abide failure just because, just like you don’t prevent a coach from upgrading just because he makes you Sad Real Big Sad =[
  7. it would be the smart move so I’m skeptical but we’ll see
  8. Derek carr is already top 50 on the all time passing list a guy like that and you add in the ability to move and you’ve more than justified the selection
  9. This isn’t really a thing and even if it was, it would only mean multiple high value chances at a franchise QB, which anyone should be fine with
  10. I suppose in some sense that this is true, he would fit in great here
  11. I can assure you that by making minimum investment low effort swings it’s a whole whole lot harder
  12. anyone who watched that game and saw anything other than two terrific QBs carrying all the other players on the roster has no idea what they’re looking at a QB changes everything
  13. so crazy to me that these teams can come out and deliver performances like this without elite center play or a really stingy run stuffing defense
  14. guys ignore what you’re seeing here we need to draft Tyler linderbaum, he will change the fortunes of this franchise
  15. Allen is such a great example of why teams can’t get too picky evaluating QBs a massive frame with an insanely powerful arm? he had “accuracy issues” coming out, sure, that’s a negative, but the windows are bigger than ever and having the power to be able to drive the 8 on plays like you just saw there is something you build around, not something you discount and forfeit because he doesn’t fit into your narrow definition of the position
  16. that’s the difference he had a QB. Building when you have an elite QB and rebuilding when you don’t are two very different things if Wilson ends up in new Orleans I suspect Payton will be quite content to stick around
  17. wants to be given the keys to a better team rather than having to stick around through the suck and risk his rep
  18. and you’re desperately trying to prop up a silly insult the team isn’t just disregarding value in their selections, no team is. But it’s not the silly black/white line you’re trying to portray it as.
  19. you get additional points on two point conversions if you’re a HOG MOLLY TEAM with a BLUE COLLAR QB is what he’s saying
  20. like the panthers saving grace is that basically every up and coming star QB drafted recently is in the afc, jury out on Fields and Lance. the panthers have had a chance to get out ahead of this and be the future of the conference for a while but they’re letting it slip through their fingers, Niners no doubt considered the power dynamics of the conference when they made the big play for Lance. Got to take a chance on being that team while the door is open. The panthers aren’t sold out to the idea. They’re sold out on being clever at the QB position. They’re sold out on not “rushing to judgment” to evaluate Rhule and staff. it’s a garbage dump crew of decision makers letting a platinum opportunity slip through their grasp.
  21. Him almost certainly meriting a 1st might be the only thing that spares them then again I could see this staff actually doing it while Pickett or Howell or whatever go a few picks later to Atlanta and own the division for the next decade
  22. that was the same guy who said it was most efficient to take a QB after the 1st round in another thread, I’d disregard
  23. It is bonkers there are still people trying to resist the reality of this. not just here I mean, though that too i mean running the panthers
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