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  1. not really a new thing we'll still have people screeching about cap space come FA
  2. My registration date is off and it drives me nuts because I was definitely here for some of the huddles best moments before then
  3. 8 seasons? For a guy already starting to show single of decline? Lol. This a sunny take, especially given that you just denied this had anything to do with Brady You can fairly expect three or four quality seasons of play out of Stafford-not complementary of where this organization is
  4. and all of those players started to trail off, rodgers aside but I'm assuming you wouldn't dare make that comparison
  5. sounds like a cop out, are you suggesting Matthew Stafford has more seasons ahead of him thab behind him?
  6. Feels like a really generous comparison to compare him to a brees or Brady, were not just talking about how long you'll have him, but how long you'll have him at a high level
  7. they offered a top 10 pick, and then some, for a Quarterback on the back end of his career I am sorry the trivialities of the expression bother you but that is a haul
  8. Yeah, I mean I don't think there's any way they pass on one in the draft regardless of how they feel, but the angling for Stafford wasn't a smokescreen
  9. I am starting to question if we're high on any rookie QB period after they just offered Detroit the farm for Stafford
  10. Oh okay, so that's what this is about You're looking at tom Brady and thinking he's going to play that long, but the truth he isn't going to Which means you're talking about using a top 10 pick on a window player whose already starting to find himself on the injury report for this or that and then this, and that too Well ran teams don't make that kind of desperation play
  11. feels like a poor attempt to reframe the narrative surrounding Stafford, so let's make sure I get this post in so you can't go bumping this thread I and most everyone here think Matthew Stafford will have a great season, probably a couple even But the panthers aren't in need of a guy to give them a "couple good seasons," nor is it good football sense to blow a top 10 pick on a guy with that being the return The Rams are desperate to capitalize on their window Were still building the house
  12. It reads more like Gantt trash, I wouldn't put too much stock into it being an accurate depiction of how the team feels
  13. I think it bothers me none of you know he used to play for us
  14. this could be said about the league as a whole and may mean the panthers don't need to trade up at all too far out to really get a sense of that yet
  15. if we were willing to give up the 8th overall pick and then some for Matt Stafford it's a pretty good indicator of what were willing to spend for a QB I frankly wouldn't be surprised if tepper more or less offered Houston a blank check for Watson it sounds like you're talking more about what you want to do than what you think the team will do
  16. Jared Goff is on a $100 million dollar contract they aren't taking a quarterback
  17. Stop overreacting to little things one Washington win doesn't alter the teams intended offseason trajectory one pick behind Detroit doesn't mean we should willfully take a bad desperation deal that intentionally disadvantages us towards a conference rival
  18. watching a ninth rate franchise like the Lions swindle us and then go get the QB we should've got while we pat ourselves on the back for taking the sloppy seconds they pawned off on us may genuinely be one of the lowest moments in the history of this team
  19. what does this mean If Bridgewater negatively influenced the deal, they would simply remove Bridgewater from the equation cap space isn't important
  20. if we gave up a top 10 pick for Matt Stafford we'd be the laughing stock of the division
  21. lol those guys have won super bowls Matthew Stafford has never won a playoff game
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