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  1. it seems like the dumbest thing in the world now that we all believed that four bad seasons out of six at the college level was a good thing “it’s what he does! It’s the process!” if South Carolina wins their bowl game then Beamer will have more wins this season alone than Matt rhule had at his first two seasons at temple combined, and then combined again at Baylor, and that was in the sec with wins over #13 Kentucky, #5Tennessee, and #8 Clemson. Rhules two ranked wins in his entire career came over navy and eastern Carolina. it all just seems so absurd in hindsight
  2. people who think winning games this season because of their oorah get em boys instant gratification is anything other than an emotional response aren’t worth arguing with and I’ve moved past it, I encourage others to do the same hopefully the team continues to lose so that they can better position themselves to be good when the games matters again
  3. try to look at the bright side, with a shiny new 1st round defensive tackle on the roster next season, we’ll be slightly more mediocre!
  4. people making assumptions about his character because they watched some video of him as a teenager are dummies still, he should go back to school. he comes out now and he’s a journeyman backup at best. he goes back to school and develops a bit more he may push to be a real high pick next season
  5. this was predicted by myself and others this “prepare the roster” philosophy was never practical. It was just a way to lock yourself in eternal mediocrity. which is what the panthers are good enough to beat up on dumpster fire franchises like denver humiliated every time they’ve faced a playoff team
  6. could you imagine if they had to give money to an elite pass rusher at the second most important position on the field
  7. check in if you’re mad you can’t say this anymore
  8. legitimately irritated I couldn’t find something else to do, now I’ve gotta pull for a tank in those stupid white pants to boot
  9. did we have someone on deck last night to hyperfixate on every nominal mistake penix made and post about it
  10. so weird watching these posters who watch these games hoping to see these players make a mistake (and obsessing over every one) because they so desperately want to avoid drafting a QB (or draft some mid round future backup they “discovered”)
  11. that 2 the panthers got for one of the league’s premiere players is eeking closer and closer to the 3rd round
  12. lol is this serious if the team has a chance to acquire the league’s 8th best QB, they should fly at it
  13. I’m so glad we have huddlers here to explain to us their advanced 15D draft formula of drafting mediocre players from weak conferences is actually the good
  14. it really doesn’t matter. the team needs to take on a swing on a QB or all the Prepare the Roster’ing they’ve done is walking out the door, or being traded to San Francisco for mid round picks if they don’t give it an opportunity to all come together then it really has all been pointless
  15. posters here are pretty okay with taking losses in stride but if you snag precious draft picks out of their bony little fingers they’re going get angry
  16. I think he’s talking about satterfield?
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