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  1. Dog Runner


    Unbelievable that coaches didn’t already have emergency kicker in place. Just shows lack of preparation
  2. we’re up 3 turnovers and still getting our ass kicked
  3. “Trimming this precise is hard work”
  4. If one of the top four QB’s is still on the board at number 8, do we draft him anyway after trading for Darnold?
  5. Aaron Rodgers - 3 MVP awards, one SB appearance in 16 years Drew Brees. - 13 time All Pro, NFL leader in career pass completions, career completion percentage, and regular season passing yards , one SB appearance in 20 years
  6. Point is that HOF QB’s only go to SB 1 time out of 15-20 years on average. We don’t need to give away 3-4 first round picks to get QB since it is no guarantee
  7. Can you name me 1st round QB’s with multiple SB appearances in the last 15 years?
  8. You prove my point. Top 10 draft picks of QB’s is no guarantee. Don’t give away multiple 1st round draft picks for an unproven QB.
  9. Brady was not a 1st rounder and NE didn’t trade 3-4 1st rounders to get him. He is an outlier.
  10. Both Manning’s and Ben R have 2 SB ea over 20 years each or 60 years combined. Point proven.
  11. Be glad to if you take 7th round draft choice Brady out of the equation. He is definitely an outlier if you understand the term
  12. So number of posts is meaningful? Get out of the basement and live a life.
  13. But Luck is considered to be a generational talent who would be a HOF if he had stayed longer. No team would have passed on him
  14. QB - The most important position in Football ? HOF QB’s and SB appearances (some future) Aaron Rodgers - 1 SB in 15 years Drew Brees - 1 SB in 19 years Matt Ryan -1 SB in 13 years Cam Newton - 1 SB in 10 years Dan Marino - 1 SB in 17 years Phillip Rivers - 0 SB in 16 years Andrew Luck - 0 SB in 8 years Brett Favre - 2 SB in 19 years Russell Wilson - 2 SB in 11 years Lots of HOF QB’s with small amount of SB appearances. We can’t trade away the store to get a qb. A HOF QB doesn’t guarantee success.
  15. Here come some more penalties against KC
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