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  1. Trying to convert my Atlanta native girlfriend from Falcons fandom to Panthers! She's close and this may seal the deal!
  2. I hope TB blitzes all day so we can figure out how to play against it. That has been our weak point on offense recently and we need to fix it.
  3. We really should consider Cary Williams if Bene is out for the season.
  4. Injuries are the worst part of the NFL. They happen so often.
  5. Personal foul penalties. The lashing came after the one by Bene.
  6. can you plz fug off. this is a game day thread, full of game observations.
  7. Davis was holding his head after that fumble recovery. Possible injury to him.
  8. "Fix You" is one of my favorite songs ever.
  9. We've left too many points on the field today. Gotta do better in the redzone; both players and coaches.
  10. Terrible run blocking by Oher. Where's the effort?
  11. Most of them have never played a sport, much less football. They just don't understand how the weather affects the game.
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