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  1. As others have stated, I think this move was to allow us more options in the draft instead of hunting for a QB. Now we can go with BPA, and shore up other needs.
  2. Watching his presser yesterday , these are the primary reasons he gave for retiring. Said he just wasn't meeting the standard anymore.
  3. The two coaches who took over after Dean retired.
  4. Winning a natty in the past 5 years is mailing it in?
  5. Hoping Wes Miller will be the eventual replacement but who knows.
  6. Freaking sucks, but there were rumors about this after the last home game where he kissed the logo in the middle of the court.
  7. Kid, We were done here yesterday.
  8. If you want a really good entry to 40k games try Space Marine. It's not that dated by today's standards but it's really fun.
  9. Played the demo on PC and I'm officially sold on the game. It really scratches that itch of Diablo mixed with Gears and Anthem vibes. Plus the story which takes some ques from WW1 is pretty cool. If you check Youtube, there is a video that details what's coming with the endgame and everything it entails.
  10. That's probably the best description of his playing ability that can be stated.
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