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  1. New boss same as the old boss.
  2. On the screen passes note, our defense has always had great success against screens. Our linebackers are just too damn smart.
  3. My nerddom is showing, but that was Bilbo. Frodo was actually very reluctant to leave the Shire. EDIT: Ahh, I see my fellow nerds beat me to it. Damn, we're a enlightened lot, aren't we? ;)
  4. What's strange is that we never really were that strong of a running team this year. Take Cam away and the run game would have been middle of the pack. This year's offense was explosive and aggressive without having to hurl it 50 times a game. It really can't be stressed at how efficiently the offense scored while retaining that ball control flavor.
  5. Haha, long time. I haven't been video gaming anywhere near as much of late, got a lot more "real life" things to take care of these days :) And I will admit Destiny kinda burned me out when HoW dropped and I realized I would have to go through another leveling slog. . .
  6. If I was a professional athlete I would never sign anything for anyone, period. Autographs are the dumbest thing ever and I have never asked for one despite meeting a number of celebrities.
  7. SCP is always worth a read. Mr. Scot is well-informed and thoughtful. LilSmitty09 makes some great videos.
  8. Polian needs to get his head out of his ass and actually watch Cam play. I have called him before on Late Hits and had a few words with him before on the topic and the moron couldn't even recall plays that weren't on a game recap.
  9. No problem VT, had fun and got to show you some fun tips. Now level up that sunsinger
  10. Bump, still looking for gamertags to add via party chat.
  11. EVENT: Crota Raid, Normal Mode (Level 30) (PlayStation 4 only) TIME: Tonight, March 12th, 2015 @ 6:00 PM. WHAT HAPPENS: I sherpa as many as want to join through the whole raid. Will probably skip thrallway chest. REQUIREMENTS: Be at least level 27 to get into the raid, bring your best rocket launchers and some heavy ammo synths for the Crota fight if you are level 30+. If you are late to the event and room is available feel free to ping me via PSN and I will add you in to whatever stage we are at. HOW TO JOIN: Post your PSN gamertag in this thread and I will invite you to a par
  12. Wow, I also ding KB for the drops but I think he should also be commended for his season in spite of them. His drops were often due to technique, not effort, and we knew he was raw. Overall he performed very well in a very tough situation and has shown the work ethic to get even better. The kid deserves unqualified praise.
  13. After next reset I am going to start organizing Crota normal runs where I do 90% of the work and the rest of you reap the loot. Level 27 and up is welcome even if you can't do anything. Will probably be on Thursday or Friday nights.
  14. I've had pretty good luck in all three areas. You run into your random a-holes just like any other game but the Destiny community is surprisingly laid back for the most part.
  15. Played almost every day since the beta in July. Three level 32 characters and 50+ exotics and I still really enjoy it. I play other games too but always come back because the shooting mechanics are fantastic and raiding with a chill group is a blast.
  16. Haha, I know much better players but I appreciate the kind words
  17. Two-manning Crota fight on normal:
  18. What a silly and petty complaint. No one is obliged to attend a funeral just because they work with you.
  19. Will do, haha. I get a lot and have no clue who they're from
  20. That LDR 5001 is a sweet sniper. When you unlock the armor-piercing rounds, take it to crucible and start shooting people through walls with it
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