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  1. Rogers is working with a lot of new receivers. Maybe he should be there. Robbie could be working with a new QB. Maybe he should be there. Fug Brady. Fans want their players there. The player has a choice to say no. Two sides to every store.
  2. So it's pretty safe to say you are a Matty guy? Me too. Because our roster is so much better than that Rebel roster last year? Maybe he can eke out a few more wins for us? Get us to 12, or, heck, even 13. lol
  3. So, it's not the rumors per se, that get your panties in a bunch?But the stupid people that don't listen to you?
  4. How to win friends, and influence people? Start with an insult.
  5. Wow, all that because I pointed out that Tepper went to Pittsburg? Mr. Poo. I like that one.
  6. You do know that Tepper went to the University of Pittsburg? Right?
  7. Yeah, I definitely feel we got the better one. Icky has tremendous upside. A much better prospect coming out.
  8. It's OTAs folks. As in Organized Team Activities. There are no positional battles being won here. It is designed to find out if players can take what they learn in morning classes, and transfer that to the practice field in the afternoon. A practice by the way which is done at half speed, with no pads, and precious little contact. OTAs are not meant to determine the depth chart. Just to find out who can retain, and perform. It is the perfect opportunity for a 6th rounder to show he belongs. For a lot of guys OTAs is about catching the Coaches eye. The more you can do, the more chances you have of doing so.
  9. How soon we all forget that just 2 years ago, we had a very bad Defense. Just last year we were rated 2nd is some metrics. I'd say that is real improvement. Sure, there are still needs. But man, we have come a long way in the last 2 years. Give us a QB, and we can compete.
  10. See, this is the problem. You are a MOD, and you are attacking me. When I have not said a word to you. You jumped in to add your 2 cents. You have one of the worst reputations on here. So don't go acting all Choir Boy.
  11. What a load of crap. Yeah, all I do is troll. You can't make this crap up folks. This place is full of folks that do nothing but sshit on folks posts. Use insults, belittle others, and use personal attacks. Yeah, I'm the bad guy.
  12. Well said. The negativity waned for a while after FA, and the draft. But man, it's back with a vengeance.
  13. What does any of that have to do with you taking my words out of context? Why does it bother so many that I am a rah rah type?
  14. Yeah, take my words out of context. There's enough negativity around here. You don't have to manufacture it. And if it was meant as a joke. Maybe use an LOL in there.
  15. Yes, I think this team from top to bottom, is improving. We added well respected coaches, with a results filled resume. Everyone knows Corall is a 3rd rounder. But, he was the best QB in the draft. We used the 3rd to move up for the best QB in the draft. The Thomas deal is not worth getting worked up over. To me at least. It will not stop us from doing anything. I see hope for the future. Not sure why so many folks get so upset over this fact?
  16. lol I really don't get this? If Rhule sits Cmac? He's an idiot for coddling Cmac. If he plays Cmac? He's an idiot for running Cmac into the ground. Rhule just cannot win with this crowd.
  17. This regime has made mistakes. They all do. What I like is that these guys seem to be willing to rectify their mistakes. Or at least address them. They did give out goofy contracts to the wrong players. Lately? Not so much They did use future draft picks unwisely. Lately? Not so much. They did have an inexperienced coaching staff. They improved that area. And they have improved the FO big time. I see a bright future for a team trending in the right direction. I feel they are learning and improving. You seem to think they are lucky to be barely treading water. (Or at least that is how I read that.) Two sides to every story.
  18. Hope for the future. It's a heckofa drug.
  19. That was an inexperienced group, trying to win. They wanted to start their winning culture before they put a team together. It kinda backfired on them. They seem much more patient these days. Look around at the brain trust right now. Do you see these guys doing that? We appear to be improving in that area. If we continue to improve. We may just have something. Even with Rhule We seem to be in a good place right now. If things continue on this trajectory? Who knows?
  20. There are quite a few of us who see the direction this team seems to be headed, and are excited for the ride. 2 years ago we had maybe a handful of decent/good players. Now? There is talent all over the place. Now granted, we are still young. And we have some growing to do. But man, if Corall works out. We can make some noise. And if he doesn't? We will be a great landing spot for the next one.
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