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  1. Corners are easy to get….much easier than LT. Bouye, Jackson, Gilmore, Henderson, Keith Taylor, Pride…..don’t care how good Horn is that was the wrong pick. or even in the 2nd draft Creed Humphrey or Cosmi instead of a WR.
  2. College players are young and naive and have to listen to their coaches….so Rhule’s bullshitting ways was tolerated. It doesn’t work with grown men they probably saw right through him half way through last year. Even when he’s back in college in a couple of years his lies may not work anymore with NIL and the high profile kids making money. I seriously haven’t hated a coach more not bc the mediocre coaching but the crap that comes out of his mouth. It’s like he has a bad excuse for everything and his poo don’t stink….it’s everyone else’s fault.
  3. Kyle Bailey, Mac, and others at that station are weirded out by Ian’s obvious jockeying for Rhule and saying it’s ok to lose games etc. Its like he was fed that by someone in the organization high up. I wouldn’t put it past tepper putting national media types on his payroll.
  4. Trade down and draft this guy. No one will work harder and he has the talent. Get some picks back by trading down. I wouldn’t draft any QB at 5 or 6 this year especially with the holes on the offensive line. This pic is from my bar Graham St after the panthers last home game. Sam came to the game with Drake Maye and others and then brought some of the offensive line to Graham. Sam was a big Panthers fan I know back in the day….not sure anymore but that doesn’t matter. I’m friends with him and for his sake I want him to go to Steelers or somewhere with a better coach and offensive line.
  5. With all the holes we have and making that decision to extend Robby before the season even started for whatever reason and having to pay Darnold we may have to let DJ walk or trade him. He’s not worth elite money. Go with Robby, Marshall, Shi, and a cheaper veteran and late draft pick. Wait til we get a QB to start paying receivers again.
  6. So glad the panthers picked CB at 8 when that position is easier to retain (Djax) or obtain (Henderson/Gilmore) or find UDFA (Taylor) and we passed up Parsons, Fields, Slater. So fuging stupid to pass on positions we needed and that are harder to obtain. Horn is great but just the last 4 months showed us how it’s easier to get a DB than it would to get QB, LT, or a stud linebacker.
  7. Since we don’t have our high 2nd, 4th and other picks that are prime spots to pick up offensive linemen who are 2-3 guys we can get in free agency? Creed Humphrey who was drafted in 2nd round last year is having an amazing year and will be All Pro for KC….Sam Cosmi is having a solid year for Washington. But we got Joe Brady’s WR not playing. So we will need free agents.
  8. Yeah our talent is lacking on the offensive line but our coaching of the line is horrible. Al Wallace on WFNZ didn’t want to blast our current coaches but he heavily hinted that if Moton is playing bad it may not be all the players. Matsko has the Skins line looking good again even without elite players. He doesn’t have Trent Williams and let go of Moses Moody and a couple others but was able to get Charles Leno after getting cut from Bears. How were the Panthers not all over that in a clear cap issue move by Bears? Slater on this team or drafting a bunch of others won’t matter if our coaching stinks. We need Fitterer or someone other than Rhule to make coaching hires. We miss John Matsko.
  9. I probably will be crying but if I hold it together this is me…..can’t wait to be there Sunday!
  10. Not having a 2nd,3rd, 4th round pick and lots of holes makes it seem like a no brainer they will have to trade down from apparent top 10 pick to recoup picks. Will all the teams knowing that make the return much smaller? Trade back and get offensive line help or Sam Howell?
  11. Go Braves!!! Panthers should have had it at least twice now but I won’t get into too much into that. If Cam had an offensive line and organization that protected him we would have gotten at least one after that 2015 Super Bowl as well. I do think we will get a parade but it might be Lamelo Ball and Miles Bridges who deliver it first. If we had a young QB we drafted I may think Panthers within 3 years but we may be on a QB carousel. I’ll say most likely parades will come from Hornets Tampa Bay Rays moving to charlotte then panthers
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