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  1. Dude take y’all’s whining or bickering somewhere else. This isn’t about DJ. This is about Robbie having a subpar year after getting paid and not showing up to OTA’s bc it interferes with his partying.
  2. Not even all about the drops. His routes and everything sucked. He had 53 catches on 110 targets and 519 yards…..while making 15 million. His stats were the worse of his career.
  3. He got a contract shortly after. And I wouldn’t call it nothing he didn’t have a good year. You would think he would make a point to make it this year.
  4. Do you know how bad of a hit it is if we cut him next season?
  5. So Panthers have a new QB Corral and then Darnold who needs all the help and Robby is one of 2 players who didn’t show up to OTA’s. He got paid and still didn’t show up….last year I know he wanted a contract so didn’t come. What a horrible waste of that contract on a person who sucks on the field and isn’t a great role model for the young guys off the field. Should we just cut him?
  6. Say what you want but their offensive line has actually been really good. In 2021 almost elite. Offensive line coach matters a lot. They lost Trent Williams in 2020 and didn’t blink an eye and got Leno and did really well. Morgan Moses they have lost recently too and Schreff now.
  7. Pickett going to be a bust. I’m not saying Sam but his velocity was just behind Willis and Pickett was way down the board today. Sam is a better Drew Brees.
  8. Corners are easy to get….much easier than LT. Bouye, Jackson, Gilmore, Henderson, Keith Taylor, Pride…..don’t care how good Horn is that was the wrong pick. or even in the 2nd draft Creed Humphrey or Cosmi instead of a WR.
  9. College players are young and naive and have to listen to their coaches….so Rhule’s bullshitting ways was tolerated. It doesn’t work with grown men they probably saw right through him half way through last year. Even when he’s back in college in a couple of years his lies may not work anymore with NIL and the high profile kids making money. I seriously haven’t hated a coach more not bc the mediocre coaching but the crap that comes out of his mouth. It’s like he has a bad excuse for everything and his poo don’t stink….it’s everyone else’s fault.
  10. Kyle Bailey, Mac, and others at that station are weirded out by Ian’s obvious jockeying for Rhule and saying it’s ok to lose games etc. Its like he was fed that by someone in the organization high up. I wouldn’t put it past tepper putting national media types on his payroll.
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