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  1. Which is why multiple people watching the game with me at various times asked why did we extend Robby. If you wanted to extend him use that 2nd round pick on someone other than Marshall.
  2. Wrong. Cowherd is good with his picks. He will go 4-1 on his blazing 5 this week.
  3. Agree on lot of above. Southend is cool but younger with slingshot having the youngest crowds. Gin Mill will have cool band that Sat night. Lost will be packed. NoDa has some cool spots like my friends place Room and Board….if you go there eat at Goodyear House before good food vibes and drinks. My spot I own is Graham St Pub & Patio. It’s a casual rooftop bar next to the stadiums. Good crowd not too young. Good DJ Sat 3-7 and 7-2am that play fun old school type music.
  4. Title is wrong I meant nonvaccinated players getting cut.
  5. Yeah I meant not personally care but having non vaccinated players jeopardize games and having to make team activities different with the non vaccinated players.
  6. I’m guessing this is going on around the league lots of fans surprised by their teams cuts. But through old Panthers coach who is with the Skins they cut some talented players in lieu of lesser talented ones just because of being vaccinated vs not being vaccinated. Wes Martin, Antonio Golden Gandy, Moreland, David Sharpe, Jeremy Reaves, and William Bradley King I’m told would have probably made it if they were vaccinated. Moreland had so much more talent than Troy Apke but Apke is vaccinated. Do y’all think this is a NFL league wide thing or just Ron?
  7. I live in his neighborhood....the power was out last night from 8:30pm til 4am. Maybe the gate at front of neighborhood was open bc of the loss of power? I know I manually opened my garage yesterday to charge my phone in the car.
  8. His dad on WFNZ said he trained nonstop on his year off and is faster and stronger than he ever has been.
  9. Take half of what bears gave up.....like dang why couldn’t we go down and take a 2nd or 3rd and move down and pick same player or Parsons or someone.
  10. So that team morale thing winning that Washington game.....at the very least could have been set up well for future.
  11. Tepper likes to buy low and distressed assets and stocks. Hypothetically and this is purely hypothetical but would you frown on Tepper or secretly want to have a beer with him and say you the man.....if he used his connections and money to set Watson up. And then boom teams drop out and price is lowered and all of sudden panthers get him for 2 firsts, Shaq, and a 2nd. And the false accusations are dropped. This is truly hypothetical but would you be disgusted by your owner or tip of hat?
  12. Their defensive line is loaded and getting back Matt Ioandiss.
  13. I still don’t understand why Newman opted out....he could have played himself into a first round pick this year. I was listening to WFNZ and Bailey and his cohost were talking about scouts are saying he’s looking really good and would be interesting pick later in the draft and reminded people of Dak in Senior Bowl practices. He has all the tools with mobility, smarts, personality, and an arm. If we don’t trade for Watson or Stafford and the draft doesn’t fall right for a QB in the first round I wouldn’t mind taking a chance on him and see what our coaches can do with him....grab a stud at 8 and then Newman later rather than Mac Jones at 8. How fall will he fall? Can we get him in the 3rd or 4th?
  14. Dang that bar owner next to stadium must have been completely delusional about the Panthers plan on acquiring Watson.
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