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  1. I think they were just trying to throw "junk" into our play analytics for opposing teams. Patriots do it a lot in inconsequential sequences.
  2. I'm for anyone with NFL experience at this point. Just wanna gouge my eyes out on Sundays.
  3. Yep NFL is notorious for taking guaranteed money for "conduct detrimental to the team." I think we're all familiar with Antonio Brown, one of the most recent example of someone with a guaranteed contract losing his money. More specifically and more recently, Urban Meyer lost his guaranteed money as well: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10021237-report-urban-meyer-fired-for-cause-by-jaguars-wont-be-paid-rest-of-contract#:~:text=Financial details of the five,Jacksonville was an unmitigated failure. Looks like Urban got Rhule's same deal except for 5 years at 60 Mill instead of Rhules 7 years at 60 Mill.
  4. Probably would get most of your future years money clawed back through the legal system so that wouldn't work.
  5. Lets say you had the narcissistic behavior to con a billionaire into giving you fully guaranteed money over 7 years but you realize that college was way better and had way less "meanies" than the NFL after a year and half in your new job, what would you do to get back to college while still keeping your fully guaranteed money (with the assumption intentional point shaving/sabotaging or quitting are the only thing that would take your guaranteed money away)? just a quick thought experiment.
  6. I knew what was gonna happen to close out the Giants game when Sean Payton was on at halftime talking in the past tense of the Giants victory with complete, total, and warranted disrespect of Rhule as the motivating factor. The Giants did exactly what Payton predicted they would do too.
  7. Thank you! Tepper has a bad history with black coaches, meanwhile his most hated coach is still coaching the same team almost a decade after Tepper tried to get him fired.
  8. Yeah, giving a college hc that had never really proven anything should never had got a 7 year gauranteed contract. Sean Payton? Sure. But why the fug Rhule? We could have canned Rhule and got Daboll but nope. Here we are.
  9. He can't he's getting pressured before CMC can even get to the split in his route tree.
  10. Hahaha Sean Payton opinion of Rhule is rock bottom. Not wrong.
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