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  1. Get him and we can get to the nfc champ game year 1 if bryce hits
  2. Keep in mind teams let media film individual drills because they're almost always layups lol
  3. That NT Depth Chart sounded WEAK as hell. But at least they said they were the role players, and we know how the FO feels about paying role players so is what it is.
  4. Kid said everything right in his presser. Kirk Cousins made quite a name for himself and he was drafted in the same year as the #2 pick in the draft
  5. If you watch his presser he said all the right things, so much so that I think the press kinda got uninterested in the dynamics of him vs bryce towards the end when they realized he's happy in the situation. Great Presser.
  6. I feel like we desperately need D Hops
  7. Think of it as players being cards in a deck. You go into "battle" each week with 46 cards out of your deck of 53 because of injuries creating an "unfair" advantage. If you could use all 53 cards during a "Battle" the team that has 1 superstar and 2 above average players and 2 average players on the sidelines for that week for any number of short term injuries would be fighting the "battle" with 48 cards against a team with good health playing 53 cards creating an inherent unfair advantage. Now, if it is conducive in 2023 for this rule to exist (it is to a degree) and could the NFL benefit from expanding 53-man rosters to like 55 or 58-man rosters to allow more players and therefor allowing more active slots on gameday is def a good point to go after the NFL for..
  8. I live in Nashville so def the easy one for me lol
  9. I've started saying I'm a 69ers fan just to fug with people now
  10. Unfortunately, Titans won the release schedule contest, but probably one of only a few things they win this year. Best schedule release video in years in my opinion, laughed my ass off. Falcons have already changed their name in homage:
  11. in 2023 bye weeks are only possible between week 6 and week 14.
  12. Week 1 - @ Falcons Week 2 - vs Saints (MNF) Week 3 - Week 4 - vs Vikings Week 5 - @ Lions Week 6 - @ Dolphins Week 7 - Week 8 - vs Texans Week 9 Week 10 - @ Bears (TNF) Week 11 - vs Cowboys Week 12 - @ Titans Week 13 - @ Bucs Week 14 - @ Saints Week 15 Week 16 - vs Packers Week 17 - @ Jaguars Week 18 - vs Bucs
  13. Week 3 bye no longer exist. Earliest bye is week 6 due to extra game now.
  14. I think they are about to talk about our MNF soon on NFL Live on ESPN rn.
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