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  1. Looks about right, a poo offensive line and an OC thats trying to fit a square peg in a round hole will do that.
  2. No need to forfiet, just play our backups and let them head hunt like every other team lol can still come out with a win.
  3. Yeah, writing on the wall. Interior Offensive Line is just too far away from competing for a wild card spot as it stand currently. Darnold also needs another season to work on the deep ball as well, he's missed a few wide open TD's, thats something I think he adds to his game Year 2 if he really is a franchise guy.
  4. Hubbard and Ian Thomas can't catch when left unguarded and everyone else is getting doubled.
  5. So far Moton and Christensen are playing pretty good, our interior meanwhile...
  6. Dude just said on his press conference he is finding these deals because he is calling around trying to find o-line help, open trade block announcement to our o-line (except Moton) and to the entire league lol.
  7. Kuechly its time to come out of retirement bro
  8. they've turned it over twice and the refs gave them the ball back.. shouldn't be close at all.
  9. Na we lose that, has to be our defense shitting on them and our offense taking advantage, not giving up on assignments as the top 10 paid center in the league, fug hurney.
  10. Na, after we curb stomp them everyone is gonna say "we knew all along the cowboys weren't a good team" and we'll be underdogs all the way to Arizona in Week 10 when folks will say that is a first real test for the third time this season.
  11. This is dejavu of 2015 all over again. Can't wait for that crying Skip Bayless video Sunday night.
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