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  1. Starts at 53:21 if vid doesn't take you to timestamp.
  2. we will have over $40 mill in cap space with the most basic of moves and still have over $80-$90 mill in cap space in 2024. That's enough to resign Bozeman, get a CB like Byron Murphy or Sean Murphy-Bunting or Chauncy Gardner-Johnson, a Safety like Donovan Wilson which allows us to put Chinn back at Linebacker and kill two birds with one stone, and a TE like Mike Gesicki or Dalton Shultz. We would still need an edge but I didn't see one that I loved in the list of free agents I saw outside of Marcus Davenport and I don't know about him anymore since he only got half a sack last season.
  3. I think the top 4 QB's are interchangeable if you give Richardson and Levis a redshirt year myself but who knows what Tepper and Fitt are thinking?
  4. Trade up to #3 with Arizona then trade up to #1 was the most plausible scenario I've seen. Ain't no way in hell can you get #1 when every other team bidding has a better pick than you.
  5. He probably had no idea what they were talking about, who tf would know that carolina changed their top in the league grass field with astroturf unless they followed the team every day?
  6. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/bears/warren-sapp-says-bears-are-trading-justin-fields-draft-bryce-young More than likely Sapp is talking out of his ass... but if not we instantly become favorites to land Fields right? #9 and 2 2nds gets it done right?
  7. This is the right take. Great cap in 2024 to manipulate 2023 and one QB away from a home playoff game or two.
  8. FWIW Carson Strong is out of the league because of his knee, not because of his talent or lack thereof.
  9. Where have I heard that before?? Oh yeah Meyers poo teammate we drafted
  10. He has 20 to 30 million reasons per year to not give a damn about those 2 first round picks.
  11. Ok even more terrible news... if the NFL is in fact teeing this up for an NFC opponent for each of the AFC clubs our chances skyrocket insanely to 40%... the Falcons can't be held to double jeopardy as if they are selected for one... they can't be selected for the other so that adds even more fuel to the fire.
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