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  1. I've seen a few arguments on this board, twitter, hell even reddit about not wanting the 5th or 6th QB... and never really thought much of it, kinda agreed, then it donned on me... its not the classes fault its a deep QB class of 6 First Round QBs... like wtf. Kyle Trask is QB #6 or #5 this draft poo I don't know but but what I do know is during a normal year Trask is threatening to be selected QB #2 or #3 and still competing for pick #2 overall (a la Mitch Trubisky). There is no way you watch Zach Wilson film and don't see #1 pick some years, or Justin Fields if you cherry pick games lmao. Ev
  2. Obviously there were two good coaching hires made this last offseason if current trajectories hold and certain QB needs are addressed. For those of us that wanted Stefanski before the news of Rhule's hire (I was 1A and 1B with Stefanski and Rhule so I was excited) what are your opinions now of both? Stefanski has had a hell of a year. The Browns have finally turned it around and got their first playoff win in more than 20 years... even if they get thanos snapped next week by the Chiefs it was an amazing effort. Of note is that Stefanski had an interview line
  3. Pack, bucs (nervous about this one), chiefs (chiefs haven’t been dominating this season but mayfield ain’t winnin a shootout), bills
  4. Ive only probably seen an hour total all season of Jets in action but every time their defense is on, Hewitt pops off the screen. He is currently only on a 1 year contract of 2 mill, what would you guys think of plugging him in here with a team that can actually do something with his talents? I’m sure he could be had for cheap and is only 27. Am I right in that the guy plays like Rhule wants players to play? According to PFF he’s graded out 50% better than just a year ago and appears to be on the up and up. Tahir Whitehead graded out at 31.8 while he grades out at 60+ for reference
  5. If we really do draft him, between him and CMC Charlotte will be the new home of GQ headquarters with our beach boy lineup.
  6. I had a dream, I had a dream that Penei Sewell and Wilson were available at our pick. We drafted Sewell, and feeling we would be solid next year, we then traded back into the first round at pick 15 to take a falling Wilson. For the 15th pick we trade next years first and second, this years 2nd, and 4th. We don’t regret it, even tho we go on to have a poo 2021, Wilson and the D finish out 2021 strong, we won the SB in 2022.
  7. I don't mind the contract as much since it has a two year out. As long as we don't develop a "sunk-cost fallacy" Seahawks cut bait with their high paid FA QB for Wilson earlyyyy and it reaped rewards.
  8. He held the ball for more than 5 seconds multiple times and couldn't get one good pass off? You must be Marty Hurney.
  9. This is why you build you O-Line before throwing your rookie QB to the wolves.
  10. A vaccine will be available before Nov 2nd but a million americans will die? Like thats not even taking into account all the treatment options that have been developed. And the number of intubations has dropped significantly because they found oxygenating patients way more effective.
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