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  1. I just dont feel like a great LB wins many games and is so easy to scheme away from. Solid D line and Solid Secondary is a nightmare but a soft secondary and a solid front 7 still gets diced up.
  2. My big board: Lawrence Zach Wilson Penei Sewell Kyle Pitts Justin Fields Trey Lance Trade Down Slater Chase Best CB Available
  3. Sam Darnold finally gets a QB coach should the be subject of this thread tho.. Dude literally didn't have a QB coach in the NFL except for one season.
  4. I'm guessing since panthers.com posted it the 2nd rounder isn't conditional to him being on the roster >:/
  5. PFF just put out a mock draft where the Broncos get the #4 pick from the Falcons specifically because the Falcons don't want Carolina to get a new QB. Carolina elects to take a neglected Penei Sewell, who fell after the Bengals drafted Chase. I wouldn't mind this scenario if it meant we got Darnold or traded back into the first with the Packers for Mond, just so we can have that 5th year option in lieu of a 3rd round pick, which both would cost.
  6. Rivera coached the ProBowl, not the Senior Bowl. Common mistake.
  7. Bridgewater, you could have evaluated the roster with Fitzpatrick and Grier and we would be picking top 3 still.
  8. https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/nfl_salary_cap_could_climb_past_200_million_for_2022_season/s1_12680_34412705 https://overthecap.com/calculator/carolina-panthers/ If that's the case, then after we cut teddy next year we'll be at close to 90 Million in cap space, and if we june 1st shaq (please) that would put us at 100Mil even and thats just with the 17th game. If stadiums are full... sheesh
  9. We still haven't had CB or LT addressed so I can definitely understand the grade. I mean, the cap space was kinda an excuse but now its clear we can snag two more solid pieces.
  10. I would love Mond if it means we got Sewell in Round 1.
  11. Guess we figured out the fringe team. 3 first rounders for moving up 9 spot, holy hell.
  12. Told a lot of you that this was a top 3 QB class over the last 30 years. Was told that wasn’t true. Its March and I’ve already been proven right.
  13. They literally coached him a couple of weeks ago, the only one that needs to be there is Brady imo.
  14. Bruh some of us knew and worked with her, she was so full of bs. Even her friends said she told them it was a cash grab.
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