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  1. That's too bad about Fields. Most of this board are hoping he can prove Rhule, and Fitz wrong. I'm sure he will get better? Right?
  2. He had a white shirt on yesterday. But with the coverage we got yesterday, I never did see any of his plays. He is big, strong, and smart. I am hoping he can carve out a place for himself. Not holding my breath. But anxiously awaiting cuts.
  3. Yupperz. Training Camp, and Preseason are for evaluation. Folks wanting more, seem to have forgotten that fact.
  4. As I gave away all my pie last night. I was worried it was going to be a problem. Well, so far, no problem. Over practice.
  5. I''m living breathing proof. I must have been on here longer than I thought.
  6. Exactly. I mean, 2 years ago folks were mad because this team did suck. Now 2 years later. Their still mad. Only now it's because we aren't looking good enough. SSDY
  7. Considering it is year 2 of a rebuild. I think we are in a good place. Young and improving. Beats old and stagnant.
  8. If she was trying to convey leave me the fug alone? She nailed it.
  9. So I'm guessing we can't put you down for this team making a run at the playoffs? jk Although I do think 3 wins is a wee bit low. Maybe bump that up a...lot. I think we push for the playoffs. Might make, might not. But in year 2 of a rebuild, I think we wow some folks.
  10. That was going to be my guess. But I thought she was younger.
  11. Thanks man. Did you leave a note, or anything, to let her know it was from me?
  12. If Brady can make Teddy look decent. Maybe he can make Sam look good. And a Good Sam could be good enough to start this train moving.
  13. Got so excited to tell a wife joke I forgot to ask. Who is she?
  14. The wife's favorite gibe; "You have to sleep sometime" After 30 years. I think she may be bluffing. I will be honest. The first time she said it, it did give me pause. She can be kinda scary.
  15. I'm out of pie, but cool story bro. lol "Pie"
  16. That kinda looks like the side eye I get when I try to tell another wife joke. lol
  17. I do my best to only respond to post that have a chance at being a little bit positive. I just have so much excitement for this year. I don't want to mix in that negativity. Or at least I try to be a good boy. lol
  18. That's the funny part. To any Cockeyed Optimist, being called a Homer is a compliment. lol I don't know why they are so threatened by us? Probably some deep seeded fear that keeps them from ever being happy. lol
  19. There is an awful lot of angst in that post. Sounds like you are gearing up for a failure of a season. I just hope you're wrong. I will say. Tep gave Rhule a 6 year contract.
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