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  1. No, he was referring to me. You see because of a few, the term "Optimist" is now considered a mental disease. Because you are an Optimist, you can't see any faults. Because you are an Optimist, you can't be critical. Because you are an Optimist, you don't understand football Because you are an Optimist, your opinion is devalued. Ah the Huddlez, you gotta love it.
  2. Believe it or not. I saw a gif of him earlier this month. And he was making a great block. I know...I was shocked as well. But here's the thing. He was at Left Guard. Not sure why? I had to watch it a few times to make sure. But there it was. So the score is Little 1, the last 3 years 204. lol cuz it's just a little sad.
  3. So you don't believe in player growth? Or that players can actually improve? Not sure I agree with that assessment. Because I am hoping we can improve Sam.
  4. We are getting pretty close to that right now. One more good draft, with the right FAs thrown in. This could be a really good team. Drafting well is not a secret. But it seems to be dang hard to do.
  5. I too am curious about this. Pie, and E cred for anyone supplying an answer.
  6. Already? Folks around here have had him tarred and feathered for years now. They are just waiting on the tar to arrive from China.
  7. Hey, all things being equal. That might just happen next year.
  8. Like clockwork. The swallows of Capistrano. Anniversaries. And the wife burning another Turkey dinner.
  9. TC, and preseason are for evaluation. Moving guys around is part of that process. Perfectly natural. Not sure what folks were expecting from a practice? If this was year 5 of the Rhule era. Yeah, we can be a little concerned. But year 2? C'mon man.
  10. Oh great. Another negative thread designed for bitchin. This should be fun. Let me guess. Rhule sux. Brady sux. Tepper sux for hiring two sucky coaches. The oline sux. Fug everything. Let's burn this mother to the ground. We ain't winning a game with this team. Let's start scouting QBs. There, it's all out of the way. Now let's get back to having fun. who's with me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  11. I'm sorry, but you can't insult part of the fan base. Then tell the rest to calm down. That's not how this works.
  12. You might as well let the kids have their fun. Because, I'm afraid you aren't going to have much luck with you wish
  13. It's the normal game day thing. Except this game is an actual Practice. It would be funny, if it weren't so sad. Why put yourself through all this? Especially for something that's supposed to be entertainment? I guess we should have known it was coming.
  14. I expect Sam to run a handful of plays. After practicing with the Colts, he should have plenty of reps against their D. I expect them to run the ball a few times, throw in some slants, wheel routes, and maybe even some seams as well. Nothing too outrageous. Everything safe. I would not expect any throw to be longer than 10-15 yards. Then move on to the backups. That's if he plays at all.
  15. Teams that win their first game win the SB %65 of the time. Teams that lose their first game win the SB %35 of the time. This may or not be true.
  16. So your answer to "How much should Sam play?" is, they should rep him. That is short and somewhat to the point.. And because I am hopeful our OLine isn't "Weak", does not mean I expect them to be "All Pros". That's quite a leap there. I see your heart isn't in it. So I'll let you be. I guess we don't have to save you a seat on the bandwagon then. There is still lots of room when you change your mind. lol
  17. You are not the only one who is worried. Lots of Huddlers are chewing their nails right now. But you don't have to make things sound worse than they actually are. You are just adding more to worry about. From what I know. When Booyea gets back, he will be in the slot. So that is one less thing to worry about. You're welcome. lol
  18. First thing first. How much do you expect Sam to play "behind our weak OL"? I am expecting they have a set number of plays for him. Once that is done, depending on the drive, so is he. We won't see much, but the staff will. Second, we haven't done anything but practice. How do you know we have a "Weak OL"? IMO, you are basing that off your own fears of past lines. Whereas, I can speculate that, with our new additions, our line will be muchly improved. You say the glass is half full. Yeah, let's be honest, to you the glass is almost empty. I say the glass is near the top, and is in danger of over filling.
  19. First. Valid point. Second. You shut that dirty mouth.
  20. I think the most important first came is if it is against a Divisional opponent. Then it adds some value to the game. But otherwise, it's just the next game. No one game is any more important than the next one.
  21. I really admire your patience, I truly do. But there is no way in Hades, you are going to get your point across. Usually I say. Never give up, never surrender. So, if you are enjoying it, have at it old boy.
  22. That's why it's called gambling. If you knew the outcome, there is no gamble. So yeah, always go with B. lol
  23. First. It's David Newton. Second. It's David, I know very little about football, Newton. Lastly. It's David, where was I? Newton. Everything I have heard, or read, says that since pads came on. So has Sam.
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