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  1. I've been a Lions fan for a long, long time. They never cease to amaze me.
  2. Yup. Over Dramatic. With just a hint of unrealistic speculation.
  3. Um, is this meant for me? Cuz I don't know how to answer this. lol
  4. Considering Decker has 3 more years, after this one. So Sewel isn't going to LT any time soon. Strange pick.
  5. The Fields fan boys are going to be riding higher than Willie Nelson.
  6. Are you sure this isn't an overly dramatic post? I mean 5 years. C'mon man
  7. Very few people are going to blame Rhule for last years record. In fact, he was roundly praised for how well the season went under the circumstances he faced.
  8. Be careful or you'll be branded a "Sunshine Warrior", or "Cockeyed Optimist", or my favorite "Homer". lol It's sad that being Optimistic, is treated like a mental illness around here. If you don't rail against any mistake. Whether real, or imagined. You might be a Homer. If you aren't critical about every move. You might be a Homer. If you don't think Rhule is in over his head. You might be a Homer. If you don't believe in Doom an Gloom. You might be a Homer.
  9. Back in the day. Football wasn't a full time job. Players had off season jobs. TC and Pre Season were for getting those guys into playing shape. Then move on to installation. Plus there were 2 a days. Nowadays. Football is a full time job. TC and Pre Season is for evaluation, and installation. No 2 a days. Of course there are other differences, but that is the gist.
  10. Oh no, I have been punked by frank. I will never be able to show my face again. Oh the Humanity. I will probably need counselling now. Edit to add. You know franky. Complaining about someone complaining, makes you a complainer.
  11. Exactly. Throw in the chance for injuries increase. Coaches have to walk a fine line on these. How much does my team need? Can we do it without throwing them out in a meaningless preseason game? Fans can rail against starters not playing. But Rhule has to balance team building against the chance of injury.
  12. I truly believe you don't see anything outside your tunnel vision. Cuz this place is Toxic. As much credit as you want to give me. I am not that influential. It is the negativity, and worse case scenarios being floated around. It has brought the tember of the board down. Just look at the Wed camp thread. Then tell me it's all peaches and cream around here.
  13. Yes, yes it can. There are a bunch of us that agree with this statement. Sadly. There are a bunch of armchair GMs around here, that don't believe this.
  14. I agree %100. The negativity, and Worse Case Scenarios is really getting out of hand. It is permeating the whole board. It is extremely toxic around here right now. Imagine what is going to happen the first bad pass Sam has? Or the first missed tackle? I really wish there was another board to visit. Something where Optimism is not treated like a mental disease.
  15. Yeah, no. There is no correlation between a couple of fights in an inter squad scrimmage. And in game fighting. lol
  16. Excellent point. This needs to be a Topic Starter. Let folks know what actually goes on. Maybe they will see the difference between a Scrimmage, and a Pre Season game.
  17. There are folks who are now questioning Rhule . Because of how he is handling the 1st preseason game. You can't make this ish up.
  18. The folks who fear the worse, or are negatively inclined, don't listen to anything they don't want to hear.
  19. It's nuts what these folks are trying to do. I don't believe for a second they have put one ounce of energy into thinking about the consequences if things go bad Sun. They don't care about player safetly. All they care about it watching their team. Truly selfish behavior.
  20. lol If you can't stand the heat. There are a whole lot of folks a lot worse than me. Go jump on them.
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