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  1. I think you're intentionally intensifying "hate". You can "hate" something in the football term, meaning you really don't like the guy in football. I "hate" Tom Brady, because he's really good in football, but I don't actually hate the guy. Relax and stop trying to get into arguments.
  2. That, and why did they direct her to be spazing out and erratic?
  3. This isn't the same cam that can save a coaches job. It should have never been his job to do so when he did it for Ron, and it isn't his now to save matt.
  4. That might be the turning point there.
  5. I have to agree, he's looking pretty good as a rookie.
  6. Yeah wasn't high on fields, but I like the way he's looking.
  7. Former panthers look so good when they leave :<
  8. Damn that was pretty good.
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