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  1. i really don't understand how Tony Romo went from "choke artist" to "clutch". its amazing how the national media can turn things
  2. damn. was this really the starting secondary for that game??? If so, am feeling very confident
  3. LeBron haters are so retarded. How are you going to say you don't want lebron to copy jordan but its ok for kobe or Curry, etc to play the role. The statement itself reeks in hypocrisy. If anyone is copying Jordan it's kobe, he is not original whatsoever. And the fact you would even disrespect the movie by suggesting Adam Morrison shows your ignorance. Your just a blind hater
  4. I'll take averaging 41.5pts 12 Reb 8.5 Ast at the moment. Along with a weaker cast
  5. KB+ Funchess+ Olsen = The Triple Team A.K.A T3 /thread
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