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  1. If they coddle the sh!t out of him like we did with Darnold to prevent another historically bad season only to use that to justify giving him a 3rd year then there is literally no hope whatsoever for this organization
  2. Some spring game highlights from Ewers, Sanders and Beck I assume one of these guys will emerge as the 1st pick overall. Bo Nix just went 12th overall. A QB will go 1st overall despite being a weak class
  3. “Dave Canales is going to have to work more miracles”
  4. Quin Ewers going to feel really comfortable here next year with Brooks and Sanders on the roster
  5. Legette will have to greatly improve his footwork if he’s ever going to sniff some of these comps i see
  6. The only good that came from this draft was netting a 2nd rounder for next year Maybe by then we’ll have a new scouting department in place
  7. I really wanted Burton He’s a very nice add for Cincy especially if they don’t plan to sign Higgins to a long term deal (which I doubt they will)
  8. this draft class is shaping up to be very similar to most of our recent draft classes
  9. Anyone defending these picks after all the draft classes this organization has pissed away needs to give their head a shake
  10. A lot of the same things were said about Jammie Robinson
  11. If this dude takes the fitness/nutrition part of this job seriously he could be something
  12. Yep exact same sh!t ”building through the draft” sounds great in theory but we’re once again just pissing away picks. This team would be much better trading picks for proven talent. There were actual people here who didn’t want to trade 33 or 39 for Brandon Aiyuk. Instead we got a RB and LB. The most Panthers draft ever
  13. I’m thinking we go Sanders from Texas
  14. So we flipped Brian Burns for a running back and a 2nd year Sweet
  15. Maybe we went up for Frazier after JPJ went?
  16. With everyone still on the board there’s no way they take Cooper still is there?
  17. It blows my mind teams aren’t aggressively trying to land Aiyuk. Like you said, one of the best route runners in the league. He’s a true WR1. Id have no problem giving up 39 and paying him the contract he wants. We’d definitely find out what we have in Bryce with Aiyuk on this team
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