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  1. Well we went from Hurney to Gettleman back to Hurney then to Fitterer It’s a long list of stupid decision from 3 people who have no business being anywhere near a GM role
  2. Holy hell this is bad. WR’s slow/sh!tty. Our OL BLOWS. And yeah, this crap is incredibly predictable. This was a hard watch. If I was Bryce I’d probably just fake an injury and sit the rest of the year
  3. That’s why I keep saying I’d draft a QB this year if one falls like Levis did The 2025 class is ass. There is always option C. Pray the Manning family lets us draft Arch in 2026
  4. At this point I agree. I don’t care how rare these coaching jobs are. You’re signing your own death certificate by taking this job Young up and coming guys like Bobby Slowik or Ben Johnson won’t let their every move during their first opportunity be dictated by David Tepper
  5. Next year will be the same. New coach and we’ll still be dropping back 35-40 times a game and teams will be teeing off on our QB
  6. Wanted to? Probably not Realized that’s what was needed and was willing to? Probably From Tepper’s mouth. This is what he wants
  7. I can confidently say as long as Tepper owns this team we won’t ever be successful
  8. https://x.com/rickyboboddy/status/1726676931440222486?s=46&t=W75E23VenL1ei42iX22E5g I posted this in another thread but it deserves its own thread. Frank has had enough and just told everyone once again what’s going on in this organization He tipped people off here: https://x.com/mikey_wyllin/status/1725672747521474958?s=46&t=W75E23VenL1ei42iX22E5g But left no doubt after todays presser. We have an owner who is dictating the style of play despite everyone and their dog realizing it doesn’t play to our strengths. I’m sure Frank is a lot more respected league wide than we respect him at the moment but I’m sure whoever interviews here this offseason gives him a call first. Despite whatever Tepper told Jones about “sharks” or whatever, this job is going to be a very hard sell
  9. Jordan Addison puts anyone we have to shame So does Hockenson as far as TE’s go
  10. https://x.com/rickyboboddy/status/1726676931440222486?s=46&t=W75E23VenL1ei42iX22E5g He just tossed Dave under the bus. Frank was well aware of what worked with this team last year. A style in which Dave didn’t want. Dave wants to see points/exciting football. That’s why Dave wanted an offensive minded HC. Up until this answer I really thought Frank was a dumb stubborn old man but he couldn’t make it anymore clear for people to see
  11. Well maybe he thinks he’s going to be because he just cooked Tepper during his presser
  12. https://x.com/joshnorris/status/1726620981568147863?s=46&t=W75E23VenL1ei42iX22E5g This ball has to go to Tremble
  13. There are enough plays out there now through 9 games where he’s had proper protection and a guy open and has simply not seen him. That’s a problem Whether or not he’s in full panic mode back there already who knows but either way it’s not good
  14. Yeah if that’s the plan then they absolutely cannot move forward with Bryce However, there’s no way any of that happens. Tepper is hellbent on recreating the Alabama offense Next year is going to be even worse than this year
  15. They absolutely have to draft a QB in the second round if one falls Yeah there’s the argument of build the team first but they can’t draft anyways so might as well keep swinging for QB’s. It’s also worth a shot due to what looks like a very weak QB class in 2025.
  16. The fact he hasn’t been fired yet shows how close he is with Tepper For the second time Tepper decided to not fire his GM with the HC and again it’s resulted in another mess Tepper continues to prove he’s learning nothing
  17. That Jake Luton could be doing exactly what Bryce is doing?
  18. I think the LSU and Texas games were pretty good indicators of what to expect I said in another thread, if he doesn’t have this super brain and isn’t able to extend plays at this level what exactly does he have then? Ain’t much
  19. Mingo definitely didn’t help matters. You cannot drift in that scenario and he did. It’s just another example of him not understanding sh!t. It’s crazy the amount of snaps he’s getting With that said if you’re going to throw that ball and especially to Mingo it 1000% needs to be put out in front of him
  20. This crap product isn’t even NFL football anymore
  21. I think it’s just as pathetic that we would’ve taken AR over Stroud They literally couldn’t have been more wrong
  22. I just meant in general. These numbers are getting pretty ugly given the amount of short passes he’s attempting
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