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  1. I seriously think it’s foolish of them not to be doing their homework on this years class. There’s always a QB that slides into the 2nd or someone trades up for at pick 32. Next years class is looking pretty meh. Possibly another class like the one 2 years ago with Pickett, Ridder, Corral and Howell. So not only did we trade the farm away for Bryce but we’re choosing to double down on it
  2. Yep pretty much I can’t get excited at all about anything Panthers related right now knowing we have Tepper as an owner and Bryce Young as a QB
  3. They’re both Cali dudes. Same with Darnold. Palmer has always said good things about Sam as well. They all know each other so Palmer cherry picking a few plays doesn’t do anything for me.
  4. I’d trade a mid-late round pick for Howell in a heartbeat
  5. There isn’t much I wouldn’t give up for JJ. This organization can’t draft worth a damn so I don’t overly care about draft picks. Trade for established players is our only hope. Unless of course you want another Mingo in the 2nd round this year. JJ will fetch at minimum 2 first rounders. Whichever QB we draft 1st overall in 2025 will at least have a legit WR
  6. Bryce needs test/tren. He’ll probably want to play it safe so I’ll make peace with test/primo. This little runt does not need to be wasting valuable weeks taking anavar But in all seriousness, he really does need to gain 10-15lbs if he wants to have any shot at being a real QB in this league and from the 3 clips I’ve seen of him this offseason, he looks smaller than he did during the season
  7. Yep The pick was made long before Reich and McCown arrived. No one was changing Tepper’s mind
  8. So Young’s footwork is an issue and no one decided to bring this up in the pre draft process. Tepper was picking Young and doesn’t know a damn thing about footwork Meanwhile CJ has maybe the cleanest and smoothest drop back in the league and did so in college too. Weird how something like that translates smh
  9. Also his deep ball is trash. Arm strength/accuracy down field just isn’t a strength and it never will be The amount of deep passes the end of out of bounds is ridiculous. Doesn’t even give his guy a chance. The one he did complete to Chark was so badly under-thrown. Should’ve been a touchdown but instead Chark had to make a good play on the ball when he had a step on the corner
  10. His footwork is his footwork so he can see downfield when dropping back. It’s never going to change The concerning stuff for me is when the play breaks down and he panics and compounds it with a bad decision… throwing the ball backwards 2-3 yards. You should always have an exit strategy on every play if sh!t goes south as a QB but he never seems to have that. His lack of overall awareness is ridiculous at this point. Yeah his OL has been trash but he sits in a collapsing pocket way too often. Bryce seems hesitant to run or move for whatever reason. Bryce also doesn’t have the natural arm strength to deliver the ball downfield without a larger than usual clean pocket. Bryce needs to really step into his deep throws. There’s just so much bad at this point but these were all things that showed up at Bama and I don’t see them changing. When he has a clean pocket and time he can deliver the ball accurately and on time but whoop dee do. That’s not someone you trade up for.
  11. Did he? He wanted nothing to do with Steichen after one zoom meeting Steichen seems to be just fine and has Minshew as his QB
  12. At this point literally everyone and their dog is trashing Tepper. This kind of trashing usually takes years of ownership. Tepper has made his incompetence known pretty quickly and maybe Fiz is on to something
  13. Yep he wasn’t watching another season of Bryc…I mean Teddy Tepper wanted Fields but let Rhule/Fitt take Horn. Every single year the best move Tepper could make is no move yet they continue to double down
  14. His lack of patience is how we ended up with Bridgewater, Darnold and then Baker It’s been the biggest issue since he bought the team
  15. Did anyone bother to ask Bryce why he didn’t try to pick up the 1st with his legs on the 3rd and 1 play? Or has anyone asked him why he doesn’t run more often in general? The amount of time this kid just sits there and takes a sack when it’s so obvious there’s going to be no where to go with the ball is mind blowing… especially for a super genius
  16. I wouldn’t say generational but it’s deep and it’s worth taking a shot in rounds 1-2 on a few guys If Ewers balls out and ends up declaring that 2025 class is already shaping up to look like the 2023 QB class. This organization isn’t smart enough to think a year ahead but man they better. Having the 1st pick in the 2025 draft isn’t going to do much for us. There will be a QB sitting there at pick 33, I’d take another shot. We’re 4-8 minimum if we even had slightly below average Qb play right now
  17. I’m at that point too Its all so bad but so is he
  18. I felt like he had the corner he’s just not that type of guy He’s very much a next live to see next down type of guy
  19. Bryce is trash on that 3rd and 1 play he needs to turn the corner and go get that with his legs
  20. There are a lot of QB’s that let that ball rip Bryce hasn’t all year and the stills look bad in terms of no where to go but you have to throw that up or run Taking a sack screams zero awareness
  21. Zero His mental clock is non existent. If he could process literally anything he’d know that the play was once again dead from the start and look to run but he doesn’t do that
  22. Either throw the damn ball or run man 2 options you chose to do nothing
  23. This play would show up weekly on all 22. I haven’t watched the last couple so maybe it still is but I can’t believe they’re still doing it. It never works. It’s a terrible call given no one is scared to get beat deep this call alone tells you Thomas Brown ain’t that guy
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