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  1. Really smart kid Best football ahead of him. Can’t wait to see him get back to playing next to Ickey
  2. https://goducks.com/sports/football/roster/dj--johnson/11201 Ha yeah it’s the same guy. He played both
  3. It wasn’t. No one here has even heard of the guy the Falcons chose. LaPorta wasn’t expected by media to go before Mayer. Teams have players ranked much differently this year than media
  4. Atlanta just shot up in front of us F*CK
  5. Yeah I wouldn’t do that I felt it safe to check Twitter since they were still on the clock but nope
  6. Rams pick already announced Twitter while on TV they’re still on the clock
  7. They needed to replace Hockenson and if Jared Goff is your QB you better surround him with weapons
  8. I wish someone would ask him if he’s been trying to gain weight since the combine
  9. Bryce seems like the type of guy the NFL will want to see succeed. Which will be a nice change from the way they hoped our last franchise QB would do
  10. Well yesterday confirmed that we needed to trade up to 3 or we wouldn’t have got a QB And the package to 3 would’ve been similar anyways so it was the right move
  11. I think Arizona did well getting Paris Johnson BUT also getting Houston’s (not Cleveland’s) 1st rounder next year Arizona could potentially have two top 5 picks next year
  12. Cam Smith is up there for me
  13. Thats a light return to move back 6 spots in the 1st and out of the top 10
  14. I figured you were playing the broken clock is right twice a day Anyways let’s move on. We won’t agree on Chinn. I won’t fault them for moving him, you don’t agree, that’s completely fine. That’s why I come to this board, to have people counter what I think
  15. For someone who is the first to get up in their feelings when called out for sharing information they think they have it’s weird you’d take this route but you do you.
  16. Most likely with me being wrong lol. I mean sure, the odds of him being traded are much lower than him actually being traded. But yes, if the opportunity presented itself they would trade him. I’ve had enough “I told you so” moments for one offseason already
  17. It makes sense. The Panthers always shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to comp picks and if they’re not planning on paying him they’d be foolish not to see what they could fetch. The brought in Rowe who plays a similar role as Chinn. Maybe you have some sort of emotional attachment to the player but he’s definitely someone they would trade if it helped them land someone they wanted. Actively shopping and willing to part are two different things Fwiw I like Chinn and he was a big time draft crush of mine heading into the 2020 draft.
  18. I thought the stripe was going to be cut off before the arm pit? Small stripe and small logo doesn’t look good. I guess it makes that pointless small number on the shoulder look bigger now
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