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  1. CBS gave the Seahawks a terrible grade the year they drafted Russ, Irvin and Wagner Draft grades mean nothing
  2. Lmao do we really have someone in here saying Corral doesn’t have an elite arm? Kid has a rocket launcher for an arm. Can throw from all angles and off platform. Good lord
  3. 1) We don’t have much to offer. Would have to offer a player + pick at this point I’d think 2) The teams at the top of round 2 don’t have multiples in 2 so they’d be dropping out of the 2nd completely Don’t get me wrong I really want them to draft a QB because we know the alternative route and it’s not good (I’m not talking Sam). I just don’t know what it’s going to take to move up. Are the Vikes so CB starved that they’ll take Henderson over drafting a guy like Booth? Tampa needs a DT but we aren’t flipping them Brown of all teams. GB/NE both make sense for Robby but I don’t think any of the 4 QB’s last that long
  4. If someone offered a 1st for Derrick Brown the Panthers would’ve accepted that trade in a heartbeat
  5. Leave it up to a bunch of Panthers fan to make fun of what was a good haul for the Saints in round 1. Olave is an absolute stud and then they found Armstead’s replacement for cheap. Now they’re without their 1st rounder next year but just like with their constant cap situation, they’ll figure it out.
  6. There’s a lot of guys doing YouTube things these days but when it comes to offensive linemen this guy has a history of knowing his poo. As soon as we drafted Ekwonu, I went and looked for this dudes take. Fwiw he was a big Slater fan last year.
  7. I feel the same. The draft is usually my favorite event of the year and this year I’m pretty bleh on it
  8. Ideally before they trade for Baker this weekend
  9. Neal is who I think we end up with as well I worry about his body holding up
  10. If the Jags go tackle I think it’ll be Ekwonu. I actually think it’s Neal that’s most likely to be there for us at 6 if one of the 3 tackles fall to 6. You’d think Jax and the Jets would go OL to protect their QB’s. The other route for the Jets would be WR and do what Cincy did for Burrow but the Jets can do that at pick 10. They’re not getting one of the top tackles at 10
  11. If the Jags do go with one of these 2 then the Panthers should be able to grab a tackle. It’s if the Jags go LT at 1 then it’s a very real possibility Carolina is left with an edge rusher
  12. The same place he got the Jordan Love trade info from not even 7 days ago
  13. It’s worth noting that 11 of those 14 interceptions came in 2 games. Arkansas was the first time a team had dropped 8 on him he said. Which led to some confusion and the 6 interceptions that day. I like Corral too and he does have elite arm strength. I think he puts on one hell of a show today
  14. I fully expect Corral to chuck one 70 yards today
  15. The two guys they set out to get this offseason they both whiffed on
  16. Yep Horn Henderson and Taylor. Should’ve kept Bouye and used this space on something else Plus Hartsfield is a solid nickel
  17. What in the actual F*CK. A day after things were looking up. What an absolute waste of cap space. You pissed away a 3rd rounder on CJ to avoid having to spend cap on this exact signing. They did both.
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