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  1. I mean he hired the guy with the headset after a “thorough” HC search soooo
  2. I might be more concerned about Jonathon Mingo going forward than Bryce tbh. The depth in which he runs his routes seem to be off more than not. Lacks any sort of explosiveness out of his breaks. He’s had a couple bad drops. People chalk crap up to being a rookie but this dude didn’t just start playing WR And for the love of god throw the all hooks play in the damn garbage. That’s no something you can run when no one is scared of getting beat deep by our WR’s
  3. I don’t care about the yards it’s the throws he’s making. When you’re able to make the type of throws he does the yards are going to come
  4. The negative plays are concerning given Bryce was hyped up to be this elite processor 26 plays in 2 games this guy counted where Bryce dropped back and had literally nothing to work with
  5. There are some throws CJ made Sunday that Bryce just isn’t physically able to make. Even some of his incompletions were encouraging
  6. I wonder how much of Reich’s system played a role in drafting Young. That’s my new concern. Obviously Reich’s system is dependant on getting the ball out quick/processing quick. I wonder how many new school OC’s would honestly draft Young over Stroud and Richardson
  7. You'd have to be a full blown moron to keep wanting to play this game
  8. As much as they said they collaborated on a scheme so far it looks like it’s the same BS Frank has always been running. So it really doesn’t matter who’s calling the plays at this point. We need an entirely new scheme
  9. Hire a bunch of dinosaurs and you’re going to get an ancient offensive scheme We didn’t need to trade up for Bryce to run this bs offense. We could’ve just signed Dalton and called it a day.
  10. I think we might have a Frank Reich issue
  11. Looks similar to when they were coddling Sam Darnold
  12. Yeah if Reich was a first time HC I’d be a bit more understanding of the issues going on right now but this guy has been around wayyyyyyy too long and a HC for the last 5 damn seasons to make me think anything is changing
  13. Good post. I feel the same. I used to care a lot. I’m 35 now and I have other sh!t to worry about. It used to be when the Panthers lost on a Sunday my Sunday was ruined. Win or lose I’m out walking my dogs during the late games and I don’t care. I’m an LA Angels fan and I despise their owner. To the point I’ve lost all interest. I’m actually thankful it’s happened because it made me realize I cared wayyyyy too much. They won a World Series in 2002 and it was cool but that was over a day later. Point is, sure it would be cool to see the Panthers win a SB and it’s definitely a lot more fun/interesting when they’re playing meaningful football but had they won in 03 or 15 would that change anything now? No. Sports really are just entertainment and at the end of the day it’s more entertaining when they’re winning but that’s all. I can flip on KC and watch Mahomes do some cool stuff and it’s just as entertaining
  14. All dog sh!t Gettleman wasn’t good at anything and rode the coattails of Cam and Luke. Neither of which he drafted. I said he’d get chased out of NY in a hurry and he did. Fitterer literally hasn’t done a single thing right. Gets into bidding wars with himself in the free agency market and trade market. Can’t draft. Hurney was a moron but to his credit he made a lot of money doing a job he had no business having
  15. https://x.com/gregauman/status/1704637218197823815?s=46&t=W75E23VenL1ei42iX22E5g Can someone enter this into a chart so it doesn’t look so bad
  16. No he hasn’t. He threw 2 awful int’s week 1 to the same damn players. Fumbled in the redzone on Monday and then threw another 2 balls that should have been intercepted
  17. Those are becoming a regular thing from Kaye
  18. Let Andy take the lumps while Reich tries to figure this dog sh!t scheme he’s got going on
  19. Dalton is trash. Let’s not kid ourselves
  20. There’s already been a few incidents this year Some dude took a wicked shot at the Washington game week 1 Then some Bengals fan landed a crazy headbutt to another guy
  21. Burrow took off once he had Chase. They were able to draft Chase because “rebuilding” teams have 1st rounders! So not only did we trade away our WR1 but we also traded away our best shot at finding one the following year
  22. Especially when the Bears were willing to take Derrick Brown. Obviously that would’ve left a massive hole up but that seems like nothing compared to what we’re watching Bryce have to go through
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