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  1. Jaycee can throw up 225 for 19-25 reps. I don’t care about his push up depth
  2. A thread on a chant that is done during the game inside the stadium gets 216 replies. While a thread asking who is actually going to the game has… 9 replies. Something ain’t adding up
  3. Nah he’s well aware of the Roaring Riot. Where else did you think the Panthers came up with this idea… https://www.panthers.com/membership/
  4. Yeah now that it’s been around long enough it’s painfully apparent just how flawed and awful their entire system is.
  5. I’m re watching all the defensive snaps right now and just focusing on him. Elijah Moore is probably one happy dude that he doesn’t have to see Jaycee again anytime soon. Yeah Jaycee played the TD ball extremely well. The ball was just thrown low. Jaycee had his arm in Corey’s mid section. Zach puts that ball on Corey’s chest it’s an incomplete pass
  6. Watch Horn absolutely blanket Corey Davis on a out and in on this 3rd and 2 play.
  7. The lack of talent in the secondary last year really handcuffed Snow. Drafting Jaycee really allows Snow to open up his bag and do different things scheme wise. This is still only year 2 of a complete rebuild. Many of you need to relax and remember that. In just 1 year they’ve essentially rebuilt an entire defense. Had our offense been able to hang onto the ball yesterday, the defense pitches a shutout
  8. Yep. I think yesterday was a great first game for a lot of Panthers fans to see. That was Darnold’s life his first 3 seasons in the league. Darnold never had a guy like Corey Davis while he was there. If not for Davis I’m not sure Wilson gets in the end zone. That’s not a knock on Wilson. No kid stands a chance with that organization.
  9. Crazy to think how good this defense was yesterday while thinking about the 2-3 sacks Burns and Reddick left on the field each. This team is going to be fun to watch this year
  10. Lots of bad takes in this thread. They didn’t take their foot off the gas. They came out and immediately took a 15 yard shot to Robby. Robby had what looked like an option route, him and Sam read the defense differently. And then it comes back to not having an offensive line. Too often we have to get cute to make up for a lack of not being able to run it right at a team. Tough to constantly move the ball without a good run blocking OL. I really hope Deonte is active this Sunday. Like I’ve said, we are 2-3 OL pieces away from being a damn good team. If Brady and Deonte can be those guys… look out
  11. Cam whiffed on his block in the 3rd that forced the slight over throw on the corner ball to DJ. Also he never got out in front of Marshall to block on that 3rd down call in the 4th in the red zone
  12. We’re a LT and LG away from being a legit team. If you watch the teams with good OL’s play today they’re moving the ball because of their line. Brady is stuck trying to get cute a lot of times when he shouldn’t have to. Brady doesn’t do himself any favors sometimes as well but we need an OL. Sam played pretty damn well today. Missed a couple end zone throws but that was about it. Hung in there and made some tough throws while knowing he was going to get hit. Sam can be ‘the guy’ but like any QB, he needs proper protection.
  13. Horn was fantastic today. The only completion he gave up was the TD and he did everything right. Even had his hand in good position. Just one of those plays. It happens. We got a good one.
  14. This place keeps acting as if Darnold was their 1st choice. Spoiler alert… he wasn’t their 1st, 2nd or 3rd
  15. I wouldn’t use the word “crisis” but you’re not far off. The off field stuff started to become too much a few years back.
  16. The OL will be the root of all our issues this season. As it stands right now, it’s awful. Not ideal when you’re trying to fix a 23 year old QB. With Moton locked up, Brady and Deonte waiting to be eased in there’s some hope. Hopefully sooner than later they make the move to the young guys. Address the remaining holes in the off-season and have it all come together next year
  17. I don’t choose who gets cut…
  18. Yeah totally, I get what you’re saying. You’re right though, this is a big year for Rhule and this rebuild.
  19. We won 5 games last year and prior to the season most predicted we’d finish with 1-2 wins. Many said we had the worst roster in the league. So of course we have a weak roster. But in order to rebuild the roster you need to hit on your draft picks. Not only does it seem like they’ve drafted well but they also traded back a ton and found 10 guys. That’s a huge step forward in terms of rebuilding this roster. This takes time.
  20. How? Realistically, the start of this teams competitive window opens next year if they’re able to take another step forward this season. This year you want to see 7-9 wins. 7 wouldn’t be the best of leaps but it’s progress. Pending on how we lose those games I suppose. Next year you want to see them flirting with one of those wildcard spots or just sneaking in. Then we’ll have all these rookies going into year 3 ready to make a real push hopefully.
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