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  1. He’s trolling.. No need to question dumb opinions..
  2. Thank Goodness they at least got some PG prospects to play this year.. And this is last chance U for Bouknight..
  3. Stretch 4 and backup plan in case PJ is getting a bigger bag then we can offer..
  4. Miller getting Miles and PJ back was a signal to Lamelo that this is his team.. So he could do nothing but sign to a team showing him they are committed to building around him..
  5. This could have happened to us.. If you drafted Scoot .. Lamelo would have the same thought process.. You’re bringing in a PG when you already have a PG.. So taking away from both players being at their best..
  6. Oh poo I forgot Zeke.. New list 1. Magic 2. Steph 3. Zeke 4. Kidd 5. Payton
  7. Yes and the reality ppl don’t talk about is once the athleticism goes.. That player becomes a bad contract or a backup journey man.. If they don’t add the other stuff to their game..
  8. I got him at 6.. Stockton got the stats and lead a team to the finals.. Nash has 2 mvp trophies..
  9. Yes .. I like Scoot as a prospect but the analysis of his talents have gone overboard and possibly could set this kid up for failure.. Just based on living up to unrealistic expectations..
  10. Harold Miner should have been the best SG ever by that definition…
  11. What is your list of top 5 pg all time? mine 1. Magic 2. Steph 3. Kidd 4. Gary Payton 5. Stockton/ Nash Who out of this list plays like Scoot? And What is the actual history of the PG that play like Scoot??
  12. I guess being a leader and playing for 3 years needing this type of player for years means nothing.. Lol And Scoot putting up 23ppg 8ast and 6rbs a game would be scary if he had ever done it..
  13. This.. Scoot has 1 of the best Marketing teams in the game and they’ve been on hyper drive for 2 years.. Even trying to get him over Wemby..
  14. Like I said you’re barely here and only come draft time to troll.. Yeah you liked the Williams pick while complaining about trading Duren.. At this point your annual emergence is a box of chocolates..
  15. You’re barely here and only come to troll real Hornets fan at this point it a annual thing for you.. What? Hipocracy
  16. I wasn’t there neither were any of you.. At this point ppl pick and choose innocent before proving guilty when it best fit their narrative..
  17. Funny how The NFL has more criminals playing but you steady loving that moral authority guy..
  18. I’m glad they drafted a PG to play with the guys on the Summer League team finally.. Last year was brutal watching guys not being able to get Mark the ball..
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