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  1. Totally agree with the ceiling thing and the height situation is also a concern.. But I'm willing to bet this will be a never mind situation for us because he isn't going to be high enough ranked for the 6th pick and he won't make it out the top 20 either.. He will be drafted in a area we might can't get to without giving up a chance to get a top Olinemen..
  2. I understand your concern with Howell.. But it's hard to see progression year after year when your 1st year is like "got dam" 38 td's 7ints https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/sam-howell-1.html Then a 30tds 7 ints season isn't bad when you add in the 5 rushing tds.. Last year you can see a regression due to losing talent around him.. Still 24 and 9 3,000+yards with 11 rushing tds show he tried to make it up on the ground.. And still that's not really a bad season for most College QBS.. Just a down year for him.. That's why IMO he's going shoot up in the draft anyway..
  3. Big difference.. Both Younger and it's a quantum leap when comparing arm talent to Pickett..
  4. And at this point Kenny Pickett hasn't proven he's better then either in the NFL..
  5. So is Andy Dalton.. Doesn't mean I want him to QB my team either..
  6. I hate UNC .. But it isn't that hard based on the criteria Howell comes up high in all of them.. Except prototypical height..
  7. Based on 1.Arm talent and athleticism 2. College production 3. System versatility and nfl readiness 4. Age and upside 5. Size and measurement Howell is the best QB prospect in this draft.. Jmo
  8. You can't understand risk assessment is telling..
  9. Yeah it happens but nobody makes a draft strategy based on that.. Teams actually tank expecting certain prospect to be ranked and value high in the next draft... Teams actually have strategy years in advanced based on prospect draft classes.. Nobody comes up with a strategy based on prospect sucking next season and dropping in ranking..
  10. He was right at the end of the day.... He had a opportunity to get a better young QB.. He locked his wagon on Darnold being impatient and fuged up.. Also you're using 1 year of data?? And think that's a sound strategy?? Okay bro..
  11. Its always a crap shoot but you have to play the risk assessment game.. Next year class has more QBs rated higher then QBS in this years draft.. Facts.. So risk assessment next years class gives you the best chances to get a better QB right?? You're not making money bets based on no research or odds assessment right??
  12. Yes.. Because the ability and fear of what players can do often makes teams change how they defend against you.. If defensive player know your QB got a big arm and can make those throws more often.. There willingness to gamble against you lesson.. Example... Teams realize a QB can diagnosis blitzes they are likely not going to blitz as much.. Teams knows your QB can throw effortlessly and accurately over the top they back off alot more on the short poo..
  13. Differences is my risk rewards assessment is way better then yours.. If we were making betting odds.. Who has the better chance of being right based on facts?? My "if" are based on the situation now.. Yours is based on something that hasn't happened..
  14. You're playing a ifs or but's or maybe this and that will happen game.. When I'm giving you fact based opinion.. If Stroud or Young are in this draft They are being discussed as top 5 picks right?? FACTS The QBS in this draft aren't fact.. Risk assessment.. I'm willing to Risk the QBS in the next draft are better then the QBS in this draft and it's based on fact not ifs and buts..
  15. And Howell and Willis IMo are still better prospects.. And Thanks for making my point.. In 1 year you can have alot more draftable QB with better production and physical abilities then the class this year..
  16. Again you're showing something that isn't hard to do once in a while for athletes at that level... There are pitchers who avg. 90+ velocity and guys who can get it up there every once in awhile.. That's the difference.
  17. Yeah the difference is you have a Young and Stroud.. That's the point.. Pickett in a better draft is a late 1st early 2nd round prospect.. And Again Grayson And Jurkvic from BC can lift there stock and wouldn't be 1 year wonders.. That's 4 QBs right there.
  18. Yeah but there are level above Sam Darnold and avg. NFL starters.. And those are the ones you draft in the top 10 and build around..
  19. Alot of QB can throw 50 yards in perfect condition and clean pockets.. Can he throw it thru 3 defenders on a rope with his feet not set more then once or twice a game..
  20. Jmo.. Best Combo of physical talent, college production and upside.. is Howell and Willis.. Best Arms .. Wills and Strong NFL ready .. Corral and Pickett
  21. Young, Stroud, Jurcovic, Garyson, Hentlier, Hall, Rattler, Hooker, Levis, and DJ could all have season putting them in Draftable QB prospect position..
  22. And my point was his progression was Meh and ppl negate to mention the other 2 season before then.. Also other QB produced in the pandemic season right??
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