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  1. Same... I've seen glimpses of elite arm talent.. Just need to keep his head together..
  2. I have to disagree.. And let me say I'm still not sure Sam is a franchise QB or this teams franchise QB for the future.. But from what I've seen in 2 games.. He has one mistake (the fumbled handoff at the goal line).. 3 Bone head Jet's Darnold plays (the shove pass while being sacked and 2 throws that was hero ball doing to much in the jets game one in the Saints game).. Other then those plays he's been safe with the ball, accurate, good in the pocket and maybe good reads.. And a big difference from Teddy.. His unscripted plays are still throws and not runs and he gives his weapons a chance to make plays.. Example.. The throw to Robbie in man coverage down the middle of the field when he could have taken the dump off to CMC ... Teddy would have just taken the dump off instead of giving his Wr a chance to make a play for more yards.. I also like the plan to work with Sam.. Treat him like a rookie Game manager... Until he can get the 3 years of Jets football off him and out his head... Depend on the defense and spoon feed Sam little more each game.. Until you can see if we truly have a top 3 talented prospect QB that he was 4 years ago... This is a reclamation project and so far so good..
  3. 2 plays by Darnold... The unscripted escape from Cam Jordan (while holding on to the ball 1 handgrip) throw between 2 defenders to Arnold... Tight laser throw while moving into a tight window.. Haven't seen that in a while from a Panthers QB... 2. TD pass to DJ into tight coverage while saving the WR from taking a big hit from the LB.. By throwing it low so DJ can avoid the hit.. That's just undervalued good QBing keeping your teammates safe while getting the job done..
  4. Yeah but most of the really young aren't stars and aren't making lottery pick NBA money.. She would be hunting A DJ (got a girl and kids) Burns ( got his brother to block her) Brown (married with kids) or Jaycee (who has his father to block her) She wants 1st round talent contracts..
  5. She track him at 18.. And to be honest at 18 I probably would have simped as well.. PJ parents were the problem thoe.. I don't care how old they get I will always check in on my kids who they are hanging with and give advice when needed and even when it isn't wanted.. But this is a non story most of our Panthers are well adjusted men who can see the wolves in sheep's clothing..
  6. Seriously is Rhule a John Fox clone?? And Brady is his Jeff Davidson?? Why did it feel like that after halftime they turned off the gas on offense and defense.. I'll give it a few weeks Darnold's 1st game, starters 1st full game action.. excuse plays for now.. But this need to change..
  7. Love how the full team got there and fellowship.. That's more then a team..
  8. This is a beat down waiting to happen.. They don't match up well with us at all.. A game manager Sam Darnold is a blowout for us.. We seem to get TO and the 1st team defense gave up nothing.. To establish teams.. This is a rookie coach with a rookie QB leading a very young team... They just started a rebuilding project that we're Atleast 2 years ahead of.. 28 - 10 panthers..
  9. And what is our record.. Not to mention QB, K, and Kenny was in last year draft.. Be butthurt all you want all I said is I hope he's right but the talent evaluation ? Is there for ME!! Its very small right now but if he's wrong about some of these moves (especially QB) it will grow.. 5 TE why?? I guess we're running alot of 2 TE sets.. Which is okay but you have CMC and a really good set of WR's.. 5 DT's why?? Especially when snow is running alot of 3/4 looks... I'm just saying there are question about the roster make up he chose to go with..
  10. I don't like the Keeny Robinson move he looked good and was a willing hitter.. Rhule better be right this year because the question mark on his judgment and talent evaluation is getting bigger to me..
  11. I've never been this enthusiastic and completely lost on the WR Corp going into a season.. I have no clue who makes the team.. But I know we seem to have a top 5 to 10 group.. And maybe the most receiving talent (adding in CMC, Chuba and the TE's) any Panthers team has ever had... Who is the 6 WR depth chart to start the season?
  12. It's always amazes me when ppl would rather stay stuck in stupidity arguing a losing point.. Instead of just admitting a bad take when facts and actual numbers are place in front of them... After seeing reality, facts, and real numbers.. The plan is clear.. 2 year deal with DJ deal and the Development of TMJ and Shi fitting nicely in that timeline... Add in a rising cap and there is no doubt Fitt has Atleast a plan that is functional.
  13. PJ is going thru some personal poo (of his own creation) so this is a prove it year for him.. Miles will get extended.. And next year FA class isn't that good for players that would come here.. This deal was a must after losing Malik and Davante so I'm cool with it..
  14. Obviously I do because you know my number.. lol bitchass..
  15. No he wasn't.. They sent him in on the last drive of the game but he spent most of the 2nd half chilling.
  16. No you don't.. And that really doesn't matter when you're living in your mom's basement watching fantasy fat girl porn..
  17. Well if that's the case our depth that will actually make the team looked better then theirs..
  18. Thanks for showing everybody you're virgin leaving in your mom's basement..
  19. I didn't know Hilton was still there.. What about Oline??
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