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  1. I just dont see things the same as you. But thanks for at least typing up an argument instead of using the record as proof. I see were you are going with your thinking i just dont see it the same.
  2. Its not that easy, you cant use the record as a measuring stick unless you are on ESPN. a record does matter but would you have said Steve Smith is garbage at best in our 2-14 season? There are guys on our team that are average at best, but Cam isnt one of them. You dont have the record for most passing yards in the first 2 years as an average at best QB. If you guys are set to hate him fine go ahead. i just dont see how that will play out for you seeing hes not going any were soon. Do you just pull for us to loose so you feel better?
  3. I think people use the phrase average at best to often. Can is not going to be average at best. Hes above average now, he will be dominant at best, good at medium, and average at least. Someone like hangman as an OG would be an average at best guy for you. Bell is an average at best guy.
  4. It sucked, i am still mad, i just hope that was a conscious pear down to play against the hawks strong point, and not our base offense for the future. i do feel that we could have won that game with that plan if we had not fumbled. the problem with playing it safe is if a turnover still happens on your safe plan you are screwed. I do think that if we had gotten the ball back we would have seen a different set of plays as we tried to win. Its all very much foxball. and im ok with it to some extent. just not to the point of handcuffing Cam. they need to find the balance. It will take them a few weeks to figure out just what works.
  5. Well to be honest, against the seahawks i can see why. We didnt want to give them a bunch of picks. i hope we had a very safe game plan for that game only and will be more aggressive in others. i think the dbs on the hawks had us draw up a game plan to not let them be part of the game.
  6. im reading here ever day, just no new news and im not one to say the same thing thats been said 15 times. other than now more than ever we need good ass pics in our sigs..

  7. thanks dick, i see you just decided to hoard them away.lol. nice way to be a team player.lol.

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