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  1. Now compare KK talking about his contract, to Luke, Cam, TD, and Olsen. Pretty similar.
  2. Jeremy Igo ‏@CarolinaHuddle 7h7 hours ago Shaq and Oher
  3. The WR and CB battle is going to be truly epic this year. I can't wait to see how that unfolds, because we actually have quite a few talented guys, despite what a lot of people think. The battle for RT will also be pretty good. It's smart of them to split time like that, for right now. When the pads go on, we'll see who rises fair and square, as they say.
  4. Solid roster to get started with. Come on training camp!
  5. Talk him down again, asshole, and see what happens!
  6. Not a bad comparison really. Obviously he's done nothing in the NFL yet, but I can see what you're saying.
  7. Well, you told everyone that asked, that you wouldn't be able to take much from the linemen, and why. Good job of still providing some content for those that requested.
  8. I feel like his intent was to live with it. Josh's agent blew it for us. I don't say blew it for Josh, because he got his mega deal, but I truly feel he soured the whole situation. To the point, it seems, that Gettleman just said, fug it. The position isn't as important in the scheme we run, true, but that doesn't mean you ignore it. We still have to have the players there, and my assumption is, that he liked the young talent in the draft, more than the vets in FA. Maybe they fit better, than those on the open market.
  9. He was designated as a franchise player. Maybe you don't know how it works? For another team to get him, they'd have to give up 2 first round picks, PLUS the contract. Nobody is going to do that. Not even Washington. There was literally no way to get anything for him.
  10. Joe Person ‏@josephperson 5m5 minutes ago Panthers have shown interest in Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott.
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