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  1. I'm going to miss my bald eagle that yells at me when I step outside
  2. Looks like this front office doesn't care about the jerseys I own
  3. Very hard to believe anything said after this.
  4. I better pay full amount to keep those shifty Broncos fans out of our section.
  5. I think their problem over there is sexual tension. But I could see why he finds me attractive:
  6. Whatever happened to those Seattle fans that booked flights to Arizona?
  7. Whenever points are made on the Broncos forum they just call me a troll. But most of them are legally retarded
  8. I ventured back over to Orange Mane where I saw Dave Mirra committed suicide and pulled some gems.
  9. So, um anyways, I'm hearing this third hand but did Peyton say during an interview during the NFC game we had 14 points by the time the national anthem ended?
  10. All that weed money buying up super bowl tickets
  11. Oh oh, I can answer this, I've heard it so many times from the Bronies. 'it doesn't matter because you don't have any receivers besides Olsen'
  12. I stopped going there when every comment I made was called trolling
  13. I've stopped going to the Broncos forum. They're drunk on the idea they're going to destroy us and make us look like them against the Seahawks because you know Miller.
  14. Did you guys know we're being compared to the Chiefs?
  15. Did they show the locker room afterwards? I was joking that Ron makes them come in today
  16. Can I get the sarcastic Cam photo? I need it for Broncos fans
  17. But remember NC State wanted to be neutral
  18. This just shows why college fans ruin college sports for everyone
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