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  1. Is that CJ Henderson in coverage?
  2. Well I read something different… https://www.foxnews.com/sports/ncaa-slams-jim-harbaugh-michigan-football-multiple-violations-investigation-report Seriously, if you’re gonna call someone out, provide some proof. The guy is facing a possible suspension for some pretty shady sh1t, burgers are the least of his worries.
  3. Ego? I figured he’d jump ship after the NCAA found multiple recruiting violations, seriously the guy thinks he’s god…
  4. If we resign Darnold, he’ll be starting you idiot. 10 million is almost cutting his existing contract in half, how hard is that to understand? Everyone knows the real reason you hate Sam and it’s not performance based, so GTFO…
  5. Giving credit to someone who deserves it is being an objective fan. Darnold is a short term solution at QB, I haven’t read a post that states otherwise. Denying the fact that he’s been a part of turning the season around is idiotic. I swear to God some of you guys spend way too much time talking about the same sh1t, it never stops. And I thought my wife bitched a lot…
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