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  1. Dude these decisions to hold him out were made by the medical/coaching staff. Hell, most of the Huddle agreed, so yeah you’re full of it.
  2. The Tinderbox mainly only exists to free up the homepage from political and inappropriate posts. You know like you just got trolled into…
  3. TNF game against the Falcons and probably a couple more.
  4. Losing SB 50 had absolutely nothing to do with KB being injured, the passing game actually improved. He was just lazy and unmotivated, all excuses aside.
  5. #1 receiver, damn man!! One of the worst first round picks in Panthers history.
  6. Actually, NASCAR is better now than anytime in its history, IMO. But hey, too each his own.
  7. Yeah, the NBA is cool for adults going to watch the games in the arena, but ya don’t see many “youngsters” filling the seats. My guess is that the NBA and soccer is popular because of video games. My son takes me to about half the Panthers home games and he’s steady on his phone checking his fuging fantasy team’s progress and he’s 29…
  8. I was only responding to what I quoted and that’s my point. You can’t study for these types of tests. Seriously, I have no clue why the NFL even requires it. If you look at the QB’s scores,(Zappe 35, Howell 34, Willis 32, Strong 22, Ridder 19, Pickett 17 and Corral 15) teams really don’t seem to give a sh1t.
  9. Well it’s not an IQ test, it’s basically a timed problem solving test. But damn, 15 out of 50 is 30%.
  10. Playing the devils advocate here, but why the hell didn’t Corral study and memorize this useless information?
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