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  1. To my point, why throw 57% of the time when your QB sucks? Maybe it’s not the QB, we’re going into the half with leads and getting gashed in the third quarter. Hell the opposing DB’s are running our routes and have a higher catch ratio for Christ sake. I’ll look it up tomorrow after I get up, but of the 9 picks, I can remember only 1 in the first half and also the run/pass ratio in the second half. From memory it seems like we have Warren Moon and the “Fun Bunch” coming out of the locker room and either lose the lead or momentum.
  2. Or, when you’re running the ball at a 4 and half yard a carry, why abandon it? Our OL is better at run blocking, defensively our starters are talented, but lack depth, so why put the team in a position to fail? So, if Darnold is the problem, why is Brady putting it in his hands? Three weeks in a row, we’ve had the lead at the half and we come out forcing the ball downfield?
  3. The NFL should've already made some kind of decision on the Watson matter. He’s, (technically), already served a six game suspension and counting. Regardless, the Texans are on the hook for that massive salary and it’s going to take a king’s ransom to acquire him or they’ll leave him in purgatory.
  4. This team should be 4-2, (the loss to Philly was a disappointment for everyone), I think they bounce back and get a dominating win. Panthers - 28 Giants - 9
  5. The only bad loss was the Eagles game, the other two were pretty much expected when the schedule was released. So, honestly you’re blowing things out of proportion.
  6. Did you mean Rhule? Because Brady seems overwhelmed with both situational play calling and second half adjustments. Six games into the season and we continue to suck in the third quarter. I’m not sure he can recognize the adjustments or can’t process a counter fast enough. So yeah there’s frustration, but Anderson didn’t explode on the sidelines because of Darnold, that was directed at Brady.
  7. Seriously, if you’re not sure, why start a thread? PFF shows 8 drops, as in a catchable pass not caught by the receiver. Yes Sam missed some opportunities also, but these were not fingertip drops, so there’s plenty of blame to share for the suckage(OC included).
  8. The only advantage Teddy has over Sam is pocket presence, other than that, it’s not even close.
  9. Brady at pregame pressers… Brady at kickoff…
  10. I’ve heard his balls are much easier for a receiver to hold on to.
  11. Bring back Smitty!!! Just for discipline purposes though…
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