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  1. Waiting for us to trade Teddy and a fifth for a sixth and watch the huddle melt down....
  2. It’s going to take more than a fourth to move up one spot in the top 10 of the first round.
  3. Brady’s 7 as a sixth rounder sorta makes his point
  4. I can’t believe y’all been arguing about this for over 10 hours...
  5. Eh, a franchise QB finds a way to win games or so I heard.
  6. I didn’t script your story, all that poo is in your head...
  7. Watson 33 tds compared to Teddy’s 15 would’ve doubled our wins last year.
  8. Well he threw for almost 5000 yards, 70 % plus completion percentage, 33 TD’s and 7 picks.... those numbers are elite, even when his organization is a dumpster fire.
  9. Seriously, is there an NFL player who hasn’t been injured. Hell even every college player we draft has been injured, it’s a violent game.
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