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  1. I married the hottest girl ever!!! Trust me, never compare women and sports.
  2. Yeah, but it’s a prime example of how bad our organization evaluates talent and the mismanagements of the salary cap.
  3. Yeah, that’s what I said… Rattler or Travis day three.
  4. I say yes, but we all know Tepper isn’t going to allow it. This is an extremely deep draft at the QB position and they might fly off the board, which would help us. However, if Rattler is available in the third or Travis in the fourth or fifth… I’d pounce.
  5. Traded Bryce Young to Bears for first overall pick…
  6. Yep, take the 3 and it’s a 3 possession game, instead of a 10 point swing.
  7. There’s absolutely no comparison, that’s not an opinion but a fact.
  8. I would trade Young to whoever is on the board for Maye, but they’d laugh in my face.
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