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  1. That makes plenty of sense. 8 lbs is quite a bit of muscle. Not like I said it was mission impossible. Lifting weights and eating right is common sense, but it does take discipline and hard work, that was my only point. You aren't hurting anyone's feelings, but the attempted insults are unnecessary to get your (apparently educated) point across.
  2. That's nice and all but putting on 8 lbs of muscle isn't easy for anyone. I'm 5'8 143 9.9% Bodyfat but thanks for trying to insult me. I don't understand why you're puffing your chest out and so aggro.
  3. Putting on 8 lbs quality muscle without err...help, is not easy. Plus, the longer you've been training the less "gains" you typically make on a yearly basis. That's a lot of calories for someone that's basically in the gym or on the field 24/7. Good for him. I know it was hard work.
  4. I always have to give a nod to anyone who actually knows what they're talking about. #respect
  5. Flashing back to the playoff game last year, I'm incredibly thankful to have Ginn back. Especially for punts.
  6. Vikings caught got sleeping/staring in the backfield on that one. Very big mistake.
  7. My dad and I were talking about that. He either condones it or has no control whatsoever. That was his last game as the head coach imo.
  8. His girlfriend is fine. Like a Stacey Dash-lite. That's all.
  9. Beckham is a great receiver and was one of my favorite players but he's lost my respect. I commend josh for keeping his cool out there.
  10. Yeah man, Aaron Donald is a freak of nature. That's obviously no slight to Short, but AD is just crazy.
  11. They are most definitely a good football team. Chances are we'll have to take them out to reach the pot of gold. We definitely can do it. If it happens it will be a great game.
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