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  1. Been saying this for years, and always with the type of response you got above. Good luck coach.
  2. One of my favorite draft picks, no idea how he turns out, or if he even make the transition, but I'm digging what that guy does. Tommy Throwback.
  3. Good Panther. Ready to move on. We don't need that "type" in the locker room right now. Not calling KK out, just saying that he has been paid, and is on the backside now....that won't mesh real well with what we have going on right now.
  4. I think you COULD be right, however, I'm still of the mindset to plan for the future, and have some dry powder rather than blow it all trying to chase something that's not attainable yet. Save the cash, and prepare for next season and beyond is all I'm saying.
  5. I can absolutely see the Steelers going after him to be honest.
  6. We think we know what they are looking for, but very well may not. Maybe they think this division is about to turn. Maybe they look at our weapons and hopefully a better O Line and want to play here, maybe Rodgers really wants to play for Brady and Rhule. I'm just saying that it's a possibility that one of them could be here, especially after we tried like hell for Stafford. This ain't your daddy's Carolina Panthers.
  7. Need to save cash for Burns and DJ, also need to save some incase one of the "Big 3" were to come here next offseason...Rodgers, Russell, Watson.
  8. If it's more than 2 1's, and it will be, I'm out. Personally, I'm probably out just on the info we know, but as stated, thats a different discussion.
  9. poo man, if he could catch he'd of been a top 10 WR in the game for a while.
  10. I get it, but even though they can't really turn it off, it's not a "smart" football move....unless direct playoff implications or in the playoffs.
  11. Agreed. I have a bit of an issue with the QB trying to make a tackle of any sort unless it's the playoffs. Just too valuable, and don't practice hitting enough to be good at it. You throw a pick, let the other 10 try to get him.
  12. I remember how much of a "bust" he was coming out of Miami, hell of a career for a bust. Congrats, enjoy it.
  13. Negative. Cut out the commercial guys, and let the recreational guys enjoy their fishery. A 15" flounder is almost the perfect size for cooking and eating...not to mention being able to find 18"ers is all but out of the question. F commercial guys.
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