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  1. Nice, I would have done the same thing...would have slipped out before I could stop myself.
  2. This is 100% solid facts. Who cares if the team is good....we have a 1,000 yard rookie WR!!!!!!
  3. We are starting to look like a football team, but our biggest needs are some of the very hardest holes to fill in the NFL. O Line, Quarterback, Corner....then MLB. Hopefully we address the QB situation this season, I don't know that we will be in a position to do so next off season, and offensive line is something that we have ignored for far too long. Fix those issues, and we may get a winning record out of this group.
  4. Either a QB, or a trade back to collect assets...unless there is a really really good OT sitting there.
  5. I used a shield and Axe almost exclusively, tried double axes over the weekend and really like that loadout, give it a whirl.
  6. Since 2000..... Spurts of dominance, with just as many spurts of futility, encased by extreme mediocrity...let me think.
  7. I don't advocate for "prison justice", but with pedophiles, it's somehow OK with me.
  8. Same. Not saying not to take chances, but if we are going to do that, the BYU kid seems like a better bet.
  9. Have you looked at the record? Have you looked at the cap position relative to wins? Sounds like you are A OK with all the moves so far...good for you. I'm not.
  10. I actually moved twitter to the very last screen on my phone, and try my best not to go on there any longer.....man, what a hellscape.
  11. Literally, as I was eating a sandwich a few minutes ago, I saw Panthers fans calling him all kinds of names on twitter.
  12. Between this board and twitter, y'all are something else. They guy had a decent job, and got a better offer...so he took the gig....in Carolina. Now he has a good job, but a better offer could be coming down the pike...elsewhere. Why the hell would you not blame a player for it being a "business" but you are holding it against a coach?
  13. It was the right call to let go of Cam when we did. It was also the right call to go with who we had under contract at that time, and to not sign any (many) free agents. We made the right move, in terrible fashion, then made the wrong move with the 2nd part...in terrible fashion. Were still a dumb team then...
  14. Lance scares the crap outta me, not going to try to hide it.
  15. You cannot compare these two situations. How much time and resources does the military give you before moving/promoting you to another job to research and breakdown said position? In this case, Tepper was buying a business. He has the money, time, and employees to dig into every nook and cranny of the Panthers organization, top to bottom to evaluate the processes, people, valuations, etc....he could have run a forensic audit of the entire team/business/company...and probably did. Either he and his team did this research and came away with the notion that Ron and Marty needed to sta
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