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  1. Rhule hasn't bothered me, not great, not bad...but I do wish he had brought in some NFL vet coach to help him out...I blame Tepper for that more than anyone. Tepper has been an outright disaster, IMO...maybe he gets better...maybe not. Fitt...I have zero issues with him so far...he hasn't made any backbreaking moves, and seems to understand what he's doing...something we haven't had in that chair in a LONG time. Fitt get's 2 more years, same as Rhule. If we don't show distinct improvement next offseason, they should both be put on the hot seat for 2023.
  2. So when did your cackles get turned up to 100? Just asking if you have alway had this disdain, or if something new triggered this?
  3. Where have you been over the last two decades when we have been losing consistently?
  4. I didn't go into this season expecting a winning record...even or slightly below is where I pegged this team...about where they are now. This team has both put dog poo on the field the majority of the last decade, and also made mind numbing FO mistakes to cap it off. At least we cut down on the FO miscues. I don't like where this team is, but when Marty Hurney leaves...usually there are piles and piles of poo that have to be cleaned up...we are doing that now. Next year is the test.
  5. I disagree with this entirely. We are clearing dead cap, cleaning up the books, bringing in guys on trade that can help us now, and in the future, as well as making moves during the draft to get younger, faster, and trying to collect picks to prevent future massive cap issues. We are doing it correctly, and had we landed Matt Stafford or Watson (pre abuse), I believe that every person on this board would be singing a different tune. They are trying, and not doing anything too stupid...that in itself is a breath of fresh air.
  6. The last 3 games have been disappointing, but not shocking...at least not to me. We knew our issues coming into the season...massive O Line problems....mix that with a jumpy INT prone QB, and what we are seeing isn't completely crazy. Since Fitt got here, I have had reason to look up though...we have not committed any MASSIVE mistakes since his arrival...at least FO decisions...that's progress for the Carolina Panthers.
  7. Darnold was an experiment...a gambled 2nd rounder on a QB that has upside. Was always going to be a longshot, and still is...but better to know you made a mistake with Teddy and move on...he wasn't going to be the guy. Looks like Sam may not either, but if they are being honest and treating him like a rookie....well...what we are seeing is pretty close to rook QB play in the NFL. As I have stated for months now, Sam was never thought of as "the guy", he was looked at as "possibly the guy"....they still want a top flight QB here, and unless I'm pretty mistaken, we will go after another one hard once again during the offseason. Rodgers, Watson, Wilson...not saying we get them, but I'd bet a LOT that we will try like hell.
  8. Drafting him wasi fine, and I approve of it...paying him early is dumb, especially for the position.
  9. It was stupid to extend him until after his 4th season...that's what we should have done...Marty didn't.
  10. Do you understand how the contracts work for 1st round players?
  11. Probably why it's a 23' pick vs. a 22.
  12. There have been many parting gifts left by Hurney on both of his departures....this is yet another.
  13. Would be a lot smarter to do a severance, mutually agreed upon.... But neither Urban nor Khan are smart...so, you are likely correct. There will be lawyers.
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