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  1. Not enough pass rush or run stopping ability...not to mention someone to help DJ. We likely need a good TE, another WR not named Anderson, and a top flight pass rusher....oh, and of course a QB.
  2. Wow...yea, in our area of the country open houses have fallen off a LOT. Sellers used to request them, agents were more than happy...they weren't really trying to sell your home, they were trying to sell themselves to other potential buyers walking through your home. Yes, investors are out there...they are looking for shields to inflation and the stock market...real property it is. Many are nervous about holding commercial long term...so residential it is. Very weird market, I'm ready for normalcy again... Sorry to derail the thread.
  3. Ah, you weren't holding it, your agent was...gotcha. Didn't even know that agents were still doing those? I'm in the biz, was just curious.
  4. Been alive for 40...have owned a boat for all of them. (before 13 it was technically my grandfathers boat, but he never used it) Couldn't imagine not living life on the water. But you are correct, to each his own. It's why attending every Panthers game seems wild to me, and people have done it for years on end.
  5. Would honestly be hard for me to believe it if this happened. Hell, if Icky is a franchise LT, I'd be happy with just that out of the draft with so few arrows in the quiver.
  6. Yea, I agree. Brown will likely have an uphill battle to get, and stay on the field.
  7. 6'6 and 305 just isn't what I typically think of when thinking of power run teams and their guards. Again, maybe it's just me.
  8. I guess maybe I just don't have as much time as others, or I just spend it doing something else entirely. I haven't watched TV in months, but I'm outside working in the yard or on the boat for hours and hours every week. Cool looking machines you guys.
  9. Watched him after we took him, never really looked like a G to me...but what the hell do I know?
  10. No, many of us think that Christensen is a better prospect at tackle than guard.
  11. I'm not a sci fi guy at all, but don't really have anything to watch at the moment...I'll give it a shot when I can get my head above water again. Thanks, added to the list.
  12. Just google 2015 Macbook Pro. LOL. You guys really spend some cash on PC's. I'm not even sure what I could do with all that power.
  13. I'm singing his praises, but I don't think this is a true top 5 defense, at least not to me. Hope it will be this year though.
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