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  1. Living in the country > Living in the city.
  2. Strange...similar story, Dr. was almost a little mad. And ended up dropping over 40 lbs. I'm back wearing the same exact belt that I wore for my first "big boy" job after college, remember my boss telling me to buy it "buy once cry once" was his motto. Had not seen the light of day for over 15 years.
  3. I've gone back to pre 70/80's style cooking for the most part. I use lard, real butter, save bacon grease, etc....very little refined sugar, and not scared to deep fry any longer. Lost a ton of weight.
  4. I didn't intend for them to be back to back, as she used them to flavor every veggie she consumed. Used lard, tons of salt, lived to 90.
  5. It certainly was at my Grandmothers house. Along with Molasses, Collard Greens, Ham Hocks and Drop Biscuits. Woman was country as the day is long.
  6. Foxy: Margarita. Ron: Gin and Tonic. Rhule: Boones Farm. Wilks: Miller Lite. Reich: French 75.
  7. I had ideas until I saw the 20 month old thing...yea that changes quite a bit in that town. What part are you staying in?
  8. Somehow how, we have drafted two QB's no. 1 overall in our brief history. Both of them from the SEC. Both of them Heisman winners. Both won college National Championships. And somehow, their games couldn't be any further from each other. Was discussing this on draft night.
  9. Came in to post this. Miles is a very good back, and should be a joy to watch in the screen game, which I love. If Thielen can stay healthy, I think we are in for a fun offense, and Hurst could pop...wouldn't shock me.
  10. Complete and total POS. His inability to be a man is absolutely disgusting to me.
  11. Tea leaves certainly looked that way to me...maybe Kraft asked him to stay after Brady left to boost team value? He's up there as well.
  12. I too hope they give him an honest look, he's young, and under contract already, may as well see what he's got at camp.
  13. You know, madden is a game that I was never ever able to enjoy. I have absolutely no clue why. I've loved Zelda, A Creed, FIFA, Tiger Woods, first person shooters, LOVE Civilization games, etc....never ever enjoyed playing Madden, nor any basketball game. Really weird.
  14. The smarts thing isn't much of a surprise, I mean it is, and at the same time, it's not. Dom was before my ability to understand what was going on, so this is only based on Foxy and up. We have always had tough coaches, defensive backgrounds that want to run the ball, play good defense and man handle the opponent. Just who they've been....except for Turd Ferguson, he was a charlatan. Reich Foxy Ron Turd
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