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  1. Missing on Herbert by 1 pick makes me sad.
  2. Fields, Lance, Sewell are sitting there at 8. I'm either trading back 1 spot and taking Sewell. Taking Sewell. Or possibly pulling the trigger on Fields. I'm not interested in Lance, I'm lower than most on Fields, I'm really really wanting a top tier O Line.
  3. Good luck man. I've been fighting this fight for about 25 years. WAY too much political power coming out of Morehead/OBX and such to ever get our fisheries back to normal. Growing up you could catch something (maybe not what you wanted) for dinner every single fishing trip...these days, even with bottom finders, boats, trolling motors, very expensive tackle, much better fishing techniques, etc...you MIGHT get something that you CAN take home and eat. NC is controlled by the Triangle and Charlotte....the coast has very little say in Raleigh, and less representation. They
  4. Actually, not really. Smitty was cut, Norman wasn't. There is a difference.
  5. We have run a mom and pop shop in Charlotte for a long time now. I've been over it for years. Now, let's see if he sticks to those words. I don't give a poo how players "feel" about it. Do your job, or get moving.
  6. I'm not here to play 20 questions with you. Just telling you that I want no part of a TE in the top ten...of pretty much any draft...until we are "a piece away", and we ain't that. We have a lot of holes, and some of those holes are at much more important than TE....to ME. You can want whomever you like, end of the day, Robby, CMC, and DJ gotta get theirs, and I prefer to keep the QB upright more so than give him another weapon.
  7. 100% agree. I keep seeing over and over that Darnold would rank 3rd on a lot of boards if you threw him into this mix of QB's. If Fitt and Rhule saw the same thing, and concluded that the talent could be gotten for a 2nd while keeping your current top 10 pick and 2nd rounder.... I mean, I'm glad we missed on Stafford if we were going to have to pony up another 1st...I'm glad Houston didn't pick up the phone...this was plan C, but we are on plan C, not because of us, but because LA doesn't care about 1st and Watson couldn't keep his pants on.
  8. OK. I don't want a big bodied WR that you ask to block sometimes as the number 8 selection in the draft. How many touches per game do you think we could get him to? 6? Nah, give me a T that plays, and impacts every single offensive snap.
  9. Scared of getting left out in the cold again is my guess, but IMO it likely means were weren't sold on any of them after the 1st 2. Just a hunch though. Or maybe they have the likely players at 8 as being MUCH higher on their boards then Fields or Lance or Mac? If they have them graded in the 20's or later, and Sewell, Slater, and Pitts are in the top 10, I kinda get it. Either way, I'm going to pull for him, he's got a good situation he's walking into...can't hope that it works out for both him and the team.
  10. I'll have to wait for the full thing, but certainly going to watch.
  11. Like I said in another thread, if we take a TE at 8, I'm going to need to take a break.
  12. Me either, just think that we may be looking at it as a possibility. Much prefer to build the team correctly, that said, if you can't get the guy you want, and you feel the team is close (DEN when Manning was brought in) I can see signing off on it...especially Fitts.
  13. I'm still thinking that we are looking at next season as a possible "get better" scenario at QB already. Wilson or Rodgers would look nice in Black and Blue.
  14. After landing at 8, I firmly believe that Darnold was plan C, and A created a mess for itself, and B's price was just a bit too high. Seems Fitts and Rhule really like Sam, seems Sam's personality and background will fit in with Charlotte, and the Panthers/Culture. Writing on the wall for Sam to be the starter, Teddy to be cut or traded, and wouldn't surprise me at all to bring in a vet QB into the building. Take the Tackle, and pray that Sam can be something...that's about where we are.
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