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  1. Rivera won 9 more games than he lost and had the same QB for his entire tenure. Ron is an average coach at best...Frank is a good one. IMO.
  2. I've had a Charlotte resident, season ticket holder tell me that she doesn't really care about winning...to her she likes knowing who is out there....pulling for TD, Cam, Luke, and Pep....that's all that mattered. Fans are weird.
  3. Same, although I had a brief affair with Ben Johnson. However, I give Reich about a 40% chance of busting, Steichen I wouldn't have had that much hope for success....however if he did succeed, the highs would be higher. I think Frank can bring some consistency, and I'm guessing that Tepper is ready for some of that.
  4. No, but only because it's one of the hardest things to do in all of sports. I'm guessing that he will try, and I think that he has as good of a chance of getting it done as most out there...but it's just too hard to say I trust him to do it. Carr, Rodgers, Corral, Draft. Some type of this mix if I had to guess.
  5. Pretty surprised, and that's a good thing. I kinda wanted Ben Johnson, but at the same time, this team is in DIRE need of structure and leadership....I think Frank can provide both. Will not surprise me in the least to see Carr in a Panthers uni next year with Corral and a vet fighting it out for the no. 2 job. At worst, we know that Frank Reich is an NFL coach, and one that's offensive minded....we could have done worse...and have. Now, let's fill out a staff and see if Luke is interested in returning.
  6. RIP. Boating accidents are so easy to avoid, senseless.
  7. That was my point though, it has it's uses, and can be valuable, but I wouldn't recommend in most all circumstances...however there is a place for it in the industry.
  8. We remember, we also know what sport we are watching and remember it's a pretty barbaric sport that we continue to cheer on while folks have life changing injuries and even death is a possibility.
  9. I'll still be a fan, but my interest and amount of money spent on the team will remain the same as well...which is very little of both.
  10. No. When you are specialized people call you to put them in touch with the folks who are selling said properties...typically vacant land, or properties with multiple rentals on them. When this happens I prefer not to enter into dual agency, one party just remains unrepresented...but it does happen especially in niche areas of real estate...which is where I operate. As to the leech thing, you go try to sell 150 lots to a builder or developer without an experienced agent involved and see how you come out. Could be great, could lose a LOT more than 6%.
  11. No, it's not...especially if both sides have the "deal" they want already. Me: "He's willing to give you 3.5M for the property, can close in 20 days, and is a full cash offer." Seller: "Write it up." I don't work with folks "looking to get the best deal possible". I work with folks who want to buy and sell real estate. Again, gotta lose the emotion, this shouldn't be done with Jack Realtor from Century 21, but it is common in this world. P.S. I would never recommend someone buying or selling their personal home to do this unless they too are in the biz.
  12. Same. So long as it's not this years 1st. 4th this year, and next years 1...I'm in. Although I'm not thrilled about Payton, I think outside of Harbaugh it would be the best hire available...now to find a QB.
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