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  1. Losing games isn't as bad as knowing that top to bottom, the team is in dire straights. This is a mess, us winning more than 1 game won't change that in my mind.
  2. Not moving, NC is one of the fastest growing states in the union.
  3. I think you would need Wilks to take over the defense as Snow may be shown the door at the same time. I'd prefer Campen if he's up for it, or McAdoo. After the season, who TF knows what Tepper will do, but we can almost guarantee it will be the wrong thing.
  4. I've said it many times since he bought the team, but him thinking that this biz is easy, and that he and Marty were more than capable of running the team well, and winning just makes me think he's a compete moron. Reminds me of a good buddy of mine who is a surgeon, knows everything in the World about medicine, and absolutely nothing about anything else. Clueless, but has the money to make it work.
  5. Yea, I'd just do it myself if you are comfortable. I powered my building last year, and built a tin roofed lean to shed off of it and powered it a couple months ago. Electrical is simple, not a whole lot of problem solving, just do it correct and move on.
  6. We need a President of Football Operations, that is first and foremost. Then let him decide to keep Morgan and Fitt, or start clean...totally his call. I would prefer a GM....HC....OC/DC....player relationship, with Owner nowhere near any of it....we need the GM to be more powerful than the head coach, something we haven't had here in a LONG time, if ever to be honest.
  7. Yea, a slab is what I would have done there, but all good. Saw the post about who you would hire and having to get a permit, can you pull it yourself?
  8. Hat's off to ya, I think I would have just poured concrete. I probably would have stick framed it, but probably not smart if needed sooner rather than later.
  9. For someone who really really enjoys local, national, and world political stuff, it's hard for me to imagine that people actually do this. That said, I'm sure about 75% do. We don't teach enough history nor civics these days.
  10. No, not yet. He will get there though.
  11. Citizenry needs to be more educated, and need to vote. We have a major problem with that in US politics. That said, I'll stand by my thoughts of local politicians staying the hell away from pro teams and Billionaires with endless lines of attorneys. The people always lose.
  12. Used to be the only team that I really dug into. Knew all the players, their contracts, FO staff, how the players liked to spend their time. Watched every game at least once, most times once more during the week. Now? I come on here to make sure they haven't moved to St. Louis after ever loss. Still want them to do well, but have decided that I don't want to care enough to even have it put a frown on my face on Sunday at 4. I have much bigger fish to fry now, and outside of fairly trying to get in front of a TB on Sunday, I couldn't care less any longer. I'm sick of supporting bad actors, so I no longer will. @RoaringRiot still gets my money tho.
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