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  1. I don't quite agree. Not even being able to attempt a 50 yard kick is an enormous issue.
  2. I love Jaycee but let’s remember CB is usually the hardest position for rookies. Marshon is damn good lol
  3. Rasul Douglas Mike Davis John Miller Jermaine Carter
  4. You just don’t understand it. Like, at all. People who act like WR wasn’t a need are fuging asinine. Robby is gone next year and David Moore is like a #4 at best. Marshall was a first round talent at the end of the second.
  5. Yes, that definitely means Surtain is better. Thanks for the hard hitting analysis. I wanted Fields, but Horn is going to be a superstar.
  6. I still have no idea what you're trying to argue. Even if he is a bit of a project or whatever that doesn't make it a bad selection at all.
  7. Marshall is probably better than Moore already. Even if your point is true, we aren't a contender next year anyways so why does it matter if we had the future in mind when making this pick? E: David Moore, of course.
  8. We have two reliable receivers right now. WR was a need.
  9. Of course. You literally need like 3-4 good receivers to make a run today.
  10. Hurney truly broke fans' brains. How dare the team think one year ahead of time!
  11. It's absolutely a need. Can't keep Moore and Robby. David Moore was always just a stopgap. You need a surplus of receivers to compete in today's NFL. I'm glad we're thinking ahead of time for once.
  12. How beautiful is this. Two needs already filled tonight with two more picks to go. Do you all want to keep complaining?
  13. Who knows how it will translate, but so far this could be shaping up to be my favorite day two we've ever had. The entire process has been phenomenal.
  14. Or, maybe, just maybe, their big board looks different from what these dudes on twitter say.
  16. So you have absolutely no sort of argument to refute this. Even when we had one of the strongest cores in the league (Cam, Luke, Olsen, KK, TD) those teams had a hard time sustaining winning because they lacked depth. I have a guess as to why!!!!
  17. Seriously, this poo is not hard to find. Go back and look at the decade and find the teams that trade back the most. Those teams (Ravens, Patriots, Colts, Vikings, Seahawks) CONSISTENTLY have some of the strongest rosters in the league. You guys are arguing against something that literally historically works.
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