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  1. Could definitely be a tactic to get us to give up more than we need to.
  2. They’re probably fine to hold him into the preseason or even regular season and wait for someone to get hurt
  3. People are insane thinking it’s the same as Sam. Sam is easily the worst starting QB in the NFL and there are probably nearly 10 teams Baker could start on. He’s not a franchise savior but he’s good enough to keep the team competitive which is huge for some of our young players.
  4. They can easily throw this right back at us. They can tell us if we truly want to roll with Sam instead of forking over an extra $4m, to go right ahead
  5. This is just getting annoying. I just can’t imagine how minuscule the details they’re discussing must be. Ready for some clarity on this one way or another.
  6. He would have to really perform, like basically get the team into the playoffs perform. And look if you extend him for 2-3 more years and continue building the roster you could do that in a financially responsive manner. The fact of the matter is there will always be a contingent of teams that don’t have a quarterback as good as Baker Mayfield. And I get that he seems douchy and arrogant but honestly this team has been so soft the past few seasons I’d almost welcome someone that cares too much.
  7. Even if that happens it changes basically nothing about the future. Baker becomes an FA, as does Sam and you reevaluate. That’s why I don’t mind this it carries basically zero future risk.
  8. I mean I’m expecting the draft capital here is no more than a fifth. There’s still value in those but obviously more times than not those players don’t make it five years in the league. It’s not the same as trading for Darnold because Baker has actually proven he is an NFL starting QB unlike Sam ever has. I agree he seems like a douche but honestly this team was so fuging soft last year maybe we could use some of this energy. Corral was the 94th pick. If he were anywhere near being ready to play he would have gone much sooner
  9. You go from an unplayable quarterback to a league average one. Ideally, he can be a formidable bridge QB ala Alex Smith who’s good enough to allow you to be decently competitive while you wait to make a move and pounce for a legitimate franchise guy.
  10. I just don't see how trading a future late day three pick for Baker Mayfield is the same as what we did for Darnold. Darnold had never been good when we traded for him, and we gave up a second and a fourth. Baker literally won a game in the playoffs a year ago. Of course that Cleveland roster is better than what we have now, but I just get sick to my stomach thinking about having to watch Sam Darnold again. They're not going to be bad enough for CJ or Bryce even with Sam I don't think. If CMC can stay healthy, with some Dont'a sprinkled in, behind a revamped offensive line we might could do a passable 2020 Browns impersonation on O. I just can't stomach to watch Darnold again, and Corral was the 94th overall pick. There are like two occasions of a dude being taken in that range and performing as a rookie. I hope this happens. Doesn't seem like much of a risk and increases our chances of being competitive.
  11. If we truly want him I don’t understand why we are so hung up over a few million dollars. It won’t carry over into next year and I think we have the space to make it happen. I just don’t understand
  12. It will be nothing significant. If he had an actual scoop why isn’t he reporting it?
  13. I honestly wonder if Sam and a pick for Jimmy could be in the cards. For SF, it gives them a veteran with loads of game experience to add to their room in case it doesn’t work out. For CAR, it gives them a more reliable option capable of operating the offense they’re attempting to run. Also saves SF $6m to the cap. Both are just one year deals so teams can reevaluate next year. I’d do that. We all want to see Corral but if he were anywhere near being ready to ply as a rookie he would have gone long before 94
  14. Sure, I’ll be the optimist. I’m one of his harshest critics but it’s not like he’s experiencing severe, career-altering injuries. It does seem as if most of his injuries are just mild, but since the team is out of the playoff chase so early they don’t see a need to rush him back. He’s had two years to rest and recover, I think he’s due at least one more season of health. I’ll say it’s this one. Doesn’t he mean he might not get nicked for a game or two, but I’ll say he plays in 12+ games this year.
  15. I interpret “bombing” interviews as “he got that dawg in him”
  16. And I want to be very clear I'm in no way endorsing it, I just still have a hard time believing Sam is your week 1 starter.
  17. I know we just drafted Corral, who is certainly a fun day 3 project QB but when is the last time a day two QB came and immediately performed at even an average level for an NFL starter? I guess Dalton, Carr, and Dak could maybe be examples but historically speaking it's not something you can rely on. We still have a lot of available cap space, and do we really think Rhule is hitching his wagon to Sam D in his make or break year? Because I truly don't see Corral starting until November at the earliest, if he ever starts at all this year. We still have plenty of available cap space, I'm just trying to read between the lines here. Because if we aren't still pursuing this Clowney should have been here yesterday.
  18. If Burns goes down we may have the worst pass rush in the league, questions at LB, questions at S, questions at CB2. They look fine but nowhere near the league's best imho
  19. Darnold threw x3 the number of INT’s that Corral did in their last years of college, but yeah sure.
  20. Jamaree Slayer or whatever still out there?
  21. I hope this is what happened, and I think it’s the theory that makes the most sense. HOWEVER, Fitt did say earlier he didn’t want to deal any more draft assets and maybe Rhule looks at a rookie as a chance to extend his job some. but no if I had to guess I think what you said makes sense
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