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  1. I actually switched the tv channel off the Panthers game this past Sunday and started watching Women of Wrestling. More entertainment value and my blood pressure immediately dropped back to normal.
  2. Reich should have gone tattle tailing to Tepper about how shitty of a roster Fitt built before Fitt stabbed him in the back. But one thing I think it is safe to say about Reich, he isn't that sort of jerk.
  3. And it all goes back to Tepper. He is the root of all evil in this organization.
  4. Nothing like beating a dead horse to make some sorts of folk feel better. Unless some sort of weird verifiable news comes out I am done with the drama takes everyone with h a tweeter account or dinosaur sports writer has to say.
  5. We haven't already gone off the cliff? I think 6 losing seasons in a row is certainly not the mountain top.
  6. yeah 18 points will win a poo ton of games in the NFL these days. Lucky for us we have this touch down scoring dynamo on our team.
  7. Not starting Dalton next week at NO to at least make an attempt to win. Young has zero chance and we all know it.
  8. he's made his bread and obviously does not gaf win or lose - check out his after failed play antics. Feel sorry for the guy like Luvu and Thielen who do. and fug Tepper and his trophy wife. They could gaf about this team or the Carolinas either. In it for the Benjamin's.
  9. Worst qb drafted in the first two rounds by this franchise since Clausen. And this boob cost so much more.
  10. fug you. I feel sorry for the other dudes on the team that actually are worth a rats ass and have to put up with this loser at qb.
  11. Tuned in. Not surprised. JFC we are fukin doomed as long as tepper is calling the shots. Brycyey aint it and never was. Big mistake that set this team back at least 2-4 years.
  12. Am I the only one who has switched over to women of wrestling due to the entertainment value being much higher ? Pluss boobies?
  13. I just saw this - don't know if it has been posted elsewhere - did not see it in the op's initial post- if true Frank got fired because of Brycey. Bryce Young was drafted No. 1 overall this year by the Panthers, but the quarterback has since won just one game. Young’s performance is sharply contrasted by the No. 2 pick, Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud, who’s dominated the NFL this season with his top rated performances. So, when Panthers coach Frank Reich was fired last week, a question of whether Young’s rough rookie season had anything to do with the owner David Tepper’s decision about the coach came up. “Stroud’s early success 100 percent played into Tepper’s decision to fire Frank Reich. We all felt the pressure and frustrations,” a Panthers source told The Athletic’s Dianna Russini. “It’s hard to step in and carry the weight of a franchise, and Bryce has it harder than most here.” C.J. Stroud’s Early Success Played Part in Termination of Frank Reich, per Report (msn.com)
  14. Or wakes the hell up, but with his ego in the way I don't see it happening.
  15. If Tepper keeps fit and doesn't get professional help picking a new GM and head coach , I am absolutely done with this team, because it means he has learned nothing in 6 losing seasons here and apparently is incapable or not willing to do so due to his gigantic brass ego.
  16. Harbaugh's last stint here he was hired as a back up to Chris Wienke. Team went 1-15. Its got bad ju ju written all over it. No thank you,
  17. I ended up getting vintage/antique plastic ornaments because of our cats and no more hanging icicles. Those are 2 good looking felines.
  18. If nothing else call animal control or better yet your local humane society. Dont let her starve. Our first cat was a pregnant female who was slowly starving to death - found her eating bread a pizza crusts I was feeding my chickens. took her to the Humane Society, got her kittens aborted, her spayed and we adopted her. She lived in a little heated box I fixed up in my shop for her for a few years till she was finally brave enough to come live in the house. Ended up spending several thousand dollars to try to get her well when she contracted cancer from a bad Fort Dodge rabies vaccine. She was worth it and we still miss her.
  19. Yeah all panthers fans are fascinated because we are stuck with this underperforming little person for at least another season as our qb and in order to draft him we mortgaged a poo pot full of good players and picks which could have turned into good or great players if we actually had a gm who was as good as the last one we had.
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