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  1. I broke my 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th metatarsal a couple years back. So I have my own experience with how different bones heal differently. I also hope he doesnt have a lisfranc injury as well cause that could make it worse by requiring more extensive surgery.
  2. Not only that but a Jones fracture ( 5th metatarsal fracture) takes longer to heal because it has a poorer blood supply than the rest of the foot. of course I am certain Horn will be given every treatment option to speed the process and one thing that will speed the process is the insertion of a screw to stabilize the bone. So I would guess he is going in for surgery if he has a Jones fracture. And the soonest he would be available to play again would be 8 weeks.
  3. If you watch closely the last you see of cm c last night he was limping fwiw
  4. IMO I think Darnold could still wind up like David Car if this season goes bad. I know he has played fairly well in the last 3 games but he still looks spooked to me and how much he gets hit this season will decide it. CMC was like a good luck piece for him- well not really luck but by being CMC - just a given - he always knew Mac was there to dump off to and was reliable to make a gain out what would be a loss for any one else. I am hoping CMC's injury isn't long lasting or season hampering cause unless someone else steps up big time on the offense it could well make the difference for Darnold and our team.
  5. I just hope one of our TE s becomes a reliable outlet for Darnold when he feels pressure because of our weak OL.
  6. Unless horn had an mri , rhule has no idea if it is a lisfranc or not.
  7. Might be like Olsen and never fully recover. Yall dont know how much you depend on your feet till you break one yourself and its a bad one.
  8. Broken foot can be bad news. Lets hope it isnt a Jones fracture or what Cam wound up with - a Lisfranc which would be worst case scenario.
  9. Aren't you the same guy that sucked off the Pats and Brady? GTFOH
  10. Going to recline for the second half. Drink a rum and coke or two. Hobble off to bed at some point. Really DGAF after that point, lol.
  11. yeah. I know. I'm soft as my bread, lol.
  12. I made my first loaf of bread yesterday and it turned out pretty darn tasty but ugly if I say so myself. Would go perfect w that soup.
  13. Jalapeno poppers made with soyrizo, mole pepper and cheese quesadillas, bean dip and salsa. All home made and all the peppers homegrown. Followed up w a few cheap beers.
  14. Ok I have the biggest insult of all. I bet she is too dumb to be vaxxed against covid.
  15. Look out, catsfan69 is going to show up and call you soft.
  16. Could have sworn I saw him wearing gloves in that vid.
  17. If it's on CBS it is broadcast over the air. If you're even close to a transmitte r you can get a cheap antenna and get the game for free.
  18. Any of these stations with a radio or check and see if they stream over the net. Panthers Radio | Carolina Panthers - Panthers.com
  19. Tep can not stop me from cheering from my couch.
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