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  1. This article is pure conjecture. Want to hear an actual fact ? No way in hell we could beat any of the teams I saw play this past weekend with the players and/or coaching staff we have at the present time.
  2. Never had an o line after Norwell, Orr, and Kalil left. Not to mention never finding a real replacement for Gross
  3. Yeah and that is not a bad thing. Guys playing for their next and maybe last big contract.
  4. I'm rooting for the Bills. Would be great to see Mahomes walking off the field dejected like Rodgers last night.
  5. Tepper definately believes in the theory of bread and circuses. This years circus was bringing Cam back and a bit of tech crap at BOA. Long as he can keep the mass of casual observers distracted he'll pocket his cash and be happy. Doesn't matter if we field a winning team. Keeping rhule another season is all the proof you need of that.
  6. Hard to remember and believe that the Panthers once fielded teams that would give any of these play off teams nightmares.
  7. scape goating is what it's called. Blaming his poo decisions on qb and o line and terrible position coaches on offense on Brady.
  8. fug this franchise. Tepper makes Dan Snyder look like a football genius.
  9. Lol. Is that supposed to be an endorsement or the reason why he should be rejected?
  10. You talking about the 7 year plan/process to build a winning franchise ? lol, haha, and lmfao
  11. This organization is worse than a circus. Its a 25 cent admission carnival.
  12. Is Ami e the bot that kept posting the feel good b.s. From Panthers.com while the team was imploding ? If so then I got nothing.
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