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  1. DEVIN SMITH PLZ Pro Football Focus @PFF · 19m19 minutes ago Ohio State WR Devin Smith led the nation with 754 yards on deep passes (20+ yards in air)
  2. He's an absolute punisher, like Mitchell. Struggles in coverage. Wouldn't think twice about trading a fifth for him.
  3. Sorry to update the draft talk, but this could be an opportunity to seriously upgrade the strong safety position: Ian Rapoport @RapSheet · 19m19 minutes ago Meanwhile, I’m told the #Texans are trying to trade safety DJ Swearinger. He’s started 22 games over his first 2 seasons. Wonder how much the Texans would ask for.
  4. I swear, some of you are idiots still sticking up for this guy, and saying "fug you Goodell". He beat the poo out of a woman, and cost us 13.1 million fuging dollars. Trust me, he's fine, probably wiping his tears away with 13 million in singles.
  5. Entered. Paying for it, might as well try and get a free pass
  6. Comparing Antoine Cason to Peanut Tillman is pretty silly...he's a two-time Pro Bowler.
  7. My bad, should've looked. If you lock/delete, it's all good.
  8. Take it as you will...this guy is apparently a respected draft source. User Actions Follow NFL_DRAFT_Bites‏@NFLDraftBites #buccaneers Having talks teams sitting 22-24 about trading up from 34. Panthers also looking move up 16-20. Teams jockeying on O-Tackles.
  9. Better than Bell. Back-up at best. Don't hate it.
  10. You, my good friend, have said the most stupid thing today. Upon seeing your dumbassery, I was caught between two notions, both the emphatic desire to laugh, but also to cry a long hard cry, one which caused me to immediately void my bowels. If I could, I would remove your ability to create posts immediately. Unfortunately I cannot do so, but I will tell you this: You fuging suck.
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