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  1. Sign him sounds like a great back up to take over the scoring with the second team. Hopefully he draws double teams and opens up other people.
  2. Green can shoot and drive. How is he on defense? I just remember watching him do some crazy dunks.
  3. Allen Iverson 6'0 but his is legit too... plus this is a thread for back up pg. Kemba will start, like it or not that's the move or front office made. No one else is going to. Now who do you want as our back up pg?
  4. Any idea who the trade might be with?
  5. Kemba listed as 6'1 Chris Paul listed as 6'0
  6. Neither was spud Webb or that little guy we had that might have been in space jam. Think it was bouges? (Saracasm)
  7. He was truly the only other guy that came to mind, but I feel like nate is better.
  8. MO has been hinting he wants to go to Cleveland. I just don't see him coming back
  9. Kemba is our starting point guard and there is no arguing over that! (even if you don't like it). we have one other pg on our roster with Brian Roberts. Brian is a servicable back up. in the time that kemba was out before we got Mo he didn't do bad. the thing is he doesn't score, just sort of manages the game. then when Mo came everything changed. We had a score first point guard again. For brain there wasn't enough talent with the second or first team for him to do his thing. I personally would like to bring back Mo, but he is hinting that he is going to Cleveland. so with our mid level excep
  10. I'm not all pro and I'm in college so I can't really afford all pro
  11. I'll start alot of articles on players strong and weak spot for each person on the team. Also I have good idea for trades and weird rotation I think might work if that's what you guys want on here
  12. Lol Igo give me one of your scouting passes and I'll write in depth articles on the hornets and Cover them so you can focus on football
  13. Hoping that Cody steps up on defense and becomes more of a defender and rebounder. Defense would be fine then with batum mkg and kemba. With Cody down low if he steps up and bulks up. Then play biz and Spencer hawes together and we will be fine. I hope cho shocks everyone and frank is a beast. Please shock me cho
  14. Are we stashing him or is he coming over
  15. Boston please make this trade with us
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