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  1. Cam has the juice and these guys recognize it and feed off of it. Get Cam confident and in rhythm and watch out
  2. i'm not gonna cheer the front office for getting a pittance in return for a guy we never should have given that large of a contract.
  3. when all you want after dismembering a body is to kick back and watch the Raiders go 7-9
  4. I will never understand the Grier pick, what a waste of a 3rd rounder
  5. GME is the one. AMC, BB, NOK are other popular short squeeze options, but nothing will ever compare to what is going to happen (and has already happened) with GME.
  6. some shorts will have to close their positions on friday and are trying to tank the stock to mitigate the losses by decreasing the differential when they buy back the stock, as well as shorting it near the top and selling their short after they have artificially manipulated the stock price
  7. Funny how they tried to make it seem like they were concerned for the "little guy." like when have the elites ever given a poo about the underclass? certainly not when they foreclosed on them in 08 lol. they are big mad about getting burned so they are throwing all the poo they can at the wall and hoping it will stick.
  8. I got a couple shares of AMC. Nokia and Blackberry are the other stocks that were being thrown around WSB
  9. if you have 25 minutes watch the full version, Chamath absolutely destroys the CNBC shill
  10. kicking myself for not getting in earlier, bit the bullet around 300 and probably going to regret it but it feels good to put the pressure on the hedge funds. can already see them crying and reaching out to their establishment shills to shame the little guys. these fugers crashed the economy in 08/09 and got bailed out but they cant stand a little heat from retail investors and now want to change the rules so only they can get enriched by cheating the system.
  11. for sure, it isnt something to be taken lightly, and i'd imagine the rates will be higher than the seasonal flu. but its important not to overreact or spread misinformation, especially in this day and age of social media.
  12. 3% is skewed from the high %s in Wuhan province. Rest of China is closer to 1%, and thats not even considering people who have it but are unaware and think its just the flu / common cold
  13. BBTM had some good tracks but his first 3 mixtapes (House of Balloons, Thursday, Echoes of Silence) are his best work imo
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