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  1. If he kept his nose clean which he seems to have done. I would take him over Winston just because to me his off the field issues were less from what I know. I would make sure he has someone to keep him in line and he would have to have something in his contract to ensure it.
  2. Well that didn't help him at all. I am not a fan of his anyway with his character issues. I mean he has the best ceiling to succeed at qb in this draft but if I was pulling the trigger I wouldn't since with his off the field history you don't know if he will be playing in 3 years or not. I would have to give him almost like a Hardy contract because he to me would be like Blackman or Gordon as examples and to me not worth the risk.
  3. I would trust GM with our picks since he has done a nice job so far. I would be concerned that we didn't draft a rb would be all if it worked out that way.
  4. Do you think they will see which he might be better at wr or cb?
  5. What sucks for Hardy and the team is he could have been under contract if it wasn't for this mess. I agree he has served his time since he did as the NFL asked him to by not playing. If anything the team should get a nice compensatory pick, even I doubt we will, since it is like having a guy on our roster but then losing him (which was a season even though he got paid). I cant blame him if he sues the NFL for causing him to lose money on potential contracts and his reputation. If Ray Rice can get a good settlement then he set a precedence for others also both ways.
  6. This guy must have been a back up or something. I didn't find much for stats of playing in games or passes defended or interceptions.
  7. Is britt still available? If so how much do you think he would want and how fast is he?
  8. I would rather sign Britt than crabtree and draft another wr later on.
  9. Is britt still available and if so how much do u think it would take to sign him here?
  10. If Boykin is a possession wr then I wouldn't want to sign him we have enough of those types on the roster and can use more speed on the roster.
  11. Is Denarius Moore from the Raiders still available? I was told he can be a good outside wr but the knock on him is he doesn't want to go up the middle. Other wise he is a lot like TS. Would he be worth it or just wait until the draft?
  12. BTW what did Harry Douglass get for a contract?
  13. Yeah, I figured BS also other wise it would have some valid article to prove it (Crabtree and nicks).
  14. I understand that everyone doesn't think he would. Was just curious if he didn't get any other teams interested in him.
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