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  1. Bryce just don't give a fk , I hate that he is on this team ,Team Killer indeed
  2. wonder if he wasn't asked because he will likely be an HC candidate and therefore by leaving him at DC we can get the two 3rds if he leaves/we don't pick him for HC ? NFL began awarding compensatory picks in 2020 to teams who lost a minority coach or top football executive to another team. The awarded teams are given third-round selections in each of the next two drafts or each of the next three drafts if two minority employees are hired by another team.
  3. Dog 15 Black Friday + 50% Offer with ProPlan_YT with bug ? You saying I need buy my dog a squeaky dog toy and save 50% on it ?
  4. Hannah Reich/Rairman was the one that worked for the Carolina Panthers Digital Marketing Director at Architech Sports and Physical Therapy
  5. Benjamin Allbright’s Grandpa has lived a more storied life than Forest Gump. By his account he was part of a plot to kill Hitler, fought in the Civil Rights movement, and trained astronauts for the moon landings. What does that have to do with his post/reporting? Serial liars don’t have boundaries.
  6. --->Scott not being in the press conference is VERY telling.<--- YEP
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