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  1. He does appear to be slightly taller than Tepper! David Alan Tepper stands at the height of 5 feet and 5 inches
  2. #1.mp4 #1.mp4 #1.mp4 #1.mp4 #1.mp4
  3. Panthers got a steal! 7th best QB in the league!
  4. In 2022, Andy Dalton appeared in 14 games for the Saints and completed 66.7 percent of his passes for 2,871 yards, 18 touchdowns and nine interceptions.
  5. Henry grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and attended West Forsyth High School. Tuttle grew up in Midway, North Carolina and attended North Davidson High School
  6. Right , and just think if we draft Bryce Young and get him back , it be like Fqv5FhkX0AI6fOK.mp4
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