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  1. Wow this is great! I'm totally shocked that the governor of my state, SC is even involved with this.
  2. I watched some of the Nickelodeon broadcast. It was pretty cool.
  3. But dumbasses like Fatt Rhule get to continue to keep their jobs...
  4. This bum does not deserve a third year while other coaches have been fired who've outperformed him in every way. These NFL owners are assholes.
  5. Did he really try to gain sympathy by saying he can't take his family out to Hornets games or the fans will boo? Give me a break.
  6. Brian Flores gets fired but this fat incompetent moron gets to keep his job?
  7. Duh of course the season is over. I'm referring to having some type of ceremony honoring him.
  8. He hates him a whole lot actually. WTF is this explanation? I used to call Rivera dumb, but Rhule is truly a certified DUMBASS.
  9. Also, If Cam is released, I hope this poverty franchise does it with dignity and respect this time around. Don't bring him back and then kick him to the curb like the last time without a proper send off.
  10. I don't want this to be goodbye, but if it is, it was a hell of a ride. Love ya, SuperCam!
  11. This doesn't sound like a man confident that his job is safe. Tepper needs to fire his ass now.
  12. Even other media folks took notice of Romo's BS excuses for Darnold.
  13. And this is supposed to be the future? Romo keeps making excuses for Sam.
  14. LMAO Is this "catastrophic" enough for you, Tepper?
  15. My first time agreeing with David Newton.
  16. The media needs to grill him again on that BS after the game.
  17. Rhule is a dumbass and should be fired off of that BS explanation alone. I was so glad when Tracy Wolfson asked him that question. It's obvious that idiot does not like Cam and didn't want him to get any praise.
  18. Wow Rhule's excuse was that "both QB's can do that"? Asshole didn't want Cam to get any praise. Fat bitch.
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