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  1. Where in my post did I make any of those insane assumptions that you just came up with? The question he was asked had NOTHING to do with his wife. Try to keep up.
  2. So awkward. Why did he feel the need to even mention his wife in response to that question?
  3. I'm being stalked by the F150 crowd. LMAO.
  4. Whatever. You quote me not even knowing what you're talking about and now you're trying to bring up a different issue to deflect. Kick rocks.
  5. First of all, you completely missed the point of my post, but go off.
  6. The former Panther that shall not be named on this board wasn't a superstar when he made national headlines for putting a hit out on his pregnant girlfriend and having her murdered.
  7. Great point, Lexie. ESPN actually waited over a week to even mention Chad Wheeler beating his girlfriend.
  8. Awful news. Sending my condolences to the family.
  9. Congrats, Cam! A lot of idiots on this board were praying for your downfall.
  10. Awful news. When is Britt Reid going to be arrested? This is ridiculous.
  11. Tepper lost a bet. He either had to sign Teddy or pluck his chest hairs. He chose Teddy.
  12. That Clinton Yates dude from ESPN sure has a wild take on this situation. He's actually defending the kid and thinks he shouldn't have apologized. I won't post it here because he's clearly looking for attention. I can see right through his wannabe Skip Bayless schtick. ESPN has completely gone downhill with all of this manufactured debate where they intentionally have someone disagree no matter what the issue is. It's so stupid. Why can't they let them actually state their true opinions?
  13. He's right, but I still want Watson on the team.
  14. LOL I wish someone would've proofread his "apology." I don't think it's sincere at all, but at the end of the day he is still a kid. Hopefully he learns his lesson.
  15. Can a mod edit the title. I spelled disrespectful wrong. LOL
  16. I think the coach did know what happened beforehand especially when he jumped in the conversation and Cam told him "we already squashed that."
  17. I figured this apology deserved its own thread. I wish his coach would've made him apologize in person when he jumped in the conversation in the second video.
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