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  1. These 2 teams need to be banned from playing on Thanksgiving. Switch it up, NFL.
  2. I'm thankful that Cam is back and has made watching the Panthers fun again. I did give Sam a chance, but he's just not that guy. Hopefully, we can make the playoffs this year. GO PANTHERS!!!
  3. I saw that segment as well last night on MNF. They're just mad that Cam proved them wrong, are pissed that he's back in the league and got a second chance with the Panthers. Just look at how some in the media reacted when he was released by the Pats. They seemed happy that he was let go and were taking shots at him on other pregame shows. It was insane.
  4. They showed him getting sacked and then mentioned that he's never going to be "MVP 2015 Cam" again Along with some other crap.
  5. Randy Moss and big ass head Booger blamed Cam on the MNF pregame show. I guess Cam plays defense as well according to those idiots.
  6. SuperCam has brought back hope to the Carolinas! Sucks we lost, but it was a fun game.
  7. I agree. Cam did his thing. Screw the coaching staff and the defense!!!
  8. The coaching staff and the defense is pure trash.
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