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  1. Sometimes it's best to go against the grain... Trent Richardson just gave Alabama rbs a bad name. It's a different position, but how many people said Cam wouldn't make it in the NFL? And was the next jemarcus Russel? I could name to you about a dozen. I'll just leave this here With Yeldon in the NFL, Henry took over as the starting running back as a junior in 2015. Playing in all 15 games, he rushed for SECrecords 2,219 yards and 28 touchdowns on 395 carries.[10][11] Henry won the Heisman Trophy, beating out finalists Christian McCaffrey and Deshaun Watson.[12] He won numerous other awards including the Doak Walker Award, Walter Camp Award, andMaxwell Award.[13] During Alabama's victory over Clemson in the 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship, he rushed for 158 yards on 36 carries with three touchdowns. During the game, he also brokeShaun Alexander's record for most career rushing yards in Alabama history.
  2. Fug it, double dip. Then find a way to trade back into the third round after we give that up to move into the 2nd, like we did when we gave our third to take Funch last year. Especially if one of the marquee pass rushers with a late first/early second round grade, unsuspectingly falls into the early third round. Kony Ealy anyone ? It could happen, sure it would be mortgaging our picks in the 4th probably 5th and maybe even a 6th to get back to the third round with a team like Tennessee or one of those in the top 5 in the third. But at least we wouldn't be mortgaging our entire future, and could end up with Hunter Henry, Derrick Henry, and possibly a very good pass rusher should they fall for character issues. Risky to trade the rest of your draft for 3 selections in the entire thing, but we are so close ladies and gentlemen. It just makes so much sense to do that and sign whatever is left for veteran depth on the cheap in FA.
  3. I still wouldn't count Seattle out. Idgaf if they do comeback and won. Business is business. We can't be overlooking the packers or redskins either...
  4. To be fair here, cam was hit too ln the arm on the play. I think Cam wanted to hit Olsen between the numbers and not lead his receiver.
  5. Well lets all just throw in the damn towel then, hell, were done. What's the point of playing Seattle in the playoffs at home ? Let's just tell the players to stay at their houses. Not even come out, Jesus... Some of you guys I swear, have zero faith in this team. This team is a Superbowl caliber team period.
  6. Wow. Not a playoff team ? Really ? You do realize this is a division matchup, this is the second time we've met the falcons. This game is on the road, and typically, divisional matchups are close. Yes I'm playing Mr obvious with my post, but it seems like to me you're missing the obvious thing here.
  7. Let us not forget about the skins fans predicting that because New Orleans couldn't score more than 14 on their Defense that we'd have trouble even getting 20. EAT THAT CROW !
  8. Cam at this stage in his career is like Warren Moon. Except that Cam can actually run around like Randall Cunningham or Micheal Vick, with the elusiveness of a NFL upper echelon RB and the power of someone like Jerome Bettis. Redskins fans how in the holy hell do you think it's simple to just load the box up and double cover Greg Olsen? I'm sorry, but do they realise that we have two all world sprinters on our team who've been with this club since mini camp? Since the very beginning, and Cam has built something we football guys that know football called 'chemistry'? This is the very reason why signing a guy like Owens or Randy Moss in the mid season not only doesn't work, but why your team doesn't listen to such nonsense when you seemingly need help with receivers according to the media. If you load the box up we'll make you pay dearly. For any defense it is tasking as hell to keep up with a somewhat up tempo offense the Panthers can showcase when Cam is hot under center and runs the no huddle, if you Redskins fans think you're just gonna come on into Bofa and shut down Cam Newton then ask the Philadelphia Eagles the same question. Are the Eagles a dumpster fire at the moment ? Yes, do they have one of the most talented ass front 7's in the NFL ? Hell yeah. Did the eagles try everything within their power to blitz, play base defense, cover Greg Olsen, spy Newton, "contain" him in the pocket. Yes, they tried to. Andddddd they couldn't. This isn't the point though, the point is Carolina has too good of a defense for that turnover machine Kirk cousins to overcome. The saints defense has become a dumpster fire of epic proportions. They are historically bad, really bad. Redskins fans should NOT feel confident about that. Carolina match up very well with the redskins. If Carolina is at home or not they take this 30- 10.
  9. It's important to note that this is a kid, who happens to be Smitty's son. A kid that is dreaming about Smitty's return to Carolina like many of you. It won't happen period, id like to see boldin though.
  10. We need a receiver like Corey Coleman from Baylor. An aj green type to go with. Benjamin. Somebody explosive.
  11. When Carolina has their next home game, the organization should let him beat a hole in that keep pounding drum. Get all the defense and crowd all fired up!
  12. I actually feel for the Saints fans, their organization failed to get sufficient compensation for Jimmy Graham and to beat it all, they claimed and I indirectly quote whomever said it in the Saints organization to some extent " We want to run the ball down people's throats". Sorry, but in today's NFL if you want to "Run it down people's throats", you need a good defense and front 7 pass rush. Also if I'm going to trade Jimmy Graham which I don't think should have even happened, I have to realize that it pretty much fugs Drew Brees over. You take away your HOF Quarterback's favorite target in the redzone and on third down, apparently the Seachicken's haven't figured out exactly how to use Graham yet. You can line Graham up at WR 1 and throw a back shoulder pass, and there will be no CB in the NFL that can guard it. The defense can put whoever they want on him, I have confidence that with Brees nobody can cover that man. Also obviously the Defense will adjust accordingly out of the huddle when it breaks, to maybe line their most physical imposing linebacker up at the Cornerback 1 position to cover him assuming Jimmy goes out on a 5'10 cornerback weighing 180 pounds. However, the Saints used different formations and Audibles changing plays at the Line of Scrimmage that forced the Defense to have to adjust way too quickly. Their Organization failed miserably, and that pretty much sums it all up. All I'm saying is if I'm going to trade for someone it'll be Bruce Irvin. Hell, maybe even Rolondo Mcclain from Dallas. (They could have used CJ Spiller) It's pretty much a buy and then sell a player . I'm no cap guru and it's probably best if I wasn't a GM but you need to get help for your team if you say you're going to be a tough hard nosed football team and don't even have a good Defense to back it up, then it's pretty much a joke.
  13. Cam Newton has arguably his best season yet in his career, I'll say something like 3975, 29 Tds passing. 9 interceptions, 765 yards rushing and 10 rushing TDs. The bad news is I think Cam will need to hoist the team up on his shoulders at times during the season, which will ultimately lead to our franchise quarterback taking unnecessary hits and getting a bit banged up. However, Cam is one of the toughest mofos and he will play the entire season. The run game : I love Cam Artis Payne and you should too, he'll have an OROTY type of season with about roughly 900 yards rushing and a mind blowing 10 touchdowns. He'll be catching a lot of passes out of the backfield, and have a real opportunity to shine when Stewart gets injured. Stewart will play about 14 games so his numbers won't decline a whole lot, Cap gets the chance to shine. Stewart: 1378 yards 9 touchdowns. It is a sad story that had Stewart played more games he'd be nearly the best rusher in the league. The ddefense I don't have much to say here, except this unit as a whole will nearly eclipse 2013 in sack count, but should surpass every other statistic.. Panthers record : 11-5 2 seed in the NFC home field advantage. Carolina gets a win and moves on to Seattle in the NFC championship game but loses because they need Benjamin badly for this rematch.
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