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  1. Okay, so it was just today. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  2. Without digging back through. It had to have been one of the tweets when Matt was finally put in at the end w/ the 3's.
  3. Reading one of the tweet updates...it said that Corral has had only 4 snaps this camp so far. Am I misunderstanding?
  4. After an entire off-season to think and cool down. I still hate Matt Rhule
  5. The Mayfield d#ck riding from the second chance sunshine brigade is actually pretty phenomenal. To think the Browns will cast off a "stud", takes an incredible amount of cognitive contortion.
  6. This Baker =automatic success is hilarious. Imma just keep my mouth shut until the season starts.
  7. Didn't take you long, to drag this BS trope out, yet again, did it?
  8. Continue the current shitshow until the curtain closed on the Darnold era, either by seasons end or his being usurped by Matt. Draft a qb and sign a vet to round out the 3 deep and go from there. It's going to take a miracle to change the trajectory of the dumb ass decision to sign and start Darnold. Throwing mediocrity at this thing is just prolonging the inevitable.
  9. Unless Mayfield BALLS OUT, this will set us back at the QB position and muddy yet another draft next season. Foolish seems to be the #newnormal at 1 Panther Place
  10. I disagree with pretty much everything you say, but this is Gospel.
  11. That's the cost of doing business. SC should've been dogged about their end of the project. It's really a loss in revenue for them. A lot of posters don't seem to comprehend it from a business perspective.
  12. The vet isn't even going to play. Who cares. Cam should just workout...get sharper and take the vet Backup check (if offered) this season.
  13. Saw the thread title, knew dip spit and ray ban huddle would lose thier poo. Lol. Typical.
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