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  1. They're motivators. Manipulators are trash humans.
  2. Am I the only one to get the not-so subtle impression that Rhule plays the players against the "fans", here? Possibly in the locker-room as well.
  3. I made a statement, which you disagreed with. A statement that apparently doesn't apply to you, which is why you put that caveat at the end. Yet you made about you. How tf is this so difficult a notion to grasp?
  4. You seem to be butthurt. Are going to follow me around white knighting for other people? How YOU feel about how I see things is a YOU problem. I'm addressing your weirdness once, before this thing devolves into something else.
  5. How are you going to attempt to poo on my opinion and then proceed to tell me, I see the world however I want? What was the point of your post? Hit dogs holler
  6. There are a ton of people on this board who were eating lunchables when this franchise was birthed. They don't understand this isn't an old storied franchise. This team was awarded because of JRs endearing himself in many, many ways, to the people of the region. This isn't Chicago, Dallas or Philly. We are more akin to Green bay or Pittsburgh, in terms of being part of the community. Turning off the fanbase is a sure sign, that Tepp is going to lose money and may ultimately have to relocate, if he doesn't keep the home crowd involved.
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