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  1. This is all works of God' We lose Tyler Gaffney too Patriots which was known for blocking' thats the main reason we drafted him' last year show when Tolbert went down we were lost and we did lose" So listen if we still had Gaffney and Tolbert now' Ward would've been overlooked..So he's a gift from God!! We officially have 6 lineman on the field every down he plays!! He's the best blocker we have already and he a rookie so just imagine his growth" He's a easy 5 yard gain out the backfield coming off a halfblock route.. Hes a better blocker than Tolbert so thats a guaranteed upgrade" We need Ward aka Ward'er'boy the Punisher"!!!!
  2. We just might need him to backup Oher anyway" so DE's would be hesitant coming around them corners looking for those rib fracturing blows!!
  3. Ward can run the ball if needed he's too physical probably would look like Waterboy running people over" especially with people looking for the block with alil fear before contact' easy sneak out catch in the redzone' he said he use to run and catch before....
  4. Man Ginn looks juiced up in that pic' arms are tight and cut up!!
  5. Give Brandon Williams a chance hes a beast!! Try him at DE too" Swollen bones..
  6. We will keep both [email protected] but the next draft will fill in our backups' Dwan will be back a extra year so we Will draft at least 1 DT to take Cole place for the future in the second round' we will have 2 pics in the Second round believe me!! If Kurt Coleman works out at Safety we want draft that position' So our draft will look like this OT or DT depends on how Oher and Martin play out' the OT will be needed immediately if picked in the first but if a DT is chosen he will become true back up for years to come to stay fresh most likely Versitile" (DE/DT) So he can also patch up for the Hardy lose too* Second round most likely the same either or depends on what happens in the first!! Then with then extra 3rd round pic we will move up and take the best available player in the 2nd again most likely a double-dip.. at either OT or DT
  7. We should put Brandon William at DE he would destroy!! whoever in front of him..
  8. He's a BEAST put him at Tight end too!!
  9. Smitty,KB,Fun2Watch,Corey,Bersin, Hill or etc
  10. Name 6 Receivers you would want for Carolina for the start of 2016 season??
  11. Now I just hope GettlemanFromGod forgives and bring Smith back next year for the Fans that love him and thinks he has changed the Face of the Panthers with the help of Rivera,Proel and the Organization(owner)
  12. We have a Blessed team and Great Organization" with players that has hearts of God.. Wonderful to see!!
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