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  1. Exactly. If we had stayed the course and stuck with Wilks, I doubt we’d move up to get a QB and even if we did, it’s unlikely we’d have confidence in the staff to develop him successfully as we have now.
  2. You can tell by how emotional he got that he really took this loss hard. He put the blame on himself and wouldn’t throw his teammates under the bus, which shows real leadership. For guys who are competing at the highest level, these types of interviews can be really tough to get through.
  3. Keep an eye on Derek Wright. He came to us an UDFA under the previous regime and looked good during his limited playing time last preseason (against the Commandos). Good route running and catches the ball well. Reminds me a Proehl a little. Will make nice strides in this offense.
  4. True but remember the TE was rarely used much in the passing game during the previous regime. More like an extra OL. Reich is already known for using the TE more prominently in the his offensive schemes.
  5. I can see Tremble playing a HB role, sort of a hybrid FB/TE Jack of all Trades blocking and contributing in the passing game. Ricci is a very good receiving TE but he’s not a blocker.
  6. At this point in his career, signing with a playoff/SB contender like KC or Philly or the other teams mentioned makes sense.
  7. Yeah but we already have that in Kai Jones. Our problems shooting along the perimeter, the uncertainty with Miles Bridges and Gordon Hayward’s injury problems makes Millet a no-brained for us.
  8. This if we didn’t already have an All-Star PG in Melo, I can see Scoot being the choice. His shooting concerns me, which is a problem due to our issues with perimeter shooting last season. The uncertainty with Miles Bridges and Gordon Hayward makes this an easy decision.
  9. I understand how you feel. And I’m sure you can agree when considering the context - the OL was a mess. Too bad Rhule was too in over his head to fix it or anything else. And listening to this new regime as they lay out their plans is music to my ears.
  10. Found a nice interview with BJ Wilson. I think the kid has a future as a decent backup or practice squad at least with the right development.
  11. Amen. So sick and tired of JV/JR College/DIV III level playcalling on offense we’ve had to stomach the past few years.
  12. You can see the level and intensity of training and focus on agility is a total change from what we’ve seen in the past. Really excited for this upcoming season.
  13. Yeah I caught that too. Looks like they corrected it. DJ wears 52.
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