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  1. Would love to see Dom back in Carolina. JR set him up to fail by giving him too much control over personnel after letting Polian leave and then fired him when it predictably didn’t work out. He’d be coming full circle if Evero brings him along.
  2. Still can’t believe we lost to a Trubisky-led Steelers at home. But I digress - happier times ahead!
  3. So true. I’m really excited that we got this guy.
  4. I like him even more now. Wilson is a disingenuous prick.
  5. Reggie Wayne would be a great addition to the offensive staff if true. We could use an upgrade here as our WR coaching has been a bit underwhelming for some time now. We’ll see if there’s any interest there.
  6. This ^^^ it would be asking Wilks to accept a demotion of sorts. I also get the feeling that Tepper wants to take things in a different direction - defense included. And while the optics may be a little fishy from a legal standpoint, based on the inconsistencies we’ve seen - and the possibilities with the young core players - you can’t really blame him.
  7. This right here….never understood this either. Huge misstep by Rhule. I’m still convinced Christensen could’ve been at least a serviceable tackle if given the chance but after a bout of foot-in-mouth disease Rhule was determined make this work.
  8. This 1000%. Ditto on the TB game for a shot at the division and playoffs. I like Wilks but his coaching didn’t rise to the occasion during for these critical games, which likely weighed heavily into their decision to go with Reich.
  9. A great take by Smitty on why Reich was chosen over Wilks.
  10. That’s what I meant to say - my bad. Thanks for the clarification and I agree.
  11. Trading him would probably be the best option. But it would not surprise me if Shaq’s contract gets restructured to lessen the cap hit this year due to or lack of LB depth.
  12. Not a fan of the profanity either but this team has a bad habit of playing soft at times and needs some in-your-face coaching and a kick in its complacency to build toughness we need.
  13. Are you saying that jacket doesn’t “Fitt”? I’ll see myself out
  14. If that’s the case, I hope Evero will get consideration by Reich and co. He’s young defensive coach and rising star we interviewed earlier. Credited for being a steadying influence during an otherwise tumultuous Broncos season and coached under Fangio when he was in Denver.
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