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  1. Done https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-agree-to-terms-with-tommy-tremble
  2. 1) Wish I could say ‘yes’ but have to agree until we see different 2) I suspect they’re grooming him for one of the G spots but it’s an unknown at this point 3) Chinn will probably spend more time in hybrid SS/ LB role with more blitz responsibilities, so keeping him healthy is definitely a priority 4) Amen to that 5) That’s the big mystery. In addition to getting the OL solved, coaching him out of some bad habits and not putting pressure on him to do to much which they seem committed to do.
  3. Nice pics sir. And the ensemble is fire. Thanks for sharing!
  4. This a great move by the Panthers. We have our RT locked down for foreseeable future without overpaying him (his deal is in the neighborhood of the Ramcyck deal with the Saints). It’s more than the tag obviously but it would cost us more if we waited until next year. This is win-win for everyone.
  5. Like most players, Simmons has to be in the right situation to flourish. He’s a building block on a D but not a foundation piece. An athletic player LB that would shine behind a stout DL like the ones we’ve had in the past. That’s why Derrick Brown was the right pick for a defense that was in desperate need of an overhaul.
  6. Pass. Sorry he’s simply not worth it. I wasn’t too impressed with his performance in the Hawks’ playoff run.
  7. Good points SBB. And I wouldn’t want to sacrifice promising young talent for keeping Little around. There’s a possibility Brown gets moved to the practice squad if he doesn’t impress in camp. I think Moore impresses enough to stick on the roster. It would be too risky to try to add him to the PS.
  8. I think Little stays on until his rookie contact is up if only for depth. Zylstra sticks for depth and special teams. Thomas-Oliver and Hartsfield to the practice squad. I’m not confident that Grier makes the team but we do need depth @ QB and he’s also on a rookie contract so there’s a 50/50 chance he’ll stick at least until we find better options.
  9. That’s what I’m thinking. Little’s on a rookie contract and at least provides some depth. No financial advantage or otherwise by cutting him loose just yet.
  10. Remember that was the selection of the former “greatest talent evaluator…period” Hurney (at least according to Tepper b4 he fired him)
  11. A "fine" start indeed. Not a big Urban Meyer fan but geez that's brutal.
  12. And? Everyone has a right to take a stand for their beliefs and opinions. If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything, right?
  13. Great article - liked him at Ok State and really a fan after reading this. Thanks for sharing LP! As Panthers’ fans in general, we have to get over this phobia of players becoming potential trouble makers just because they’re outspoken or have different personalities or have made past mistakes. Give them a chance to prove themselves. This is a new regime and days of drafting choirboys are over - thank God!
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