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  1. Morestead would be a nice luxury to have. Unfortunately, we have a roster with more than a few holes including a major ? @ QB at the moment.
  2. Bad break for Palardy. Hope he lands on his feet and wish him the best wherever he lands. On the other hand, it’s good to see the Panthers making good business decisions. Charlton will be a good one for us and cap saving is critical this offseason.
  3. If we can’t get Lance or Fields, I’m okay with waiting until ‘22 for the next crop of signal callers. There should be less competition with all the QB movement this year. But yeah Lance is my top choice @ 8.
  4. I see your point but cutting Apple probably had more to do with work ethic issues and attitude which were problems at his previous stops.
  5. Great thoughts. And I’ll add that having an organization with capable talent evaluators committed to finding and developing these hidden gems is essential to that success. Something the Panthers appear to finally be figuring out.
  6. A good move to bring an experienced DL coach on board. Okam has a good resume but limited pro experience and Knighton, with limited coaching experience. Both can learn from him. Solid move by the Panthers.
  7. Age and injuries have caught up with him and he was pretty much a one-tricky pony before that.
  8. ^This. You nailed it sir. Thank you!!! And that’s a terrible trade for a rookie QB other than Lawrence or Watson.
  9. Careful. We don’t want another Larry Johnson contract fiasco, do we? He is the best thing to happen to this team in awhile. Kid is really special!!!
  10. True but WFT was the worse team on the field that day. We couldn’t have lost to them even if we wanted to.
  11. Agreed. The Colts would be the best landing spot for Stanford.
  12. Would be ecstatic to see him in a Panthers uni but I just can’t see having the assets to acquire him without mortgaging the future of the team. He’d be walking out of the frying pan into the fire IMO.
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