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  1. Highly doubt he’d have the time or desire to chat on any fan forum. He’s going to he quite busy.
  2. That’s assuming the information came from a Saints’ scout. I found this tidbit from Gantt’s piece on Panthers.com interesting: There's a real division of labor when it comes to trade calls. Stewart has relationships in a number of front offices from his time with the Patriots and Eagles. Suleiman spent long stretches with the Steelers and Rams so he knows lots of guys. Allen's been here long enough to have developed plenty of contacts throughout the league. Based on their contacts and relationships throughout the League, it’s likely a scout from another team the Saints contacted p
  3. It’s a refreshing change eh? Nice to be one or two steps ahead...this is what a professional organization looks like.
  4. I think the season is taking its toll with the injuries. Depth is an issue right now and these guys are gassed. Hope we can at least hold onto that 8th spot.
  5. Found a good article on the Dolphins’ team site. https://www.miamidolphins.com/news/bobby-mccain-a-leader-on-and-off-the-field 6 year veteran with high character on/off the field good production and experience. As someone said, it would depend on the asking price but he’d appear to be a great fit.
  6. Let me guess...no more hand drawn pie charts? That image of JR with that “pie chart” will be stay with me indefinitely.
  7. I agree. Seems the previous regime’s plan was limited to surviving another year. Didn’t seem very big on having a plan for building the team for sustained success. Finally we see what that looks like and I’m stoked.
  8. I know we played the night before but this is embarrassingly pathetic
  9. Hot Damn!!!! Love this pick. Not sure why he lasted this long but so glad we got him. Eventual replacement for KK.
  10. Probably was looking at Trey Sermon. Went to the 9ers just before our pick.
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