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  1. Manziel sure as hell wasn't a "brains" quarterback.
  2. I'm pretty sure "the lesser of five evils" isn't a thing.
  3. Then why would we want to trade him? (and take a huge cap hit in doing so)
  4. If you're implying that the Panthers have actually discussed trading McCaffrey, there's zero indication of that. here's a statement from somebody who actually does work for the Panthers though.
  5. I seriously can't see trading up to #3 for Lance.
  6. Trading McCaffrey triggers a crazy cap hit. It's silly that people are even discussing it. It's equally silly to think that just McCaffrey and the #8 pick nets us the number three from the Dolphins. Again, this scenario isn't feasible.
  7. Someone else made the point that Adam Peters would probably have some insight into Bridgewater after his interview with us. It's hard to picture them seeing him as a starter.
  8. Once we had a candidate list, and they still got it wrong. Think I saw a list for GM candidates too. It was just as bad.
  9. I could see the Patriots making a minor trade for Bridgewater. I could see them making a bigger trade for Garoppolo. Seeing them do both is kinda hard to imagine.
  10. Already addressed. With that said, we have people on here who are so devoted to this idea that if Watson does get traded somewhere else, I don't doubt they'll be proposing trade packages to get him from his new team.
  11. Same issue. It would take significant resources to trade up to the third pick, then after that trading the third pick plus additional resources to get Watson. The idea's crazy no matter which direction it goes. If you trade up to the second or third pick, just draft someone with it.
  12. Any team that trades for Watson is giving up a significant haul to do so. A team that makes a trade like that is not going to turn around and trade away the player they gave up all that stuff for. And even if you found a team that was willing, the package it would take on our part would be mind numbing. No, there isn't.
  13. Lousy hands, no speed, and he's 86. (which surprises me because I thought he was dead)
  14. If another team trades for Watson, it's done. We are not trading with that team.
  15. I think firing Easterby would be a good idea regardless of whether it helps them keep Deshaun Watson or not. Not really expecting it to happen though.
  16. Among other journalists? Yeah. Aaron Wilson too. Pretty sure both of them are Hall of Fame voters among other things. It's kinda hard to take fan opinion of journalists seriously seeing as they tend to base their credibility on whether or not they're saying what fans want to hear. Gil Brandt is one of the most respected names in scouting, and when he advocated for the Panthers to draft Cam Newton he was revered here. Then years later when he said Newton was declining people talked like he was old and senile.
  17. Before we hired Matt Rhule last year, betting odds on the next Panthers head coach had Greg Roman as the favorite, followed by Jason Garrett, Dan Quinn, Jim Harbaugh, Marvin Lewis and even Bill Cowher among many others, none of whom even got an interview. Josh McDaniels was scheduled for one at least, but it didn't happen. Might as well have just picked names out of hat. (heck, for all I know, they did). Oddsmakers are pretty good at point spreads and such but generally don't know sh-t about stuff like this.
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