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  1. We lose this by less than three and that 4th down is gonna haunt us
  2. We clearly need more guys named Mike Nice, efficient two minute drive.
  3. Newton has had a good game, but that pick is on him (though I think Peterson got away with some illegal contact there)
  4. Keeping the pressure on Palmer. Cards are going away from Max Protect and it's hurting them.
  5. Should have gone for the field goal there honestly, but that play works if LaFell doesn't drop it.
  6. Ugh. Two straight plays, poorly executed. Agreed with the second call, not the first.
  7. Tolbert with the first and more. Good blocking by Silatolu. Beautifully executed screen.
  8. They are using a fair amount of Max Protect with Palmer, but not on that last one.
  9. I'm not gonna complain on that. Could have been worse, a lot worse.
  10. You mean that guy we're playing against right now?
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