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  1. I couldda lived without that pic, Gabe Ditto the kitten pic. I'm not even quoting that.
  2. McKayla Maroney joins the Peanuts gang.
  3. Guy shouldda photographed himself on a surfboard in the middle of that.
  4. To be perfectly honest, I have met a few women who had me thinking "Am I in a naughty movie?" (including one or two who made me a tad uncomfortable) They do exist. They're just not necessarily the norm.
  5. That moment when you realize porn isn't real and real women aren't like the actresses
  6. More than one NASCAR fan friend has joked to me about how they'd enjoy seeing Danica Patrick "on the pole"
  7. I remember my student days. Ain't it the truth?
  8. That it is Primarily because when it comes to sex, most men will give even the weirdest idea at least some consideration. (see "Splice" as a prime example)
  9. Can't go with you on this one, Biscuit. The Total Recall "triple" chick did nothing for me. Found her a turn off, honestly.
  10. Something tells me we'll see a few of these.
  11. Saw that. No one else got even half as many votes as Luke did.
  12. That's not a home. It's a bathroom with an attached lounge.
  13. Agreed, but the Autocorrect was hysterical.
  14. I think it's the age of the lady on the right.
  15. Didn't realize who you were talking to, did ya?
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