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  1. Knew he got promoted. Hadn't heard about the Texans. But yeah, Drummond isn't a personnel guy.
  2. Which I'm fine with. There having been a rumor about us bringing Easterby in? Not so much.
  3. Ramsey wasn't a young franchise quarterback.
  4. Pretty extensive writeup about him from Peter King a little ways into his latest football Monday column... Here's Zach Wilson I still have concerns about his frame and his durability, but the Door Dash story flies in the face of the "spoiled rich kid" narrative that Walter Football had been pushing.
  5. You not knowing what you're talking about doesn't exactly "trigger" me. Does kinda give me a chuckle... Frankly, between McClain and Aaron Wilson, the Texans have a media team we could be jealous of. I'm not as big a critic of Joe Person as some on here are, and Alaina Getzenberg is turning out pretty good, but Wilson and McClain are both top notch.
  6. If medical doesn't back it up, he can be fined or suspended for "conduct detrimental".
  7. Bridgewater has a good skill set for Kyle Shanahan's system. He'd absolutely make sense as a backup.
  8. Yeah...Don't necessarily think this means anything with regard to Watson. Can however say I'm not real happy about anybody in our organization having a friendship with Jack Easterby though, especially somebody high up. (Easterby should be avoided like the plague)
  9. As to the topic, I put this in the same category as I do the articles about the Panthers starting Bridgewater. It might happen, but it's not ideal and I'd be surprised. (cue someone illiterately saying "you just compared Newton to Bridgewater)
  10. Disagree. Too wordy. Not really a big fan of any of them so far.
  11. I've figured out that you don't know jack about John McClain If he writes what the Texans want him to write, then I guess the Texans must have really wanted to talk about Cal McNair being an idiot a while back given that McClain has been critical of him numerous times (Easterby too).
  12. John McClain, acknowledging that the Texans are still not agreeable to trading Watson, is arguing they should be. It's time for the Texans to entertain trade offers for Deshaun Watson Panther fans probably aren't gonna like what he has to say about our chances though.
  13. I wouldn't even give up just this year's. We are way more than just a quarterback away from even being a good team, much less a contender or a Super Bowl team. This sounds like one of those deals that people look back on five, ten or even twenty plus years from now and laugh about how unforgivably stupid a team was.
  14. Rapoport explained that he met with Culley out of respect for him as someone who's worked really hard to get to where he is. It's not a huge stretch to see it as a baby step, but you can't definitively say anything has changed either.
  15. Manziel was a knucklehead on field too.
  16. Already 17 million over and an additional 21 million in dead money to trade him, plus the salaries of anyone they trade for? That's not difficult. That's impossible.
  17. I can imagine McNair being that egotistical.
  18. I saw Walker when he wasn't playing against the Lions defense. He was awful.
  19. A guy calling himself "Clemson Insider" is a lot different from Ian Rapoport.
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