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  1. It's a different regime now. It's not about making you happy on draft night on ESPN. Mushy middle, about 80-100 guys that you could flip flop, and we're confident some of them will fall to us, get 'em in camp and see what happens.
  2. Smart trade in the mushy middle of this draft where no one in our needs stands out
  3. One great thing about this is that once again, this proves that the idiot beat writers at the Observer have no information. Zero. Worthless. Being played.
  4. You wanted Justin Fields? Note that the Broncos passed and they're crying for a quarterback. They're now going with Teddy 4th Quarter. Idiot.
  5. Pitts is absolutely not a "luxury" for a team with a bunch of short receivers. If Sewell is off the board it's a defensible pick.
  6. Doesn't mean they're "looking to trade up" in the sense that they really want to. They're just doing what a lot of teams do--poking around seeing whether anyone's loosening the pursestrings enough to make it worth their while.
  7. Whose idea was it to drag her old bones and broken voice out there for the anthem?
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