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  1. Yeah, I know, he’s making millions and is in the NFL. I know the responses. But man, he seems like such a good kid. I remember that video of him on draft night walking to speak to the media, hearing CJ’s name called at #2, and turning around to cheer on his guy. Or the clip of him and his parents seeing his jersey in his locker for the first time, and how proud they all were. I’m not giving up on him here, but I HATE seeing him on ESPN, FS1, Other Hot Take Shows used as “The Reason” everyone is getting fired and how he’s this or that and will never amount to anything. Kinda bums me out tbh.
  2. Hell, just make the staff nothing but 2015 guys. Greg, Cam, Luke, TD, Cotchery. At least when we look on the sidelines we’ll remember happiness for a second.
  3. Having followed this franchise from the start, I have to agree. It’s a combination of a lot of things. 1. Obviously being the worst team in the league. 2. No first round pick to fall back on. 3. No young difference-makers who could become superstars. 4. Bryce regressing. 5. Firing a coach in-season for the second straight year. 6. The same guy who fired the bad coaches was the one who’ll be hiring the next one. 7. A roster in shambles because it’s so poorly constructed. There’s honestly not a single “light at the end of the tunnel” thing you can point to right now.
  4. He’s never seemed vengeful or petty, so I doubt he’ll ever throw anyone under the bus, even if they deserve it. Just not his personality. Easy guy to root for, but it just didn’t work out.
  5. Peter Schrager just said on Good Morning Football it was Tepper “ripping the band-aid” off now because it doesn’t count against the cap, he has unlimited money, and it clearly wasn’t working. He didn’t seem to think it would doom us during our next hire, but did say he expected a “bloodbath” around the league this offseason with a ton of positions open, all probably more attractive than this one. He said he hasn’t spoken to Tepper today but they do talk frequently and Bryce’s regression was a bigger deal than wins and losses. Schrager said Bryce looks nervous and nothing like the confident guy he saw at Alabama.
  6. Reiterate that Buffalo played scared to end regulation. That hardly ever works out.
  7. I remember when Philly fans were in an absolute rage they drafted Jalen Hurts when they already had Carson Wentz. Called it a wasted pick. Good times.
  8. Cam used to get missiled in the head and not get a call, but other dudes get flags for getting pushed too hard.
  9. Bills may still win, but I wasn't a fan of how McDermott handled the end of regulation. Wasting a timeout to ice the kicker, then kneeling with 20 seconds and one timeout instead of trying to get into FG range. Not sure another team with an "elite" QB does that. You know Mahomes and Reid are firing away.
  10. Come on bro, he’s an interim defensive coach! That could never work!
  11. Philly fans booing their 9-1 team because of first half playcalling. Lord have mercy. I know it’s Philly, but how spoiled can you be?
  12. 45catfan literally gave you a better option two posts above.
  13. Any time you can run a play that never works with the game on the line you gotta go for it.
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