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  1. The SC coastal areas are mostly full of northern transplants now, who brought their own allegiances with them. That's why there's so many Steeler bars in Myrtle Beach. I think Upstate SC, Greenville, Spartanburg, etc have a pretty good amount of fans.
  2. Statement from the Panthers: On February 26, 2021, the City of Rock Hill became delinquent on their obligation to fund the public infrastructure. Despite our persistent efforts throughout 2021, the City of Rock Hill failed to issue the bonds or provide the funding for the public infrastructure for the project. On March 18, 2022, GTRE issued a default notice and the City did not cure its default within the prescribed 30-day cure period. It is unfortunate that some recently decided to conduct a misguided, destructive public relations campaign to obscure their failures. We have sent notices to the City to formally terminate the previous agreements. Accordingly, we are prepared to sit down with the City and other interested parties to discuss the significant challenges ahead.” https://www.wcnc.com/article/sports/nfl/panthers/panthers-terminating-rock-hill-south-carolina-project-agreements/275-be9a47a6-22f4-448b-aa84-8801a29278db
  3. U.S. Congressman Ralph Norman's statement on what's going on: "Our community deserves to hear from David Tepper without further delay. "Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been invested in this incredible venture, not to mention painstaking efforts by thousands of individuals. From the beginning, our community has embraced Mr. Tepper and rallied behind his “two states, one team” mission for the Carolina Panthers. The importance of this endeavor – and what it will ultimately mean for York County and the entire state of South Carolina – simply cannot be overstated. "Since groundbreaking in 2020, we’ve watched as the Panthers’ new facility has completely transformed the skyline of Rock Hill. When coupled with future private developments throughout the rest of the 240-acre complex, Mr. Tepper could be the catalyst for thousands of new jobs and have a monumental impact on South Carolina’s economy that will seal his legacy for generations to come. "That’s what is ultimately at stake here, and why it was so shocking when Tepper Sports unexpectedly paused construction over a month ago; a blow that, since then, has been compounded by the organization’s unexplainable silence. "I’ve been involved in real estate and commercial construction for more than 40 years, and have never seen this degree of uncommunicativeness – on any level. "While Tepper Sports is certainly not obligated to negotiate in public, I do believe Rock Hill and York County governments have demonstrated their desire to discuss all obstacles to this development and help bring the Panthers’ headquarters and training facility to their new home in South Carolina. However, that cannot happen so long as Mr. Tepper remains unwilling to engage. "Each passing day that Tepper Sports declines comment only results in more rumors, more speculation, and more anxiety over catastrophic losses for our community should this venture fall apart. "As a Panther’s fan, a resident of York County and as its representative in Congress, I am publicly asking Mr. Tepper to break the silence and be transparent about what’s happening from his perspective. We deserve at least that much respect. "My sincere hope is that both sides can work together to quickly restart this endeavor, and I stand ready to do anything within my ability to help make that happen."
  4. 100%. The problem is that Rhule's job is on the line so he'll obviously fight that plan. If he can draft his boy Pickett and win a few games, he can argue that he had a rookie QB and they're trending in the right direction now. Which I have a gut feeling is going to happen.
  5. Correct. Also, presumably he’s wanting fans (us) to pay for tickets to this trash fire next year. The least he can do is give us a reason why we should. What’s his vision for the future of this team? What are his expectations of Rhule this year? What positives did he see coming out of last year? Dude was EVERYWHERE a couple of years ago. He’s hiding now and it’s a bad look.
  6. Rhule using his personal relationships is what’s gotten him into this mess to start with. He needs to stop hiring people he likes/knows and go with the best football option. That’s not Pickett at 6.
  7. Looks like they decided to go with simplicity this year.
  8. At this stage I'd be shocked if we didn't. He's been linked to Rhule since this process started, and the OL additions via free agency make it seem like they're going QB at 6.
  9. I think they meant Tomlin just had to drive across town.
  10. I think Baker ends up in Indy and Jimmy G goes to Cleveland. We’re either drafting Willis or Pickett at 6 or rolling with Sammy D another year.
  11. The Hornets being more competent than the Panthers is something I thought I'd never live to see.
  12. Who in their right mind would want to come in to this dumpster fire? Especially for all we'd have to give up for him. He'd be surrounded by a RB who's always hurt, a bad (but hopefully mildly better next year) offensive line, a gutted defense which will most certainly be worse, a coaching staff everyone knows is gone after this year, and no draft picks to improve anything.
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