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  1. It’s pretty remarkable he had the stones to say other teams get too caught up trading away long-term visions for short-term gains when that’s 1000% what we’ve done all year. And it didn’t even work.
  2. Why does Cam expect a higher level of player commitment than our coaching staff does?
  3. Doubt they'd meet with the media if he was being canned. Year 3 looking likely.
  4. This team is soft as a beer gut, just like that Athletic article said.
  5. I keep finding myself refreshing Twitter every few minutes, hoping for those magical words: "Panthers have fired Matt Rhule." I still believe. Even at the detriment of my work today. Come on, Tepper. Don't be a goober.
  6. Flores would be a 10000% upgrade from Rhule.
  7. “In spite of a 5-10 record and five straight losses, all indications are coach Matt Rhule will return, barring an epic meltdown on the field or some unforeseen circumstance, sources informed of Carolina's plans said. Rhule should get the chance to complete his turnaround on the field in Year 3 -- with the hope that improved QB play in 2022 helps achieve that goal.” https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-coaching-roundup-examining-team-coaching-questions-with-two-weeks-left-in-re Good times.
  8. It's like Jay-Z said, "Life ills poisoned my body." And yet he overcame.
  9. LSU message board seems to think something is up. But would anyone on here care? Would save us firing him at least.
  10. Cam at 20% of his old self is still 200x better than PJ and Matt Barkley. It's frustrating because Tepper expects fans to keep investing time and money into the team this season when it's clear they're not giving us the best chance to succeed on the field, mainly due to ego. At this point I'm surprised Rhule couldn't find an old Temple or Baylor QB to poach from somewhere.
  11. And I think other players notice that. Also that we signed Teddy and immediately shipped him off after one year. And then traded for Darnold and are already looking to replace him. We look like a clown show.
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