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  1. Hope they get the Big Cat his Super Bowl win...he deserves it...
  2. Yes ....Carolina there is a Super Bowl and YOU ARE IN IT!!!
  3. the other teams MAY back off some...but, they do not try to ride an half out and allow as many unanswered points as these coaches have...but, the gambled worked...there is a reason it is called GAMBLING though...
  4. said it going into the locker at halftime...he said that and if they can do something in the first 5 minutes of the 3rd, they would win the game.
  5. we have the some great players in key positions...let not say the coaches, coach like this game in game and out all 4 qtrs...
  6. guess they heard him say, we where the worst 2nd half team in the league...to be fair he had a point...until today...lol
  7. they should have showed the "money shot" on national t.v.
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