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  1. McLaurin is a really good WR. I’m surprised he didn’t want to get on a more stable franchise but money talks!
  2. I’ll take your word for it. I don’t know crap about hockey. Still, the point stands.
  3. He ain’t coaching. It’s not in him and that’s ok. How many elite, top athletes have successfully transitioned to coaching? Not many. Most of the coaches are the players who did not compete at a high level, rode the bench, or were role players and were able to learn and develop that way.
  4. “Watson humped the table and left a wet spot” that is a real quote Looks like Watson was enabled by many, many people during his disgusting escapades
  5. Yep Goodell is the lightning Rod to catch all the heat and is rewarded handsomely for it. He is a stooge and a puppet but gets a ton of money to be the leagues piñata
  6. Actually, I do get my news from SNL.
  7. Man the panthers dodged a huge bullet with this guy but for some reason I think they are too stupid to realize it
  8. I would want a brand new stadium too if I expected to not have to pay a dime of my own money
  9. Yeah this Borrego thing back fired. They should have just kept JB. What a complete joke.
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