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  1. I’m in on every “deal” as well. Signed, Dustin Johnson cruising Myrtle beach looking for the booger sugar.
  2. Yeah I think Dungy was a safety. But this goes back to my point to the other guy who said McCown sucks and doesn’t deserve to be a coach - when most coaches were sucky players. Did Belicheck even play college football?
  3. I always hear some old timers talk about how good Jim Zorn was with the Seahawks. He wasn’t a very good HC though. in the NBA and college hoops, I’m starting to see more of the guys I know about and grew up watching that were good get head coaching jobs — Steve Nash, Kidd, Stack, Juwon Howard, etc in the NFL the best guy I probably saw who is now a HC would have to be Mike Vrabel. I did see Kingsbury play against Rivers at NCSU in person but Kingsbury is probably dead man walking as a head coach.
  4. Most coaches were average if not below average players. Especially the good coaches. This might be a better ? For Mr Scott but who was the best NFL player to be a head coach? Jim Zorn? Rivera?
  5. Here is an idea. Keep the college forum. Make the moderator of it. I will get the hamsters working overtime. I guarantee nobody has posted on that sub more than I have
  6. I think NC$T vs UNC is gonna get cancelled tomorrow. Heard the woofie players are fighting covid
  7. Just need one titled UNC Basketball and football
  8. Hell yeah bo let’s fire up the grill too
  9. Lol Eric Bienemy still available but this slapdick meathead got a job
  10. Teddy blows. We should go after a guy like Stafford.
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