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  1. Anybody on the huddle talking poo about Drake Maye is a Moron and just a flat out ABCer and UNC hater.
  2. Maye is not a turnover machine you dork.
  3. Man you watch Williams and Drake and then you just want to point at Fitterer and laugh and laugh
  4. My God is UNC-Raleigh terrible. Armstrong needs to change his last name to Dumbbrain.
  5. Little known fact that Brice Young is a huge fan of classical opera especially the Three Tenors. His favorite isn’t Domingo or Pavarotti but the other guy
  6. Panthers need to draft Omarion Hampton in a couple years. Future all pro.
  7. Hall of fame thread and he even doxxed himself with pics and where he was living. A complete moron but still funny AF. If this was a true story, wow. he also I believe was banned for once again doxxing himself and bragging about going on coke binges and finally cracked with some conspirac/racist right wing trump stuff- I think when the anthem protests were going on. He probably is one of the many trolls that pop up as an alt and gets run off again every couple of months.
  8. TMJ better hope he is cut because if he wants to salvage any sort of respectable career then he should go to KC and try to catch on as a 4th WR and maybe get lucky on a few plays with Mahomes throwing him the ball.
  9. One of the few times, maybe only time that Ruhle was right about a player. If y’all want to know why the Panthers suck ass then you need to look at big time swings and misses like this second round pick.
  10. Dude I am done with him. It ain’t gonna work out here. I gave him some wiggle room once Ruhle left, but he is a complete non factor and most of us don’t even know if he is dressed for gameday. Cut bait and move on. Taking a roster spot.
  11. If Tepper wanted to win he could write him a check and make him tell you no
  12. I don’t know who Jeff Stoutland is but let’s get our billionaire owner to write a check.
  13. OL could be balling and I tend to believe Sanders would only have slightly better numbers. That fumble against the falcons changed the game.
  14. Tailgating in Durham? Is this a joke?
  15. How in the world is Louisville 4-0? both of these teams are terrible
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