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  1. Agree. I think he would prefer Dallas but unless there is just a monumental collapse in D I don’t think they will fire fat Mike. I think he said the Chargers and the Cardinals? Kingsbury is a dead man walking. Sounds like he wants to get out west on some year round nice weather.
  2. I decree this national bring Sean Payton to Panthers day
  3. Scotty too Hotty fired up his daggum tweeter machine again
  4. If they burn a first round pick on him Fitts is done
  5. Really pathetic, manipulative PR strategies here. You failed miserably. You were in way over your head, made awful coaching hires, and even worse personnel decisions. Own it! Learn from it and show some maturity and grace. I feel bad for Nebraska fans.
  6. Ruhle is a coward and soft. He could have at least left with some dignity, showing accountability and leadership, but nah he is gaslighting everyone that his hands were tied and he couldn’t make the moves he wanted and his complete and total disaster was because some one else. The team has played much better now under an NFL HC who quite frankly is bottom tier. pathetic. Man what a horrible, horrible hire. Set the franchise back a couple years. Doesn’t look good for Nebraska.
  7. Yeah thanks for nothing. Everyone watching new your brain and heart weren’t in it. easily worst coach in team history.
  8. Great question. the song your looking for is “Feels so Good” by Chuck Mangione
  9. Dude Jackson is a moron. He really needs to STFU and go dark on Twitter for a while. If he has a bad game on Sunday the media is really gonna go at him.
  10. Wrong. Jackson made the accusation that the tweeter was accustomed to sucking dick often and it was a part of his lifestyle choices i.e. a homosexual. again, calling someone a homosexual is not an insult unless you are a homophobe and using it as a slur. If he was have just said “EAD dude” while still inappropriate, it is essentially a more vulgar way of telling someone to pound sand or kiss my ass. But the way he stated it certainly indicates he was calling the guy a slur and degrading him. critical thinking. I doubt Lamar did that while “attending” the University of Louisville.
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