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  1. If that hit on CMC would have happened when he was in a panthers jersey he would have missed the next 4 games
  2. Holy crap - if that Greenlaw injury is serious. That’s as bad of an injury as I’ve ever seen.
  3. 6:13pm and you know some people already mad as hell watching this
  4. GI Joe aircraft carrier, which I had as a kid, is worth a small fortune in mint condition now.
  5. They might show her often but it’s gonna be for like 5 seconds per.
  6. Over/under of total 1:00 they show Taylor in the game?
  7. He is gonna have to step up and mature and be a leader if this team wants to be any good. He strikes me as the type of athlete that doesn’t care what the score is as long as he gets his.
  8. Team exclusive PPV packages are coming. Don’t know when and where but it’s just a matter of time. “Subscribe to the 2028 Panthers exclusively broadcasted on Hulu. Only $75 for access.”
  9. If he keeping receipts he gonna have some long ass CVS and Harris Teeter ones
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